Recovery From Diseases In Medical Astrology – Cure Chronic & Acute

Recovery From Diseases In Medical Astrology - Cure Chronic & Acute

Recovery From Diseases In Medical Astrology: Your Karma and Connection Of Disease: Karma always speaks. Karma is the king in this materialistic world that can make you free from the shackle of all odds and can take you to your highest spiritual goal or it can take you to the darkness of life. If you still think Money speaks, then change this thought pattern as soon as possible, because in this world only Karma speaks. This applies to your disease also.

Cure Chronic & Acute Illness In Medical Astrology

If you think you have a lot of money so you will definitely get cured easily, because you can hire the best doctor in the world, then that is wrong. Please come out of this wrong concept as soon as possible. Because your amount of money does not guarantee that you will get the best available treatment, it opens a possibility to get that only. It may happen, due to your bad Karma a wrong business-minded doctor will handle your case and will keep you in hospital bed just to increase your medical bill without treating the disease in a proper way.

Everything depends on the type of karma you have. That is your real ‘bank balance’. That is the reason I always say increase your ‘Karma Balance’ as you increase your ‘bank balance’. Earn money but in a proper way as far as it is possible. Because you don’t know, your which ‘bad karma’ will come in which form in the near future! At that time only your good karmas will protect you. In the psychic world, bad karma represents bad vibrations and good karma represents good vibrations.

Some particular planetary positions of a Kundli or horoscope shows that what kind of medical conditions a native, may face. By jugging a horoscope in a proper way we can counter any adverse Medical condition and sometimes loss of life in many cases. This type of judgment and calculations are a bit tricky and complicated. Today in this article I will try my best to make that complicated procedure simple, as far as it is possible.

Basic Understanding Of Significators In Medical Astrology

To see the chances of Recovery From Diseases In Medical Astrology you need to check the following parameters in the chart. It can be in Prasna or a horary chart or Janma Kundli.

  • Lagna or ascendant represents the Physician (in Horary Chart), lifeforce and Vitality of the patient (janma kundli/ birth chart)
  • The disease is represented by the 7th, 8th (life risk), and 6th (intermittent disease)house
  • Medicine is represented by the sign Cancer and fourth house
  • Saturn and tenth house of Horoscope represents the Patient
  • The illness recovery house is represented by the 10th and 11th houses of the horoscope.

Now try to understand the logic in a simple way:

Recovery From Diseases In Medical Astrology: If Lagna, 10th house and 4th house are strong and there is a friendly and auspicious relationship between those three house lords then the disease will definitely be cured. If the 11th house joins this combination then that becomes a bit early. But the ill effects of Saturn can give temporary unnecessary delay due to wrong treatment by the doctor, unavailability of the medicine, etc. A disease can also be complicated and serious due to the wrong treatment of physicians if the Lagna or ascendant is afflicted by a malefic planet (Natural malefic or according to house lordship). On the other hand, benefic influence on Lagna will take you to the right physician at the right time and his served prescription will definitely be benefitted to the patient.

If malefic be in the tenth house, the disease increases due to taking of injurious food at the time of disease. If Rahu is in Lagna and is aspected by Saturn, the medicine works like poison. If benefic be in the seventh house, one recovers even without medicine. if benefits aspect seventh house, they suggest recovery from disease. If malefic be in the seventh house or aspects the same, the disease will be painful and lingering.

If a weak planet is karaka for disease, the same may be recovered by medicine and treatment, but while a strong planet brings the disease, it can hardly be recoverable by medicine and treatment.

How To Judge Recovery from Diseases/ Illness In Astrology

Ascendant Or Lagna In Medical Astrology: Represents native’s vitality, liveliness, strength, stamina, and vigor.

Sun In Medical Astrology: Represents the overall physical build-up, level of nutrition and immunity power in the body and many other elementary bodily constituents.

Moon In Medical Astrology: Represents mental health (weak or strong) of a native, it also governs the natural watery element of our body.

6th house of horoscope and its lord In Medical Astrology: Represents regular temporary illness type of sickness what frequently comes goes and sometimes becomes bit challenging to cure or treat.

8th house of horoscope and its lord In Medical Astrology: Represents long term diseases of fatal nature thus sometimes leads to frustration, depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders.

12th house of horoscope and its lord In Medical Astrology: signifies chronic diseases, hospitalization for a long time.

Now combine all the above astrological aspects that I have mentioned and try to find out your desired person’s health status and duration of suffering.

In my next articles, I will discuss in detail on this matters like:

  • Many Yogas or combinations of fatal or deadly diseases in the horoscope
  • Many Astrological Combinations for Recovery from (could lead to long term and short term) Illness at Their very Early Stage
  • Many Astrological Combinations for contracting (with Time delay) diseases
  • Yogas or Combinations in the horoscope for delayed cure or recovery:
  • So always stay connected to get all updates.

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2 thoughts on “Recovery From Diseases In Medical Astrology – Cure Chronic & Acute

  1. CHHAGANRAM says:

    My name is Chhaganram, wife SUMAN, marriage on 21/11/1999,both date of birth not define exactly ,after one year I was facing from dieases, now I am suffering from various deases,

  2. Alok says:

    I am suffering from hearing loss due to reaction of medicines since last 5 years. Before that I was able to hear 100% one ear while other also due to some reason was less hearing due to some reason 12 yrs ago. Before 12 yrs both ears were perfect. Various meds or therapies are just not getting any results.
    I wish to know wether my disease can be cured? When can I expect to be cured? What steps must I take to get well again. What type of med or therapy should I take? My details are:
    Alok Gadi
    19.40 pm
    New Delhi

    Appreciate an early response.

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