Ashlesha Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics

Ashlesha Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics

Ashlesha Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics, Business/ Profession, Health, Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart Prediction In Astrology: Ashlesha constellation falls in Zodiac sign Cancer. It has 4 padas and each pada consists of 3 degrees 20 minutes. This Nakshatra ranges between 16 degrees 40 minutes to 30 degrees in Cancer sign. Mercury is the ruling planet of this nakshatra. This Nakshatra has water element in it. Ashlesha constellation people can be sensual, seductive with amazing charming attractive quality. They can have hypnotic eyes.

Nakshatra – Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility

These people can be egoistic, manipulative, and highly secretive as well. Although, they will be loyal towards their family and spouse. They will be dedicated to their domestic happiness and prosperity.

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To Be Noted (Ashlesha Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics):- Here, I am going to discuss the effects of Moon Nakshatra and Lagna Nakshatra. The overall effects of this Ashlesha Nakshatra will be mostly based on Moon Nakshatra which is also known as Janam or birth Nakshatra. In later articles, I will also discuss the effects of different planets in this very Nakshatra.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Significance Overview

Ashlesha people will have a lot of vitality and charisma. You will be highly energetic and passionate in your work as well as in your romantic relationship. Ashlesha natives will be focused and centered towards your goals at a young age. You may do very well in public forums especially in arts, entertainment, and sports.

You can be cheated by their love or business partner. Your aggressive attitude may lead you to success in your occupation or popularity at the workplace but it can also become your downfall as your peers and colleagues may become jealous of you. You may get tricked in some kind of controversy as well. Although, you will have the power to control and manipulate others.

Ashlesha Nakshatra – Characteristics/ Personality Traits

Ashlesha people can have strong sensual desires and they can get sexually aroused quickly. These people daydream and fascinate about their desired partner as well. Although, they tend to attract troublesome or secretive relationships.

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You can be spontaneous, charming, and appealing to opposite sex.  Ashlesha natives can have aggressive temperaments especially in matters of family and love. You will be imaginative and creative. You will gain from your imagination and creativity. Although,  you may become stubborn at a young age but your perseverance and adventurous attitude will lead you towards success in life.

You will be possessive about your partner but may get involved in multiple romantic affairs in life. Although, some may be secretive and short-lived.

Ashlesha Nakshatra – Your Love life and Marriage

Ashlesha natives may get dumbed and cheated in their relationship. Although, some people will meet their right match through love marriage but only after the age of 23. Arranged marriage will be more suitable for you. You will be very romantic, passionate and imaginative but several people will not understand it.

Your several love affairs will be short-lived before you find your ideal mate. You will have a good understanding spouse with happy married life. Your rapport with your and parents will be amicable and respectful.

Your spouse may become your source of happiness and strength. You and your spouse both can become successful in their career with high earnings. Although, few altercations with family members and misunderstandings with spouse is possible.

But, Your mental peace and domestic peace will be there and things will get sorted out quickly with your partner and family. Although, few may face divorce or temporal separation in life due to a third party.

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(Ashlesha Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics)

Ashlesha Nakshatra – Career/ Profession/ Business – Male/ Female

You may do well as a drug inspector, doctor, or pharmacist in life. You can become a successful engineer, lawyer, advisor, consultant, etc. Ashlesha natives can also become spiritual teachers, yoga teacher, or astrologer in life as well. Although, You can also do good business in food and dairy industry. You can also own a shopping store or departmental store.

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Although, at times you may become demotivated and lazy which can result in loss of wealth and reputation in life. You can become an excellent writer and public speaker. Success in politics can be possible.

At times, you will be lazy but may attain a powerful position and designation in life through government. Some people may face losses and can get separated from their business partners.

Ashlesha Nakshatra – Strength and Weakness In Astrology

Once motivated, you are physically and mentally very active and energetic. Your intuition and intelligence will help you cross and difficulties in life. Your magnetic charm and aura will help you gain friends, admirers in life. You may become scholar due to your wisdom and amazing communicative ability. People will trust your words. Your philosophical nature will help you gaining contact with aristocratic people.

You may become detached from others quickly. You will be unappreciative of others’ efforts and too proud to check your undoings and mistakes. Sometimes, your fortune will get you success but your arrogance and stubborn attitude may ruin all.

At times, you can be reclusive and lover of your own company. At times, lazy and carefree indulgent extravagant attitude can give you setbacks in your career. Stay away from clever and cunning attitude.

Ashlesha Nakshatra and its Effect On Health In Horoscope

You will have stomach problems and gastric problems in life. You may also suffer from headaches and skin diseases. Some people may suffer from hair loss and lack of appetite as well. You may suffer from eyesight problems at a young age.

You may also suffer from indigestion and cholera or tuberculosis. Ashlesha natives need regular exercise and proper diet and home-cooked food to remain healthy and fit.

Ashlesha Nakshatra In 1st Pada 2nd Pada – 3rd Pada – 4th Pada

This  Nakshatra has 4 padas and each pada will consist of 3 degrees 20 minutes of  Ashlesha Constellation.

1st pada:- 1st pada of this very nakshatra falls in cancer sign. It falls in between 16 degrees 40 minutes of Cancer sign to 20 degrees of Cancer sign. Each sign consists only of 30 degrees.

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Your Moon sign in Navamsha will fall in Sagittarius Rashi if your Moon Nakshatra is Ashlesha of 1st pada. Your Ascendant in Navamsha will fall in Sagittarius sign if your Ascendant in D1 falls in the 1st pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra. (This will happen according to degrees of Moon or Ascendant varies from 16 degrees 40 minutes to 20 degrees in Cancer sign )

2nd pada:-  2nd pada of Ashlesha constellation falls between 20 degrees in cancer sign to 23  degrees 20 minutes in Cancer sign. This 2nd pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra bestows Capricorn Navamsha.

3rd pada:-  3rd pada of this nakshatra falls between 23 degrees 20 minutes to  26 degrees 40 minutes in Cancer sign. This 3rd pada of Ashlesha  Constellation yields Aquarius  Navamsha.

4th pada:- 4th pada of Ashlesha constellation falls between 26 degrees 40 minutes to 30 degrees in Cancer sign. This 4th pada of Ashlesha  Constellation falls in  Pisces  Navamsha.

Ashlesha Nakshatra – Marriage/ Business Partner Compatibility

Ashlesha nakshatra people are most compatible with Jyeshta, Anuradha, Anuradha, Pushya, Poorva Bhadrapada, and Uttara- Bhadrapada. These nakshatras are very compatible with Ashlesha, especially for marriage.

The incompatible constellations for Ashlesha people are Uttara Ashadha, Rohini nakshatras are most incompatible with Ashlesha constellation. The other incompatible constellations are Mrigashira, Vishakha, and Chitra nakshatra.

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