Mars In 1st House/Lagna/ Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage

Mars In 1st House/Lagna Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage

Mars In 1st House/Lagna/ Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage In Horoscope/ Kundli – Analysis: Mars In First/1st House Personality: Mars is a hot planet red in color relatively close to the earth. Planet Mars represents courage, valor, action, and energy with confidence in a person’s horoscope chart. Mars represents ambition, goal, and power in Indian astrology.

Mars is like a two-way sword in Vedic astrology as it can be constructive or destructive for the native depending on the placement, aspect, and dignity of the planet. Mars is a warrior like a planet that bestows strength and immunity in native life. It has power valor, ambition, and goals which causes amalgamation of all the indispensable or important attributes of life.

Mars in Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage – Analysis

The Result of MARS in Ascendant or 1st house(Lagna) varies from person to person because of different signs in the 1st house of different people having the same planet mars in Lagna; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. AS lordship varies from Aries sign in Lagna or 1st house to Pisces sign in Lagna or 1st house.

General Effect Mars In First/1st House: Mars provides and attributes confidence sometimes over-confidence, courage, ego battles, fond of challenges and physical power to the native. Although, it does not give you fair color but does provide a glow on your face.

It can also give you the fear of burn or head injury to the native during his early to teenage years of life. Mars in ascendant or in Lagna provides full courage and confidence to face and handle any difficult situation head-on as the native possesses inner and outer strength and confidence to deal with difficulties which they solve rather quickly.. it gives you gain litigation and in real state business. During altercations and fights they come out as victorious.

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Mars in 1st house born native are like their own boss and do not like to follow instructions or work under someone superior.  He likely to suffer from some accidents or injuries in their lifetime. They also face ego battles and superiority complex with others. These natives are born to rebel and adventurous and the leave a mark or impact in their society their surroundings. This native becomes mighty harsh and critical in their undertakings. Their destiny shines after 28 years of age.

Mars In 1st House Horoscope and Love Matters

Those who are born with Mars in their first house express their feelings freely and feel independent do so without any charm, wit or flexibility and without measuring the pros and cons of consequences. They behave like a folly in love affairs and with their strong-willed and bold impulsive actions, their partner sometimes takes the backseat and feels unimportant which can cause failure in a love affair or their love affairs do not mature quickly. Mars in 1st house tends to give multiple love affairs in life and sometimes more than one at a time.

Mars In 1st House In Of Kundli and Marriage – Vedic Astrology

If mars is not in good dignity in 1st house then it will because of the suffering in a person’s married. The altercations and misunderstanding might occur in their married life with their wife or wife may suffer from ill-health which can deeply hamper their happiness in their life. Strong-willed impulse and over-possessive nature also cause mental agony and quarrels in their married life although they enjoy a lot of pleasure and satisfaction in physical union and bed relationship or bed pleasure.

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Mars In 1st House Of Horoscope and CAREER – Vedic Astrology

Mars in Lagna house makes natives achieve high authoritative posts in government service or in the Defense sector. It can give you a career in the army or police or railways or in other important administrative posts. Some may become glorified famous sports stars due to this placement of mars if the planet is in good dignity. Their love for adventure can be gifted by mars with traveling and make their career in an adventure sport or as a travel blogger. Their zeal for excitement often hampers their stable career. They might do well in water sport also. Mars in Ascendant house can also make native an automobile engineer or architect or astronaut or sometimes air space engineer. And suits business like land mines, real estate, stock market speculations, etc.


Those native-born with mars in their 1st house will get success in life only if they work hard and leave their native traits of impulse and anger. These people may possess scar on their head or face and becomes narrow-minded and selfish during their walks of life. Mars in 1st house gives 60 years span of life. MARS from 1st house aspects 4th house, 7th house, and 8th house. So they might get land and property with their tactful and energetic deeds and will enjoy the pleasure of cars or vehicles in their life.

They like to work as an autonomous body and God may shower large sum of a windfall of money or large inheritance to the native. Their dealing in public life will not be so smooth or cordial to other people expect. Stay away from the trap of scandals as mars might involve you in some kind of court case. Overall, if Mars is in good dignity in 1st house will let you live wealthy and happy with active social life but it will not give you relaxation or peace in your life.

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