Moon In 12th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Loss, Health, Jail

Moon In 12th House Love, Career, Marriage, Loss, Health, Jail

Moon in 12th House Love, Marriage, Career, Hospitalization, Bed Pleasure, Sleep, Loss & Expenditure, Troubles, Foreign connection & Resident, Jail:-   Moon in 12th house will give lot of ups and downs in life. There will be financial fluctuations in life but native can become very wealthy by earning in foreign land.

Chandra in 12th from Lagna for all Ascendant

Moon here gives expenses regarding native’s own comfort and luxury.Native will lead a luxurious life. Native will be intelligent but can be liar for their own gains. Native will have charismatic personality and sometimes influential as well.

Moon in 12th house From Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and Result of Moon in 12th house can differ from person to person as placement of different sign in 12th house, malefic& benefic dignity, degree, aspects, affliction, combination, conjunction of Moon in 12th house, Moon in different Nakshatra(Constellation) as well as strength and dignity of 12th bhav.

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Moon in 12th house gives lot of pleasure in life with traveling. Native will be lover of nature and will travel to exotic places and will explore nature’s beauty through traveling in many different foreign countries. Native will leave their birth place from very young age and will study in far off place or will have career/occupation in different city and sometimes in foreign country. Native might become famous through sports, writing, art, creativity, acting, singing etc.

Moon in 12th house in Horoscope and Love Life

Moon in 12th bhav gives much emotional turbulence and sometimes emotional outburst in life. Native will be very sensitive and loyal in their love life but he or she may get cheated in their long-term committed relationship. Native will also have many short-lived love affairs and few clandestine ones as well. Native will not be very successful or happy in their romantic love life. Native will have sexual pleasure from their love affairs even from short ones.

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Moon in 12th house Marriage and Bed Pleasure/ Sex

Moon in this house gives good romantic married life. Spouse will be devoted and committed towards native. Native will have much enjoyment in bed with their spouse with happiness and satisfaction. There will be happiness and peace in married life with much love, care, and romance. Native’s fortune will rise in foreign land after marriage. Spouse will be supportive and devoted as well.

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Moon in 12th house in Horoscope/ Kundli and Career

Native will be adventurous and sports lover in life. Native may become an athlete and earn a lot of money. Native occupation may relate to water sports, adventure sports, security, agent, travel guide, travel blogger, etc. Native will succeed in their career after 28 years of age or only after 50 years of age. Moon here gives good diplomatic ability and one can become editor, manager, and diplomat of a political group. Native will have interest in literature and she can become professor and write as well.

Moon in 12th house in Horoscope and Loss/ Expenditure

Native will face loss through fraud, cheating, partnership business, opposite sex, etc. Native will live an extravagant life and there will be expenses in family through medication, luxury, branded clothing, comfort, etc. Native will be spendthrift and will spend money freely in traveling, food, hotel and on the things of own interest. Sometimes native will have big expenses more than their income and savings.Native will lead a luxurious life.

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Moon/ Chandra in 12th house Health and Hospitalization

Moon in this house gives minor accident in life but there will be fewer chances of any acute or chronic ailments. Native will be fit and fine till middle years of life. Moon in this house gives protection from any serious injury but chances of drowning will be there from adventure. Overall, native will lead a healthy life most of the time in life Overeating can lead to liver and intestine trouble.

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Moon in 12th House and Foreign connection/ Resident/ Settlement

Moon in this particular bhav gives opportunity to live in many countries in life. You may reside in one country to another in your life. You will have at least one house of your own in foreign country with some property. Moon here gives lot of prosperity and wealth to native in foreign land. Although native will not have permanent stay in a single country.

Moon in 12th House in Birth Chart and imprisonment/ Jail

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Moon here can save you from any kind of fraud, criminal case, and imprisonment in foreign land. The trouble can arise only from partnership, marriage or legal bond which might cause much loss of money. Divorce or separation may cause much grief and financial loss but Moon in 12th house many times protect marriage as well.

Special Effects of Moon in 12th house in Vedic Astrology

Some native may possess bisexual tendencies in life. Native will learn many languages and dialects after young age. Native will travel to many foreign countries and spend a few years in foreign land from one country to another. Moon in this bhav gives joy from traveling and residing in foreign countries. Moon in 12th house bonding gains, partner and opportunities in life through traveling mainly. Native will be talkative and friendly even to strangers as well. Native will find good relation and friendship through traveling.

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