Moon In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

Moon In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

Moon In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology: Moon in 3rd House in Kundli/ Birth Chart: The most prominent result of Moon in the 3rd house is that the individual is very moody and lethargic sometimes lazy with a careless attitude. If the mind is in the right zone and mental state is happy then they tend to work hard also they do so with full enthusiasm and dedication but if the mind is not in the right state or in a state of happiness and comfort then they become too monotonous and lazy to do anything. Generally, it is stated that Moon in 3rd house leads more towards lethargy and easy-going attitude instead of hard work, as other soft planets too have the same influence on an individual when it comes to mode of working ethics and attitude of the individual. The Moon in the third house does bless natives to enjoy the luxury of having servants owing and wearing various gold, silver and other ornaments of like gemstones n all (in fact both the 3rd house and the 4th house deals about full time or part-time servants and domestic help). Undoubtedly the 3rd house rules multiple and irregular sources of income or side income. The individual has great affection towards his or her siblings and they express it in their behavior.

The Result of Moon in 3rd house vary from person to person because of different sign in the 3rd house for different people having the same planet moon in 3rd house; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. Lordship varies from Aries in 3rd house to Pisces sign in 3rd house and with respect to the constellation, dignity, and strength of each sign.

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Effects Of Moon In 3rd House For Any Ascendant

GENERAL EFFECT Of Moon In 3rd House In Astrology: Moon is lord of mind, intellect, and emotions and it also impacts the relationship with siblings positively and negatively significantly. Moon in 3rd House can make person inclined to good communication, taking risk and aggressive and energetic attitude in their work or in the process of chasing their dream and desires, leaving comfort/convenience ( 12th from 4th House ) and it will give good significant profits and abundant gains when it comes to liquid money and flow of funds in due course in the form of time ( second from second house of wealth ).  A benefic auspicious waxing strong Moon with auspicious aspect from other planets when placed in 3rd will aspect 9th house and if the 9th lord is posited in angular houses and 9th  house receives other good aspects too,  then this combination will make the native extremely lucky and blessed. The native often remains careful and cautious and worried about his or her health or the public image or public relationship of his or her father. He or she extends moral and financial support to the father. These natives do not generally suffer from heart ailment or any major complications of health relating to the heart or stomach. They Posses lot of ambition in their life and even follow the path of shortcuts to get instant success.

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Moon In 3rd House Of Horoscope and Love Relationships

The native male or female born with the moon in 3rd house in their natal chart is highly emotional and much frugal with fluctuating temperament and moody when it comes to the love life of the native. They would be devoted to their love partner but will be demanding,emotional and very sensitive, sometimes suspicious and doubtful also. Their love life will remain like twilight and dawn period full of high and low with emotionally charged moments and they will also share a great bond with a physical union which will provide mental satisfaction to the native also. The only problem is you might get heart easily on small issues.


Moon In The Third House and Marriage In Vedic Astrology

Moon in 3rd house gives a lot of success and harmony in the married life of the native with much peace and conjugal romance, sex and happiness if Moon is not afflicted or malefic or waning in nature. Waxing Moon in 3rd house with good aspect bestows success in love marriage with permission from the family. Progeny will be born early and healthy and will bless the native with much rise in fortune. Spouse will be loving, indolent, chaste, wise and very supportive in your career and in other sectors of life. You will get a working spouse if male, if female than your spouse will be young, dynamic, sensual but overly sensitive and emotional.

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Moon In The 3rd House – Career, and Finance In Vedic Astrology

Good & strengthened Moon in 3rd house is also found to bless the native male or female with good vocal chord nice voice and sweet tone with good connection and contacts in the field of music, arts, etc. whether they opting and adopting professionally or choosing a good hobby. Moon here bestows good opportunities to yield name, fame, and money in any competitive sports for the native bring immense and quick success for the native if in favorable position without having any affliction or malefic aspect. Moon here also grants success and fame in the field of arts, music, singing and acting if one tries their luck in these fields but only for a short period of time. A career in water sports or in media is also highly rewarding for the native. These individuals do not generally work very hard, but they are keen to become wealthy and well possessed with the guidance support and help of siblings, relatives, and friends, or by inherited or secret money, sometimes from mother or mother’s relative.



Moreover, Moon in 3rd house often provide talent and capacity and charisma to become a writer or poet through the mode of communication and self-expression and creative endeavor or pursuits comes naturally to these natives. You have a strong desire to assert or talk or express and communicate your ideas views and feelings, especially with women you deal with personally and professionally. Since you are intuitive, emotional and very sensitive and responds to others’ feelings, you make great mediators and diplomats. Professions that involve information exchange or communication or even bureaucracy are the best-suited profession for you. These natives call a doctor even on a slight issue in their regular health and start taking medicine but when they start feeling better, they become irregular in taking medicine and stop it suddenly and abruptly which may cause some prolonged disease and health trouble. Since the 3rd house rules hearing faculty, they are very tensed and careful about their hearing capacity. But no major trouble caused by moon in 3rd house other than disease of the nose, ear, and cough cold and gives a problem of Snoring.

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