Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies: Saturn in Capricorn  in his own sign is very comfortable position and Saturn will deliver full result to all according to their karma but will bring his  positive and profit giving traits and attributes along with persistence, dedication and always will follow his characteristic of being hard task master over coming 3 years. Saturn will enter into his own sign Capricorn  from January 24th 2020 and will be transiting in Capricorn in the year 2020,2021 and 2022 and it will get in retrograde motion for temporary time period like in April 2020 to August 2020 with Saturn Sade Sati 2020 to 2022.

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Effect Of Saturn Transit 2020 in Capricorn For Each Zodiac Sign


Aries/ Mesh Rashi and Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

When Saturn will transit in Capricorn, through the career sector for your sign in January 24th 2020, 2021 and 2022, this would be a time to to gaze and decide where your happiness and skill lies especially in your professional sector, because the next 2 years going forward  will bestow you  with several opportunity for new job or job changes with new job place where it will require your skill and tact to be successful. Your patience and hard work will be  much needed and required and it will be rewarded with promotion or increment. Important factor is that you will have to decide precisely which path you would like to take or embark for the long term in your life in your professional or career journey.

When Saturn  will transits through Capricorn in January 2020, it will be travelling in his own sign as the lord of  your 10th house which is your career house and lord of 11th house which is your house of profits and gains. This transit of Saturn in Capricorn for Aries moon sign or Sun sign going to very favorable and rewarding period for getting success in life Career wise. Saturn casting it’s aspect on 12th house,4th house and 7th house in Aries native horoscope, may cause  severe pain or suffering or ill health to your mother or wife and it may bestow or imply expenses on medication or even hospitalization which can be foreseen during this span period of Saturn transit For Aries native.

  • Good time is there for getting engaged or get married for those who are eligible or single.
  • This transit will grant good time for all of Aries native with respect to their business prospects or resources.
  • Just in case, any Aries native wants to get into a relationship, it will be fruitful for you and the relationship will last  longer  as well.
  • This is a favorable period for those  Aries native who are already in their business because it will fetch good gains and profits for them during period of time.

Remedy For Aries: Read Hanuman Chaliosa daily at least for 9 weeks. While reading keep concentrating on hanuman ji only not elsewhere.

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Taurus/ Vrishabha Rashi and Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

When Saturn is travelling in Capricorn (2020,2021,2022 ) you Taurus people,this Saturn transit is bringing you a new vision, new outlook and new perspective in life. Saturn here in your 9th house will grant your most desired wish after some delays,obstruction and frustration but at the end,Saturn will bestow you with reward by fulfilling your cherished dream. This transit of Saturn will bestow you very favorable opportunity to travel abroad. Some Taurus native may get settled in foreign land during this span of transit. Saturn may give you pleasurable as well as professional but profitable travel and outing his year.This transit of Saturn will be memorable for Taurus native with few ups and downs as Saturn will be transiting in your 9th house in his own sign Capricorn which is called the house of Destiny.

 Saturn rules two important houses for your sign.The 9th house linked with luck, higher education,foreign travel  and blessings of higher souls. The 10th is linked with occupation, profession and Saturn will travel through your 9th house which signifies that some constraint is to hold  you temporarily from making desired level of progress in your endeavors. Positive results from your efforts may get obstructed and delayed but certainly not denied. Consistency is the key to success during this span time of Saturn transit as it will taste your dedication and patience. Job holder may feel insecure about his/her position. Job holder needs to improve performance and remain well focused at task on hand. Business oriented people have to find new ways and new dynamics to earn wealth and profit which will require certain mental toughness as Saturn aspects your 11th house.But overall, Taurus natives are going to remain in a good sound financial position during this Saturn transit especially when it comes to liquid cash. You need to remain much careful about your health too during this span of Saturn transit. Enemies and opposition will be quite and will not be able to cause any trouble for you. 

Remedy For Taurus: Chant Maha Mrityunjay Mantra daily in the early morning after taking bath. Try to have Veg food.

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Gemini/ Mithun Rashi and Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

Saturn transiting in Capricorn sign from January 2020 till 2022 and  it will be traveling through the 8th house of your chart that will demand its attention towards a few practical  aspects of life, such as rethinking your insurance policy and needs,property legacy, inherited wealth and wealth from in laws and business. Even romantic relationships can turn out to be sort of  of business partnership and dealings. It is also a time if you have been pondering going into business with someone and pooling your resources now could be the time. Responsibility would be acknowledged by you and you will work extra hard in your professional life with full enthusiasm  and it will  bring positive and change and gains in your life.Last but not least, Saturn traveling through the 8th house in your sector of sex will cause some sexual problems in life or some impotency or some problem in your private parts.child birth will cause problem or there will be difficult time in expecting baby. Economically, you will have to bear some losses of money and much expenses on medication and other unwanted extravagant indulgence which will not be fruitful. But,overall,Saturn will also give you good amount of earning and some profits to deal with those losses after few obstacles and delays.

Saturn rules the 8th house of sudden gain & losses and the 9th house of fortune and higher knowledge and education for your sign dear Gemini Native. Saturn will transit in Capricorn through the eighth house for your sign.You may remain pre-occupied mentally in your work affairs and dilemma concerned about progress on occupational front.Channelize your focus and energy over improving your skill sets and articulation of communication and keep putting hard labor as it will help you to meet your goals  and achieve your objectives during this period of time. You may incur some major expense related to family and losses due to car or property damage. Medical expenses on the family will also be high.With Saturn having a direct aspect on the 2nd house of wealth, linked with finance mainly will cause some reduction in your overall earning or savings., Plan your finance dealings and investment for long term pursuit regarding your goals and profits and keep enough provision for contingency. You need to remain quite alert about your own health too. Do not neglect even slight health problem or discomfort. Job holder will keep working and  performing much effectively and skillfully. Business oriented native needs to keep their contact with high worth or wealthy customers or buyers and transaction holders to boost their sales and profits. Sometimes during this period of Saturn transit, may cause in reduction in your business resources or wealth resources  but only for short period of time.Progressive, liberal and positive thought process are  going to work effectively for you during this span of Saturn transit dear Gemini native.

Remedy For Gemini: Place a Swastik sign in North-East corner of your room and chant ‘Shrim’ lakshmi beej mantra everyday facing the Swastik sign.

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Cancer/ kark Rashi and Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

Saturn will travel for 2 ½ almost for 3 year except one retrograde motion period in 2020 (January 2020-2022) in Capricorn his own sign in your 7th house  from your sign dear Cancer native as 7th and 8th lord.  Unknown people or foreigners and foreign connections will play vital role in your search of progress in your career or in your life all together. Some blood relatives may also help you and assist you financially and intellectually in your work pursuit and business. You may prove and turn out to be a role model for others because of your discipline and work ethics and never give up attitude during this period of Saturn transit. If you are single this transit is not about wasting time with casual relationship or flirtation. This will prove to be good time for all eligible single Cancer native to fall in love and finding your true soul mate and get hitched in a bond of engagement or Marriage. Some of you may also feel like that, it is better to be single and career oriented than to get trapped in a relationship which is difficult to manage. But, this transit of Saturn may give your dream life partner especially after November 2020.

The 7th house of marriage, relationship and business partnership with daily income and the 8th house  of sudden loss and sudden gain are domain of Saturn for your sign dear Cancer native. Saturn moves through the 7th house and will directly oppose  your sign which will cause some suffering and expenses on your health front. Yo may get to hear some sad news of demise of your relative or close associate or some of your close bond all of sudden which may traumatize for few days. This movement of Saturn through the seventh house is very good for slow steady income and growth in business as well as favorable for long lasting relationship. Married one needs to take care about feelings and sensitive emotions of life partner and not to do things or take things for granted which annoys or hurt your  partner. Some constraint and pressure will be there in your day to day working life with hectic schedule. Business person may get to deal with tough time in finalizing your business deals.  But overall, you will remain in a comfortable  sound position on financial front.You need to remain quite alert about  your own health and also careful about damage of your  vehicles or old property as this transit will cause some loss and expenses related to these areas of life for you. Hence,mixed result of this Saturn transit can be seen for you. 

Remedy For Cancer: Use master seed and milk items in your food as much as possible. Chant ‘Om oeem klim somayo’ everyday wearing white dresses.

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Leo/ Simha Rashi and Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

Saturn in Capricorn (January 24th 2020- 2022) will be travelling in the health,disease,debts and legal law sector of your chart, the 6th house, that deals with health also with daily service routines. Leo native will be highly appreciated in their career or line of work during this period,While Saturn travels through this area of the zodiac it will become clear to you that your  daily habits, whether good or bad or or troublesome,  will have consequences. Now is a time to motivate and energize yourself to get in your best  body shape possible.  Your ambition and desire will be fulfilled  and through your intuition. Saturn while in Capricorn will get you  super healthy and may get you in your good daily regime and routine of fitness and health care. Those in the profession of medicine and surgery will get promotion, rewards and wealth gains from their profession and diligent work especially doctors. It will also be overwhelming feeling for those who are in law fields like advocates, police or barrister will enjoy good reputation and success with wealth and popularity. If involve in court case or any legal issue than victory will be yours.

Saturn rules the 6th and also holds portfolio of the 7th for your sign. Saturn transiting in own sign Capricorn moves through the sixth house for your sign will cause rise in opposition and hidden enemies. The sixth house is about debt, health issue and employment. This transit of Saturn in 6th house will  cause few hurdles and obstacles or delays in your professional work with hectic and stressful schedule and environment for employed one and professionals but mostly all of your working pursuits will be met with success and money and there also be lot of opportunity  available for you to gain from multiple job or to have multiple source of income. Job doing native one needs to brush and sharp their skills in their mode of employment or occupation.Business people will face stiff competition in the market but they will gain  profit and money in small amount regularly. Business person needs to formulate a strong strategy and lower margins to score over competitors.  You may face some trouble in your blood pressure or can get diabetes. Minor injury or accident is also a possibility in this period.Married one is to remain at unease due to some happenings in married life. Married one need to take care about sensibilities of their life partner.

Remedy For Leo: Mahamrityunjaya Jaap everyday. try to have Khichdi (made of rice and dal) every Saturday.

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Virgo/ kanya Rashi and Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

For next few years (2020 to 2022) when  Saturn will  travel  through your 5th house from January 24th, will cast significance on romantic partnerships, creativity, artistic talent and fine arts, performing arts, children, and hobbies that are near and dear to your heart.Party or social gathering personal or professional will be high on your priority list. Sports and creative people of Virgo sign will enter in outstanding phase of glory, fame rewards and money.If you have been so busy working in regular monotonous job then this is a time to make your hobby or interest as profession.During the Saturn transit in Capricorn for the Virgo sign, Saturn will be transiting through the Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Study or College Education, Love, and rewards) and hence Saturn will play vital role in these sector of your life and it will positively enhance your skill and bestows growth in all these sectors and activity. It will give you many challenging opportunities to figure out whether or not will you be able to get out of it to deserve the good and positive results that are waiting for you at the end of these challenging opportunities. Saturn will test your determination and diligence to achieve all that you desire before it rewards you with the same.Virgo native needs to accept all these challenges and changes going to happen in their life hat and should work towards them diligently and with complete determination. Once you will go through these testing times during initial period then, you will be blessed with all the desired and progressive results in overall every aspect of life through the end of this Saturn transit. If you have to appear for exams or job interview then after some hurdles and persistent effort,desired result will be achieved. Father and Mother assistance of back up and resources along with money will be there and they will be fully co-operative in your endeavors. Your in-laws or others will lend you enough money to meet your needs during this period of time.

Saturn has 3 special aspects while being travelling in Capricorn in the 5th for Virgo native. These aspects show the desires and dreams you have and want to fulfill in this phase of your life.But the fulfillment of these desires will take some time with delays,obstruction and hindrance and failure and setbacks in initial attempts. The 5th house is ruled by Saturn and also rules the 6th house for your sign. Saturn travelling in 5th house will  bring divine blessing and will  make progressive energy are to work effectively for you now. Business oriented people involved in manufacturing or sale will certainly earn good profit but with delay.Students will have good time in Study and daily job and service people will grow gradually in their position of authority and gains and earning from Job and services.

Remedy For Virgo: Use coconut and almond in your food as much as possible. Read Shani Stotram and Shani ashtottara shatanamavali everyday or once in a week (Saturday).

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Libra/ Tula Rashi and Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

Capricorn sign falls in your ascendant chart’s 4th house of home, family atmosphere, prosperity, comfort and luxury of property and the subconscious mind. Saturn transiting in Capricorn in your 4th house will reflect and effective in these given areas for you dear Libra native.  It is more than possible that you will be thinking of developing new life style, whether it is around work, or a revamping of your life in general. you may want new Job or new house and this transit of Saturn will favor you to make these changes around and improve your lifestyle. You may be acquire new car or conveyances to improve your lifestyle. You would like to attend some fitness classes and develop new love for yoga or gaming or swimming You may even be considering for having a child in your life, and you put effort to channelize and structure your life priorities into goals. If you are longing for a child and fearful of not having much financial resources or savings, Saturn suggests that you will overcome that fear by planning and putting things in to perspective as this travel period of Saturn in Capricorn will enhance your income and bank balance.Saturn rules 4th and 5th house for your sign, Saturn transiting in his own sign Capricorn moves through the 4th house for your sign will allow you to earn money from rent or fare.You need to remain cautious and very  attentive about domestic matter especially  your mothers or wife’s health. If you are planning to buy a new house or residential property, this transit of Saturn in Capricorn will be supportive in this regard. This transit of Saturn seems progressive and prosperous for you. However, you have to exert more focus and dedication and work methodically consistently to achieve desired level of progress in your working endeavor or any of your pursuit. Employed Libra natives needs to remain much focused at task on hand and  you need to aim at improving performance along with your skill and output of the work as well. There will be lot of expenses in your life during this span of Saturn transit as there may be Marriage ceremony or child birth in your home and some expense on medical side for your mother or wife can be seen. You are to remain in a comfortable position on financial front. You are able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably. Middle aged and above  middle age natives may be troubled by  severe pain in joints muscles. Father, mother, siblings and relatives will be fully supportive and co-operative in your time of needs and will provide full assistance and support in your cause or endeavors financially or resources wise. Your health will be cause of concern for you dear Libra native. Back-pain, pain in foot muscles or headache will trouble you from time to time.

Remedy For Libra: Start doing Puja of Shiva Lingam (black) from any Monday and bathe that with camphor, ganga jal mixed water. Chant Maha Mrityunjay Mantra while pouring the water on the lingam.

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Scorpio/ Vrischik Rashi and Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

When Saturn in Capricorn will be  travelling in your 3rd house of communication, then this can be a time of great respect for your thoughts and writings. Between 2020 to 2022 is an excellent time to gather your memories from the past and journal your insights. If there is a novel or any article pending up then now is a perfect time  for its completion and it will lend you rewards and money. In 2020 Saturn is going to give you courage as it is transiting in the 3rd house. Saturn transit in your 3rd house dear Scorpio native will make your communication effective and you will gain pleasure and money from short travels and short journeys. 

As Saturn will travel in the 3rd house of the Scorpio sign, it  will make you indulge in extreme hard work with much capacity and energy and courage in the coming two and half years and during this period. You will feel the need to work  extremely hard  especially from 11th May to 29th September 2020 when Saturn will be in retrogression. This may cause health issues or build a feeling of agitation or frustration in you and will land you in very uncomfortable position in your professional life as burden of work will be throughout for you in this period of Saturn transit. From 30th March to 30th June 2020 is not a favorable period for you as you may involve or fall into a conflict in domestic matters or matters related to legalities and Justice. You may have to run in police station  because of some emergency and you will also be harsh and rude in your verbal communication. This will take a heavy toll on your money matters as you may incur some monetary losses during this period of time. This period is also not good for your children and their health and you may develop argumentative attitude and some clashes might happen in your family even with your children. Love life will remain dry lackluster  and disturbed and you will not be able to live up to the expectations of your lover or beloved ones. In 2020, Saturn will travel in your 3rd house and will be aspects the 9th (House of Fortune) for the Scorpio sign so avoid any hassle or tussle or any derogatory words and hard talks with your peers, seniors, boss or secretaries or with any authorities as it will go against you and you may land yourself in trouble.  Saturn transit in your 3rd house will aspect you 12th house which will cause certain eye problem and vision issue. Favorable results and cherished desires meet will be delayed and obstructed for some amount of time.Your patience will be on test here dear Scorpio natives Business person needs to keep exerting and wait patiently to garner wealth Job holder needs to try for improving performance to keep his/her position secured. Your Father’s health needs your attention during this Saturn transit. You may also experience a communication gap between your father and you as he would probably not listen to any of your pieces of advice during this time.

Remedy For Scorpio: Worship Hanuman Ji everyday if possible otherwise at-least every Saturday. Maintain ‘Brahmacharya’ on that puja day if possible.

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Sagittarius/ Dhanu Rashi and Saturn Transit In Capricorn 2020 to 2022, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

When Saturn will transit in Capricorn  in your 2nd house setting  for 2 and 1/2 years till 2022  then, you will have plenty of time to improve your skills to become Jack  of all trades weather in home or in your office or in your working environment which will bring more prosperity and abundance in your life dear Sagittarius native. You have to shred your naive nature and simple attitude in general life as trade and business will give you much financial blessing if you just try to be bit selfish and self-centered. Saturn rules the 2nd house and also holds portfolio of the 3rd house for your sign. Saturn will travel the 2nd for your sign from January 24th 2020.Saturn moving through the second house, linked with finance mainly, is to make you wiser and smarter about handling finance. Some major expense related to family is quite certain and some redecoration of home and appliances and buying of new flat or car is very much indicated for you during this period. Foreign travel regarding work and also personal pleasure will be made in this period. You need to plan finance with long term in view and keep enough provision for contingency.

You will be able to manage your daily routine and incidental or accidental chunk of expenses comfortably. Business person is likely to have favorable,gainful  and profitable time during this span of Saturn transit in Capricorn. Now seems supportive time to spend money for development to boost sales. Career oriented needs to remain very focused at task on hand try to improve performance which will give output in return for you or for your company. Progressive forces are to work effectively. No major health issue is seen for you in this period. If some minor health issue is there and troubling you then do not neglect the treatment process even for minor health issue as negligence will cost you much wealth and complications in near future.The presence of Saturn in the 2nd house will guide you to save money and will also let you know the right time and place to spend or invest the money when and where. Saturn will also ask you to keep a control and tab on your expenses and check your extravagant activities especially the period when Saturn is in retrogression and due to the limited money in your hand; you may feel bounded or restricted financially.

Financial assistance from your father may also become a burden for you due to the presence of  transiting Saturn in your Second House from your natal chart.Gaining support of relatives, cousins or sibling will be much difficult task for you during this period. But just in case if you have Planet Sun strongly placed in your natal chart or horoscope during this Saturn transit when Saturn passes through the Uttarshadha Nakshatra which is ruled by Sun then there are high chances for you to get the required financial support from your father.It is very essential  and mandatory for you to be careful and alert while posting or communicating through any platform on social media as you may fall victim to trolling or something worse you might say or  fall prey to for you post on social media during this period of time.

Remedy For Sagittarius: Avoid using Mustered oil as much as, use ghee instead if possible. Keep North-East corner of your home/ room clean. Meditate everyday on your Bishuddhi chakra.

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Capricorn/ Makar Rashi and Saturn Transit In Capricorn 2020 to 2022, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

Saturn has arrived in your sign dear Capricorn native . Sometimes Saturn passing through your sign can be a complicated time, yet in few years it will transform your personality as well as overall aspects and attributes of your life. This Saturn transit will be redefining your future in every true sense which will be positive and fruitful and very favorable  in coming years . Ruled by Saturn, this Saturn travel in Capricorn will bring good news for the Capricorn natives in the year 2020 as your ruling planet is coming to you. But this year, Capricorn  Moon sign will enter into the 2nd phase of Saturn Sade Sati 2020 to 2022. This means that you will feel immense pressure and over-burdened with work and responsibilities. You will go through much obstructions and obstacles and you will harmed by some of your enemies. Your name and fame might dip for temporary period of time but Since Saturn is your ruling planet, therefore, you possess to the quality of working efficiently in the extremely tensed and high-pressure working environment. You will recover from losses and defamation and enemies quickly. Money will come to you regularly especially when you are involve in any kind of business or politics. Honesty at work will give you tremendous push to position of respect and authority at your work place.

Saturn is the karaka of one deeds  signifies responsibility and work. So, the major focus for you will be to do extremely well in your working or professional life. Patience and perseverance will be your only lifeguard to help you come out of the tough situations with flying colors so deal with the work patiently and with a calm mind and have thick skin to handle any criticism at work. Saturn is the ruler of your sign. The 2nd house is also domain of Saturn for your sign. Saturn moves through your Lagna now. This movement of Saturn leads to some kind of stressful time for you. Keep your cool and plan for time ahead regarding future prospect in your life. You are to remain in a sound comfortable position on financial front. You may incline to spend money to get some religious ritual to boost your fortune and business prospects. Business person has to exert more labour and effort and have to try to explore new territory to expand sales activities which will provide them big gains. Job holder will be eager to get better place and position and hike in salary. Your committed efforts are to be appreciated by peers and seniors who are in authority. If being troubled by irregularity in blood pressure or being diabetic, have a regular check up to keep tab on variation and take due measure precautions and step to keep things under control.

As Saturn is transiting through Uttarshadha Nakshatra (constellation) which is ruled by Sun and Sun signifies for immunity, energy and vitality; hence your immunity and overall health will remain on the lower side during this period of time.

Remedy For Capricorn: Avoid Meat and Egg. Jaap Shani Mantra – ‘Om Oim Hrim Srim Shanaischaraio’ everyday by sitting in the North-Eastern corner of your room. If you have separate puja room that is better. sit in north-east corner.

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Aquarius/ Kumbha Rashi and Saturn Transit In Capricorn 2020 to 2022, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

Saturn will be travelling in  Capricorn in 2020 in your 12th house of foreign trips, settlement, trade and expenses. This is a very peculiar and odd  transit for you Aquarius native as much unexpected and mixed result will be there for you as the 12th house is traditionally called the house of prisons, hospitals and monasteries and you may gain or loss from it depends on the overall dynamics of your individual chart. Therefore the next three years going to be roller coaster ride for you and some incredible opportunity for travelling and earning wealth from foreign sources will be there. You may feel inclined to have more time for yourself as you may become eccentric and self-centered. It actually is a fabulous period for those involve in charity work, spiritual profession or in occult profession.

Astrologers and writers will earn good amount of money in this period. Opportunities will arrive for you to get away from the daily grind of monotonous  routine work and spend time among certain liberal and philosophical people who are deeper thinkers, or are committed to helping humanity. Your interest in charity, occultism and  mystic world will increase. Your romantic or clandestine affair will be a secret one during this period of time. The key will be to make sure that this romance is in your best interest and not something to regret down the road. Saturn rules your sign and also rules the 12th house for your sign. The 12th house is linked with expenses and financial loss and bedroom related activities as well. You need to plan finance related endeavors with long term goal and view and keep enough provision for contingency. Students keen on to go abroad for higher education is to succeed in  achieving their objective. This transit of Saturn is also supportive for business in foreign lands and gain through them.Career oriented natives has to remain very well focused at task on hand and try to give more output to keep his/her position secured. In regard to health you need to take due measures to keep digestive system in order. The presence of Saturn in the 12th is indicating you to improve your daily routine and sleep cycle otherwise; it will have adverse effects on your overall physical and mental health. Lack of sleep will be there for Aquarius native. some losses are foreseen during this period.

Saturn will give you unexpected  unplanned expenses and sudden health trouble in family or to you. Tax related issue can also trouble you for some time. Saturn will also influence your sex life. You will miss intimacy or the cosy act or bond or pleasure you used to share with your lover or partner which may become an issue between you two. So,wait for this Saturn transit to be over at the end of which everything will get back to normal. Before that, try and avoid taking any major step related to your relationship. So Saturn is demanding you to have patience and own up  your responsibilities in order to be able to get what you desire and deserve. This Saturn transit will help you  to explore your religious roots and enhance your knowledge about it.

Since it is the 1st phase of Saturn Sade Sati (2020 to 2022)  for you and Saturn is placed in the Twelfth House. So, Saturn will bring 360 degree transformation and change in your personality and will also bless you with good results and benefits that you have earned with hard work, patience, perseverance, determination and good efforts.

Remedy For Aquarius: Avoid any non veg food if possible, otherwise at-least once in a week on every Saturday. Jaap Shani Mantra – ‘Om Oim Hrim Srim Shanaischaraio’ atleast 108 times.

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Pisces/ Meen Rashi and Saturn Transit In Capricorn 2020 to 2022, Effects, Prediction, Remedies

Sweet  loving nature Pisces natives, your time has come to set up the boundaries around your friendships. Saturn transiting Capricorn in 2020 will be moving through your 11th house of friendships, groups and organizations. You will make and become eminent member of many social clubs and organization you will come in contact with elite people. This will creates space for new individuals to become friends. The friends you will attract will be in position of power and authority with much wealth and you will derive benefits from it. This will also be  good time for you when the effort and work that you have put into your career begins to pay off brightly. The rewards that you have expected or have been put on hold will free up by the end of Saturn in Capricorn (2019 or 2020). Your time and effort spend on developing connections during this transit will pay off. Since, Saturn and Jupiter share a neutral relationship between them, still Saturn  never forgets its duties and hardship nature as it is the hard taskmaster. So Saturn will  make Pisces native carve hard what you desire to achieve. This will be hard time to maintain relationship for longer period as many people will come in your contact and will share pleasing bond with you but will vanish from your life quickly too.

Saturn  transit in the 11th house of your sign, it is considered to bring good and happy positive news and much gain of wealth  or profit of money for that particular zodiac sign.Therefore, this Saturn transit in Capricorn will be a good transit for you (Pisces sign) as a malefic planet in the Eleventh House is said to give you courage to fight the adversities of life and will keep you strong enough to face them head-on. You will manage your expenses very well as you will be in wealthy position.

Though there will be some bad effects of the Saturn transit that you will likely to face during this period. As Saturn will be placed in your 11th House, it will shrink and small your friend circle during this period and if you are not careful in your verbal assertion or  communication, you may lose some good friends as well.

You may feel distant from your siblings as well due to a communication gap between you two. So the Saturn is demanding you to try and avoid any sort of argument with your sibling and sort out any differences and misunderstandings created due to the lack of communication between you both. The 12th and the 11th are domain of Saturn for your sign. Saturn travelling through the 11th house, linked with Gain, you are likely to get exciting opportunity especially in career to benefit monetarily. However, you may need to exert more to benefit from the opportunity coming up. Business person will be able to run their work satisfactorily and in profits. Job holder is to feel happy with future growth prospects to look encouraging. Your progressive and optimistic nature will land you in much desirable place in this period..You are going  to remain in sound and healthy financial position. In regard to health no major health issue is foreseen you.

Pisces sign will get many monetary benefits and business from foreign land during this Saturn transit. Saturn is known to delay the results but has never denied it to anyone.

Remedy For Pisces: Meditation is only one remedy that works for Pisces as it is the 12th sign of Zodiac. Meditate on ‘Ajna’ Chakra everyday.

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