Mercury In 1st House/ Ascendant/ Lagna Love, Career, Marriage Effects

Mercury In 1st House/ Ascendant/ Lagna Marriage, Career, Love Effects

Mercury In 1st House/ Ascendant Love, Career, Marriage: Mercury In First/1st House Personality: Mercury is a planet of intellect, speech, education, perception, negotiation, diplomatic ability, and communication. it rules over our day to day daily life affair. Mercury when well placed in horoscope provide short travels and journeys, intuitive power, writing ability and ability in mathematics and occult science. Mercury is an impotent sexless and flexible planet

Whenever Mercury gets afflicted in a person chart it gives illicit relationships, stealing and thieves like abilities with straight lying on the face and mischievous ability and clumsy thought process.

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Mercury In Tanu Bhav/ Lagna Love, Career, Marriage

The Result of Mercury in Ascendant (Lagna) vary from person to person because of different sign in the 1st house of different people having the same planet mercury in Lagna; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. AS lordship varies from Aries sign in Lagna or 1st house to Pisces sign in Lagna or 1st house.   


General Effect Of Mercury In First/1st House

Mercury in Lagna house denotes native with witty and fun-loving nature. He treated like a prince among the family members. Mercury in 1st house gives genius likeability in math and business or economy sector if well placed in the horoscope. it makes native intelligence and provides the skills in writing and argumentative power with conviction. Native with Mercury in 1st house can be a good orator or businessman. He or She will be an impressive speaker, beautiful/handsome physical features with a youthful appearance. These native happens to be expert in analysis and proofreading. Mercury in 1st house denotes one is humorous, amusing and witty Good memory, and utter sweet speech and clever in dealings, intelligent, wealthy and fond of literature and writing. They always remain alert for any tricky situations in life by counting the pros and cons of daily regular life.

Mercury In 1st House Horoscope and Love Relationships

Mercury in Lagna bestows easy going love and romantic life and they feel a sense of excitement and enticing pleasure and freedom in their romantic life with their love partner. Mercury placed in this house makes a native favorite of the opposite sex and popular among female members in school n college life. They spend their young days in love, laughter, and leisure with their partner.

Mercury In Lagna/ Ascendant and Marriage – Vedic Astrology

If mercury is not afflicted placed in this house it provides natives with easy-going attitude gets happy married life with desired love and care from their wife or partner. Their life partner tends to be calculative and decent with the approach of being logical and calculative. They enjoy a wonderful married life with their easy-going loving nature. These natives having Mercury in 1st house choose to marry early in life with their choice of partner.

Mercury In 1st House Of Horoscope and CAREER – Vedic Astrology

Mercury in 1st house provides a career in journalism, mass media communication or in blog writing-content writing for the native. It can also give a career in teaching life as a lecturer or professor in mathematics or business economy or in the mass media sector. Mercury placed in this house provides a stable career and growth in their respective profession for natives. They possess a great mind in speculation and get good gains from investment and the stock markets. If Afflicted it makes natives indulge in illicit relationships, gambling and porn activities.




If given chance, mercury placed in this house provides good talent in the artistic sectors like a film director or cinematographer or dancer or even actor if plant Venus or Moon supports them. These people can also shine in life in these given artistic sectors and they possess imagination and hidden talent for creative arts. if afflicted in 1st house, then it hampers native progress because of dyslexia, speech disorder and hesitation in uttering his or her thought process.

Overall, Mercury placed in this house is a very good placement if not afflicted or combust provides very high growth in life with stable wealth and substantial liquid cash and good health to the native. They can live life like a prince especially in their youth years and mid-years of life till 50 as mercury makes things smooth for them in their day to day life.

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