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court cases leagal matters in horoscope & remedies - Vedic Astrology

Court Cases/ Legal issues/ Law Matters In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart and Remedies – Vedic Astrology: If you have gone through any court case or you have seen someone has gone/ going through court cases then only you will understand properly how hazardous it is. Whether the case is of Supreme court, high court, the district court, family courts or any other. Practical experience doesn’t need any introduction.

Astrology can show us the way to find out whether we have any court case yoga in our horoscope or not, and at last, Tantra can lead us to the remedial part of which in turn can give us relief. In this article, I have mentioned both. So, without wasting any time let’s start.

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Yoga Of lawsuit In Horoscope Or Kundli and Remedies

Houses Of Court Cases Or Legal issues In Horoscope Or Kundli – Vedic Astrology are:

    1. 1st house & Court Cases In Vedic Astrology: You, yourself
    2. 6th house & Court Cases In Vedic Astrology: In Vedic astrology, the 6th house and its lord shows the court cases or legal disputes. If 6th house or its lord is afflicted and connected somehow with Lagna or Lagna lord then the possibility of court cases will arise.
    3. 7th house & Court Cases In Horoscope: It represents opponents and agreements, any kind of negotiations with your opponent in any court case matter.
    4. 8th house & Court Cases In Birth Chart: This house of long term obstacles and sudden difficulties deals with the type of punishments the native will get.
    5. 12th house & Court Cases In Kundli: 12th house represents the final outcome of punishment imprisonment/ fine or both. For example: If Lagna lord is weak, afflicted or placed in dusthana houses (6th, 8th, 12th) then the yoga may lead to imprisonment/ fine or both if a court case is already going on.


Planets Responsible For Court Cases Or Law Issues/ Matters are:

    1. Saturn & Court Cases In Vedic Astrology: It delays court cases and creates misunderstands between parties. It causes or takes the native through extreme stress and misery during court cases
    2. Rahu & Court Cases In Horoscope: Makes any matter complex, whether it is marriage, love relationships, career-related things, etc. doesn’t matter.
    3. Ketu & Court Cases In Birth Chart: it makes you lose money via funding or fine in court case matters. F badly afflicted and connected with 8th house then can give death sentence too
    4. Mars & Court Cases In Kundli: If badly influenced then Judgement would be prompt and normally will go against the native and connection of afflicted 8th, 12th house can lead to a death sentence without a proper hearing.

Important note to see court cases or legal issues in horoscope or Kundli: Only one planet or house doesn’t indicate court cases at all. It needs a whole bunch of connections including Nakshatra and their lords. So just by seeing one aspect in the chart don’t conclude anything. Don’t spread fear.

The affliction of planet Sun (represents Soul) and Moon (represents mind) in the birth chart gives huge tension during court cases. If there is a Rahu-Sun or Rahu-Moon yoga in the chart then the situation becomes worse.

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How The Court Case Or Legal/ Law Issues Will Go On

The 6th house also shows the nature of court cases and how the case will be going on. Will it be lengthy enough or short? Whether there will be too many tensions or less? Etc. answers can be found by deeply analyzing the 6th house and its lord. For example: closely look at the 6th house and its associated planets, if it is Saturn then the court case will go through a long process for a longer period of time. Rahu can really complicate the court case and if both Rahu and Saturn are involved then the court case will be going on for a longer period of time due to lack of proper evidence.

The involvement of other planets will give results as per their significations.

Relief From Court Cases and Your Horoscope:

In court cases, relief can be seen 2 ways.

  1. Winning of the court case: In this case, the 11th house plays a very important role. If the 11th house is strong in the horoscope and connected with the court case related planetary combination then the person will win the case at last.
  2. Settlement outside the court: In some cases, I have seen that two parties settle their matter outside the court. When both parties understand that they are fighting for nothing or something other, then both of them come for settlement. This is one kind of relief. This happens due to the connection of the 7th house or its lord and the presence of Jupiter/ Venus. But remember, planets should be the lords of a good house.


When Will I get relief from court cases Or Legal Issues?

To know this, you need to combine two ways:

  1. Dasa-antardsa of Lagna or 1st house and 11th house lord or connected benefic planets. If you are taking the 1st house into consideration then do not forget to see whether a relationship has been established between 1st house lord and 11th house lord in the horoscope/ transit or not.
  2. Transit of benefic planet or 11th Also takes the help of Pratyantar Dasa (sub-sub period) for finer details.

When any above of these get connections of 6th house or its lord that period or transit will give a native relief from court cases. Here also take Nakshatra matter in consideration.


Remedies For Court Cases Or Legal Issues In Horoscope

How To Win Court Cases As Per/ In Astrology: Legal procedure has its own way and advocates or lawyers they know that very well.  But when it comes to remedies for court cases according to the occult procedure then we need to take the help of “Dasa-Mahavidya Tantra” here.

Among all Dasa-Mahavidya Shakti (Power/Force) “Ma Bagalamukhi” is the main feminine energy (Devi Shakti) we need to take the blessings of that force. There are many types of applications mentioned in the ‘Brihat-Tantrasara’ and ‘Bagalmukhi Tantram’ to get relief from ‘Raj-danda’ (Punishment given by king).

When these tantra Shastras (scriptures) were written, actually in those days kings used to give punishment. That is the reason those are called ‘Raj-danda’ (Punishment given by king). In our present scenario, we can apply it to court cases.

In Astrology Ma Bagalmukhi is the deity of planet Mars. 

The Beej Mantra is ‘Lhim’.

The Jap mantra is: “Om lhim bagalamukhi sarbadustthanang* bachang mukhang stambhayo jivam kilayo kilayo buddhing nashayo lhim Om Swaha”.

*Replace with the name of your opponent

Japa Count: Daily 108 times

Energy Center/ Chakra for Meditation: Manipura

Doing Homam/ Havan with dry ‘Neem leaves’ daily 108 times can bring a win in any circumstances.

The application of ‘Ma Bagalamukhi’ tantra is a very powerful process. It is the aggressive and devastating part of the energy or ‘Ma’, so be careful before application. Without the proper knowledge or without the presence of Guru one should not proceed. That is the reason I have not mentioned the whole procedure here. The way I have mentioned above so that it can be used only by experts or who have basic knowledge in practical tantra.

There are many other remedies mentioned in various books and articles, but believe me, very few of them will work and also partly.

Throwing stones into the river, sprinkling rice before the courtroom, etc. totkas will not help at all.

Always remember, you are part of this universal energy. In this universe, only one formula works – “Shifting of your Consciousness”. If you are conscious about the success you will get success, no one can prevent you. If you are conscious of your failure then you will get failure. ‘Success and ‘failure both are the same to the universe. We differentiate them through the lens of our mind.

When I am saying ‘consciousness’, it is not merely physical or apparent psychological consciousness, it is you’re your inner consciousness, the journey through 108 energy centers of our ‘Shuksham Sharir’ (Psychi-Physio existence). Among these 108 energy centers or chakras we give importance to 6 Chakras Starts with ‘Muladhara; and ended at ‘Sahasrara’.

If you want to communicate with the universe (God) you need to communicate through these Chakras. This is the evolution of human beings. Tantra, rajyog (Patanjali yoga sutras) can lead your life towards that.

Any remedial procedure which does not take you through any such inner evolution and promise you to give relief will be always false and will keep you where you were. All answers are there within you, you need to be conscious only

Arise! Awake!

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत,

क्षुरासन्न धारा निशिता दुरत्यद्दुर्गम पथ: तत् कवयो वदन्ति |

(कठोपनिषद्, अध्याय १, वल्ली ३, मंत्र १४)


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