Vishakha Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics

Vishakha Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics2

Vishakha Nakshatra- Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics, Business/Profession, Health, Horoscope/Kundli/Birth Chart Prediction In AstrologyVishakha is the 16th nakshatra that falls in the Libra as well as in the Scorpio sign and is ruled by Venus and Mars both. Its star lord is Jupiter which makes this nakshatra people lucky, prosperous and healthy in life. These people are ambitious and progressive from a very tender age. They are romantic souls who love to dwell around opposite sex. However, these people can go overboard sometimes and their desires may become lust.

Vishakha Nakshatra- Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility

Vishakha natives are magnetic and charming blessed with a youthful appearance. These people are very observant and sometimes become conservative because of their own self-interest.

These people turn out to be able, competent business persons but can be spendthrift as well. Vishakha natives may turn out to be very loyal and committed friends or partner. However, he or she may get cheated and backstabbed by their friends or partner.

These natives do not like to take advice from others. These people do not take criticism kindly. Their interest in many diverse fields may make them confused and face dejections, failures at a young age. However, after the age of 28-29, these people get their focus and goals right.

They chase their aim and desires very passionately. Many of their wishes and dreams do come true in their life. These people may dream some much about their romantic and married life. However, sometimes their partner may not come up to their expectations in romantic life.

To Be Noted:- (Vishakha Constellation-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics):- Here, I am discussing the effects and results of Vishakha constellation as Moon and Lagna Nakshatra. The overall impact and results of this nakshatra will mostly be based on Moon Nakshatra which is also known as Janam or Birth Nakshatra. In later articles, I’ll also discuss the impact and results of different planets in this nakshatra.

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Vishakha Nakshatra Significance Overview

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There are chances one of your parents may die early or you may not be able to get the love and care of your parents at a tender age. This nakshatra people are usually very soft-spoken and kind towards but sometimes, may harm others when their temper is high. Although, most of the time these are very chill, joyful, and fun to hang out with. Some people will do well in medical and pathology fields.

Their inclination towards spirituality and charity may make them head of any religious or spiritual institution as well. Although, these people will believe in serving the masses but at times may become selfish and self-centered for their own profits and gains.

Vishakha Nakshatra Characteristics/ Personality Traits

These natives can become extraordinary scientists or researchers in life. Their creative, instinctive, and free-flowing nature may give them success in Radio and Tv industry. These people are very tactful and can imagine, modulate and create things on the spot. Natives from this nakshatra are very energetic and ambitious right from a tender age.

Although, their over-ambitious nature may get them in a tight spot or in trouble as well. These people cannot tolerate criticism or ideological differences. Although, their tactful and sweet diplomatic nature make them safe from enemies or rivals. Sometimes, they may feel remorse and dissatisfaction from their career and romantic life.


Vishakha Constellation – Your Love Life and Marriage

Married life of these natives will be better than their love life. Arrange marriage may suit them more but love marriage may give some conflict or chaos in their marital life. However, by tact and along with some adjustments, sweet talks, and by doing few sacrifices you can make your, married life better and harmonious. Your spouse will be loving, caring, and supportive for the most part of your life.

Some people may marry more than once after divorce. Few people may also suffer from loss of spouse at a young age. Overall, your married life will be happy and satisfactory with some ups and downs.

Vishakha Nakshatra:- Career/ Profession/ Business-Male/Female

Career in administrative field and in politics may make them shine in their lineage. You may also become an excellent teacher or professor. However, some people may shine independently in their business and marketing fields. There will be struggle at a young age but employment in banking and advertising field may give you early growth and progress in life.

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Success after the age of 28 is certain. The communication skills of these people will be their biggest assets and strength. Prosperity and popularity through work in media and police department is quite certain. Although, some people may also achieve early success and fame through sports and entertainment.

The inclination towards artistic and creative work may give you satisfaction but it can delay your success. Business related to real estate and construction may make you very wealthy in life.  One can also become a popular writer, poet, lyricist, and painter as well. Few people may get success in the field of occult and astrology.

Vishakha Nakshatra – Strength and Weakness in Astrology

These people are very passionate but often go overboard with their enthusiasm in their career and often turn out to be very possessive in their relationship. They do not care about privacy in their romantic life.

Their overprotective nature may make others very frustrated. At times, these people can be dominating and too talkative as well. Their bossy nature may make them lose their romantic partner, supportive peers, and friends. Although, these people are very intelligent, very social but sometimes outspoken. Others may consider them greedy and manipulative but they are wise and honest in their dealings most of the time.

Vishakha Nakshatra and its effects on Health in Horoscope

These natives may suffer from lung and nerve issues in life. Some people may suffer from asthma or paralytic attacks. Although, most people will be fine till the age of 50 but may constantly suffer from cold, cough, fever, and blood pressure issues. Kidney and heart-related ailments may trouble you in old age. Overall, your health will be fine with good stamina and energy till the age of 50. However, your immunity may go down after the age of 50 and there will be skin and blood-related diseases as well.

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Vishakha Nakshatra Padas:-1st Pada-2nd Pada-3rd Pada-4thPada

  • 1st Pada:-  The first pada of this nakshatra falls in between 20 degree to 23 degree 20 minutes in Libra sign.Your Moon  in Navamsha chart will fall in Aries sign if your  Moon nakshatra is Vishakha in your D1 or lagna chart. Your lagna in Navamsha will fall in Aries sign if your Ascendant(lagna) is placed in Vishakha constellation in your Rasi or D1 chart.
  • 2nd Pada:- The second pada of this nakshatra falls in between 23 degree 20 minutes to 26 degree 40 minutes in Libra sign. This 2nd pada of Vishakha nakshatra yields Taurus Navamsha.
  • 3rd Pada:- The third pada of this constellation falls in between 26 degree 40 minutes to 30 degree in Libra sign. This 3rd pada of Vishakha nakshatra bestows Gemini Navamsha.
  • 4th Pada:- The fourth pada of this nakshatra falls in between Zero degree to 3 degree 20 minutes in Scorpio sign. This 4th pada of Vishakha nakshatra yields Cancer Navamsha.

Vishakha Nakshatra- Marriage/Business Partner Compatibility

Vishakha Nakshatra people are very compatible with Rohini, Chitra, Anuradha, Mula, Shatabhisha Nakshatra, Dhanistha, and Jyeshta nakshatra people. However, these people are inimical and incompatible with Revati, Swati, Shravana, and Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra people. Uttara Ashadha and Purva Ashadha natives also have enmity towards Vishakha nakshatra people.

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