Sun Transit In Capricorn 2020 Makar Sankranti Effects On 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun Transit In Capricorn 2020 Makar Sankranti Effects On 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun Transit In Capricorn 2020 Makar Sankranti Effects On 12 Zodiac Signs: Sun will begin to transit in Capricorn from January 15, 2020, on Wednesday, at 1:55 a.m. The Sun travels month to month in different signs from Aries to Pisces.  Sun completes the 1 zodiac wheel of 12 sign in 365 days approx. But out of all the transits of Sun, this transit in Capricorn is a significant phenomenon. As per Vedic Astrology, Sun is the father of Saturn (Shani), and Saturn has ownership of the sign Capricorn.  The transit of Sun in Capricorn on January 15th, 2020 is very important to watch as this time around,   because after almost 30 years Saturn will be transiting in Capricorn from 25th January 2020 the same month. Hence, the Sun will not be only in his son’s sign or house Capricorn but will also actually meet his son after nearly 30 years.

The transit of Sun in Capricorn is Popularly known as Makar Sankranti especially in North India.  it is celebrated with great joy in the different regions of India. In Tamil Nadu, the day is celebrated as the festival Pongal whereas it is celebrated as Uttarayan in Gujarat and Rajasthan. So three major festivals, Makar Sankranti  Pongal, and Uttarayan will be observed on January 15, 2020. In Vedic Astrology, Sun plays a very important role because it is a ruler planet or King Planet in our Solar system which also rules over the  Human soul. Sun is the prime source of life on earth. When Sun transits in Capricorn sign, it is considered to be very auspicious. Capricorn is the sign of Lord Shani or Planet Saturn the son of Lord Surya. Hence it is believed that the most important significant and auspicious time on earth especially according to Vedic Hindu principles. After sunset on Makar Sankranti, all the auspicious functions get performed after the next sunrise.

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Sun Transit Or Gochar In Capricorn 2020 Makar Sankranti and Its Effects On Aries


The Sun will transit in Capricorn sign in your 10th house dear Aries native which will be very fruitful and auspicious for them. Aries natives are destined to taste success in all of their pursuits. Employed or job and service-oriented people will gain wealth and promotion during this span of Sun transit. You may also gain benefits from the government sources & authorities. Your health will remain constantly good. Socially, you will be active and popular due to your occupation and you will meet high peers and many elites during this January month which would be beneficial in your future progress. Success and wealth gain is promised and assured by Sun transit in this particular sign. Success in every endeavor is assured of your liking dear Aries. Progeny will also help and support you in your business and financial dealings. Your reputation in society will be high in this period. Those who are employed in the service sector would experience a change in their working profile and may get a transfer but with a promotion in their job. however, this change will be profitable and favorable for you. Those who are in the Government sector will gain name and fame with a new authoritative position in their working environment or in their career during the month of January and February 2020.

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Sun Transit or Gochar In Capricorn 2020 and Its Effects On Taurus

Sun is the lord of your 4th house dear Taurus native and will transit in your 9th house during its revolving period in Capricorn sign from 15th January 2020.  your father’s health may suffer during this period of Sun transit and there can some heated argument between you and him. Your income flow may slow down in this period as little profit in business or if in a job then your salary may get delayed or cut in the month of January and February 2020. However, this decline will not stop you from hard work and there will be some liquid money profit during the end of this Sun’s transit in Capricorn. Your image will improve significantly in society and in colleagues during this period.  At times, you may become mentally unstable or weak and rather will get frustrated and angry easily. However, you may go on pilgrimages trip in this period of transit and you will be inclined towards charity and religious deeds dear Taurus native. There could be the possibility of long professional travel for you in foreign lands. This journey will bestow good results in the long run. If you are running a business, you may receive less profit during January and February 2020. You may have some temporary tiff with your siblings this time. Those awaiting promotion will get good news at the end of this Sun transit. You should raise your efforts in order to enjoy favorable results.

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Sun Transit In Capricorn In The Year 2020 and Its Effects On Gemini

The Sun will transit in Capricorn from 15th January 2020 in the 8th house in the horoscope of Gemini natives. This transit of Sun for Gemini individuals is less favorable or inauspicious and will bring some challenges and tensions for you dear Gemini.

On the career front, you are likely to face many challenges and struggles. You may unable to manage or complete your work on time in your working life and there will be tussle and jealousy around you at your workplace and you will experience and foresee obstruction and hindrance in your career. You may not yield or attain desirable results for your sincere efforts and you will get heartbroken and disappointed. Those who are in business or self-employed are advised to be careful while signing business deals or any contracts or housing papers.  Avoid making major financial decisions during this period of January and February 2020. Your financial position will be average or moderate at best during this period. You should ensure all criteria and aspects before investing as there are chances some of your funds may get stuck.

You are likely to suffer from ill-health during this phase and you may become victim or subject to accident-prone dear Gemini. Do not overindulge in eating or drinking or high cholesterol food as it may lead to poor blood circulation or heart problems. You may suffer from liver ailments as well. Students who are in the research field will shine and attain success in their pursuit. A very bright period for those involved in high studies.

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Sun Transit / Makar Sankranti In Capricorn In The Year 2020 and Its Effects On Cancer

The Sun will transit in the 7th house in the horoscope of Cancer individuals from January 15th, 2020.  The transit is likely to be less favorable for you. Sun is the lord of your 2nd house and going to transit in your 7th house. During this period, your marital life will suffer and the health of your spouse will decline. However, you will have a sound financial condition in this period. Apart from it, you may get in tiff and tussle with your relatives and friends. You may feel frustrated and disappointed due to the occurrence of a few unsuccessful events in your life during this period. You may also undertake foreign travel during this period. You should take care of your intestine and digestive system. avoid eating rich or fast food. Your money will be spent on your spouse’s medication. You may initiate a new work in order to accumulate wealth but it may get hampered or obstructed for time being. Those who are involved in a partnership business should try to make their business partner happy with amicable communication. The transit of the Sun may increase your mental burden and blood pressure.

You will foresee average progress and success on your work and professional front. Your opponents will be active and you may face stiff competition at the workplace. There will dissatisfaction and disagreements with your peers and superiors. Your relationship will remain monotonous during January and February 2020. Lack of excitement or joy can bring dissatisfaction in a love relationship. Cancer individuals who are married may find some conflicts with their spouses. There are chances of some tiff with your spouse.

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Sun Transit In Capricorn 2020 and Its Effects On Leo

Sun is the lord of your Lagna or 1st house dear Leo natives and Sun will transit in your 6th house. This transit will prove to be very favorable for you. Those who are preparing for getting a job in the government sector will get desired results. You will dominate your enemies or opponents and get success in cases related to court and litigation. Due to excessive engagement in the work, you will pay less attention to your health, which can lead to health complications. People who are involved in the field of politics will get good success in this period. The Sun will transit in the 6th house in the horoscope of Leo individuals. The 6th house deals with enemies, opponents, wealth and well-being. The transit of Sun in this house is very beneficial and favorable for you and is likely to bring beneficial results.

On the work front, you will find many new job opportunities with high scale pay. You are likely to get favor and support from colleagues at work. The work environment will be cool and swift. A businessman will have ample profits and gains during January and February 2020. Thus, the business is likely to witness growth during this phase. There are high chances that you will launch a new project during this period.

Finance will flow smoothly with the sound economical condition and there will be a rise in savings. Desired financial gains can be achieved during this phase for you dear Leo natives. Money stuck for a long time is likely to be released during this period. Health is also likely to improve and you may get relief from past health ailments. Your immunity will get a boost and you will recover quickly from the disease. Your love life will be amicable happy and enjoyable. You will become more responsible and will have a greater sense of relationships. Inclination towards a romantic relationship is likely to happen during this phase. Marital life will be blissful.  Students may excel in competitive exams. They are likely to take part in debates and seminars.

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Sun Transit In Capricorn 2020 Makar Sankranti and Its Effects On Virgo

The Sun will transit in the 5th house for  Virgo natives as it will start to travel in Capricorn sign. This house is all about mental ability, prosperity, heart, and mind. The transit phase is likely to give you mixed results. Career prospects and growth will be slow but steady. workload will be quite high this time around with some serious responsibilities. You will feel some pressure and hectic activities in your professional life.

Financial transactions will be swift. Your financial position will be solid. You may spend money on your children and their education and needs. As for health, Some problems like indigestion may trouble you in this period. You may face some estrangement in your love life. You are likely to feel disappointed or heartbroken due to your over-dependence over emotional over-demanding and over expecting nature.  Blaming your partner will only invite more problems. Although those who are married going to have blissful time ahead in their conjugal life. Students may find difficulty in concentrating and focusing on their studies. Your energies may be scattered. Hence, you may not get the desired result in the exams.

Sun is the lord of your 12th house and will transit in your 5th house from January 15th, 2020. During this transit of Sun in Capricorn, you would always remain curious to know something or improve your skill or educate yourself more on a variety of topics. You may have to bear some trouble because of your friends. Your progeny may suffer from ill health and their education may get interrupted.  you may make a good amount of liquid money and other wealth assets through foreign contacts or multinational companies. Those seeking admission in higher education or in universities of the foreign country then this is the apt time to move forward in that direction.

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Sun Transit In January 2020 Makar Sankranti and Its Effects On Libra

Sun is the lord of your eleventh house and will transit in your 4th house during its transit time period in sign Capricorn. You will experience blissful moments peace like moonshine in your family during this transit. Your mother’s health may suffer which may disturb you for time being. Avoid superiority complex and ego with family members. You may earn well through the rental property and may accumulate wealth by immovable assets.  You may purchase property and vehicles with the support of your seniors, peers or with the help of a relative. Any prolonged illness may cause you pain during this period so do not ignore any health at all. During this time, you will spend money on your family and relatives. There will be a slight reduction in your daily or monthly earnings in the month of January and February but there is no need to feel disappointed because none of your work will delay. You will get good support from your older siblings and will gain and attain happiness through them.

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The Sun from January 15th, 2020 will transit in the 4th house of Libra natives. This 4th house represents the domestic environment, near and dear ones, mother, land, comforts, and discomforts and you will get some benefits from the above-mentioned sources. You may experience some mood swings or dull monotonous routine life in the career front due to the transit of Sun in Capricorn. So, it is very likely that you may feel dissatisfied in your occupation as well. You may also experience delays and obstacles in your ambitious business projects. The profit your business will be minimal in this time period dear Libra natives. On the whole, you are likely to experience work-related issues and pressure on the professional front.

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Sun Transit In Capricorn 2020 Makar Sankranti and Its Effects On Scorpio

Sun is the lord of your 10th and will transit in your 3rd house. This time your health will improve vastly and rapidly in case you’re suffering from any prolonged disease. You will get good results from every endeavor. Your siblings may have some health trouble in this period. Your courage and valor will high. You will get happiness from your children. You should not bank on anyone during this period especially in your career and avoid being dependent on anyone at your workplace. You may not get any support of your colleagues at your workplace, hence be careful! You will get gains through short travel. If you are a businessman then these short travels seem to be very favorable for you. This is the time to increase your efforts in order to achieve more success and wealth. The Sun will transit in the 3rd house in the horoscope of Scorpio natives when Sun will enter in Capricorn sign on 15th January 2020. The transit is likely to be very auspicious and beneficial for you.

You will get better opportunities on your career front dear Scorpio. Your social image will also get enhance with sudden popularity. You are likely to get some rewards or recognition for your efforts in your career or education. Businessmen will have a very favorable and profitable time during this transit. You will be able to make new contacts during this phase of your life dear Scorpio natives. This will help you to expand your social circle and reach in business or in any of your occupation. Short journeys for business purposes may prove to be profitable.

There will be financial gains for you dear Scorpio individuals. You may even receive monetary help from your siblings or friends. There is a strong possibility for you to experience a sudden windfall of monetary gains. Overall, you are likely to enjoy good health. Your love life will continue to be romantic, cozy and enjoyable. You will also have a gala gleeful time with your friends and close ones. Going on short journeys may enhance your bond with your beloved in this time period. This is a favorable time for marital life as well for Scorpio people. This phase is likely to refresh and bind your relationship. You will spend some quality time with your spouse. This period will also re-energized and sparkle or rejuvenate your relationship. In matters of education, students of Scorpio sign are likely to get success and merits in studies. You may even earn a reward or a prize for your incredible academics. You will score very well in your examinations.

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Sun Transit In Capricorn 2020 and Its Effects On Sagittarius

The Sun will transit in the 2nd house in the horoscope of Sagittarius natives from 15th January 2020. This transit is likely to be average and less beneficial for you. Sun is the lord of your 9th house and going to transit in your 2nd house in Capricorn sign. You should control your anger hard tongue talks during this transit as any hint of bitterness in your speech can ruin the opportunities especially in your career and occupation. There is a possibility of some tension and tiff in your family. You may suffer from the problems related to head, chest infection and eye trouble. You should take care of your diet well and try to avoid any oily food or else it may create issues regarding your heart. You will gain well from your father during this period of Sun transit. If you are employed, you should continue doing hard work with dedication as It will give you immense benefits later during January or February. On the other hand, If you are doing business, you’ll attain progress and any work which was delayed earlier will restart, which will improve the flow of liquid money in your life. Your father may obtain good profits in his work during this time period.  Your relationships with your in-laws and extended family will not remain cordial and amicable. The issue and quarrels on the domestic front are also likely to affect your personal and professional life. Students are likely to stay focused in terms of their education. You may win prizes in debates or similar competitions as this transit is favorable for students individuals and education.

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Sun Transit / Makar Sankranti In Capricorn In The Year 2020 and Its Effects On Capricorn

Sun is the lord of your 8th house and will enter your 1st house or Lagna in your own sign, dear Capricorn. Therefore, this transit will particularly affect your subconscious mind. During this transit, you will have to give extra attention to your health because you will be likely to suffer from intestine related problems, fever, and phobia with mental anxiety. However, you should not worry and should keep your patience so that you would tackle the situation well. You may also go on sudden travels and may get into a fight with somebody during the trip or journey. Your mind will be attracted to mysterious or occult science with hidden aspects of life. Also, you will get more interested in research work and writing work. During this transit of Sun in Capricorn, you will make plans and will initiate your plans or imply your plans regarding wealth accumulation in this period dear Capricorn natives  The Financial situation will be decent and well manageable with your expenses.

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You will feel inclined towards God during this period. You will also face some problems in your married life. You are not likely to get your money doomed if you have lent it to someone. There are chances that you may end up getting into petty fights with your beloved partner. It would be wise to be more soft-spoken while communicating with your romantic partner or a life partner. You may find it hard to balance your personal and professional life due to a sudden burden at your workplace on you.  Students will gain high confidence during this phase. Sagittarius sign students will get good marks and will score well in their competitive exams. The Sun will transit in the 1st house in the horoscope of Capricorn Natives. This transit may bring overall mixed results for you regarding every aspect of life in totality.

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Sun Transit In Capricorn 2020 Makar Sankranti and Its Effects On Aquarius

The Sun will transit in the 12th house in the horoscope of Aquarius natives from 15th January 2020. The transit will bring moderate or mixed results for you. Sun is the lord of your 7th house and will transit in your 12th house during its transit in Capricorn sign. During this period, you may plan to go on a foreign trip. For a temporary time period, you may have to move away from your family and home. Tension may occur in your marital life due to your spouse nagging behavior and health trouble. Their health is likely to weaken in this span of transit. Your expenses are likely to expand and rise, hence try to curb your extravagant activities and indulgences otherwise it can disrupt the flow of income. You’ll spend money on religious activities. During this, you are more likely to suffer from eye-related problems or visibility disorders, fever or insomnia. You may earn good profits and wealth in foreign trade and foreign lands and your foreign contacts will increase.

You are likely to come up with new career opportunities during this period. You are advised to make the best use of these opportunities. Implementing new ideas and endeavors can bring positive changes in your occupation and professional life. Businessmen need to be careful while making big investments, especially in your birthplace.  Hidden enemies may create trouble in your way of success and achievement of goals. You are advised to be careful and keep a tab on your opponents and competitors.

There will be an increase in monetary inflow during this time and your savings will rise. This will also help you to invest money in various ways as per your choice. You may choose to invest in property or as for long term gains and long term planning. As for your health, be cautious and take proper care of yourself during this phase. A prolonged illness may create distress. It would be wise not to ignore even the most minor health-related problems. During this time, you will spend much of your money on your family and relatives. Misunderstanding and heated arguments with loved ones can sour your relationship during this period. You may find yourself in two minds and may doubt your relationship with your other half. Tension may increase in your marital life and separation or disharmony may prevail.

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Sun Transit In Capricorn 2020 and Its Effects On Pisces

Sun is the lord of the 6th house and will enter your 11th house dear Pisces from January 15th, 2020. During this period of transit, you will gain many different types of benefits. Senior officials will support you and swill give you special economic and social benefits. You will get the support and love of your older siblings. Your ambitions and desires will be accomplished and fulfilled. Employed people will feel very happy with the increment in their salaries. Any work stuck or incomplete will be completed during this time period. All the plans will gain momentum now in January and February 2020 as time is very favorable for you. You will win over your enemies and will earn money through some serious dedicated efforts and hard work. You will also earn well through the government sector. During this period, you will have the opportunity and pleasure to meet with reputed and dignitaries people. It will always help you to grow further in your career and professional life. There will be no shortage of liquid cash as time is very supportive and favorable for you dear Pisces.

The Sun will transit in the 11th house in the horoscope of Pisces natives. The transit is likely to bring very favorable and beneficial  results for you dear Pisces natives

On the professional front, you are likely to finish all the existing projects that you have been working on for a long time. You will get rewards and recognition from peers and authorities in the workplace for successfully completing all the assigned work. Your immediate boss and senior officials will appreciate your sincere effort and dedication. The transit foresees gains for individuals who are indulged in a partnership business. Also, there are high chances that you will find new business proposals and bright prospects. Your financial position is also likely to be solid with an increase in the flow of earnings. Your creativity and artistic skills will be at its peak during this period. Your relationship with a business partner will also remain very cordial.

Your health will be good during this period. If you have been suffering from any ailments in the past then you will find much relief from it during this phase. You will feel more optimistic and happy during this transit period of the Sun. Your love-life will sail smoothly as you and your love partner will develop deep emotions with care and sensitive feelings for each other. Your relationship with siblings will remain amicable. You will spend some quality time with family and friends during January and February month of 2020. Students are more than likely to do well and excel in their studies and perform amazingly well in their examinations. You will also find support from elders and seniors in terms of your studies.

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