1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord In 3rd House Love, Marriage, Career, Skills

1st - Ascendant - Lagna Lord In 3rd House Love, Marriage, Career, Skills

1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord In 3rd House Love, Marriage, Career, Skills, Relationship with Siblings In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology: 1st lord in 3rd house in birth chart of an individual indicates a lot of energy and multi-skilled person along with dynamism and multi-talented or multi-taskmaster. These natives do get success late in life after facing some hurdles, obstacles, struggle, rejection, dejection, failure, etc.

These people start growing in life and start getting success and wealth from career and occupation after the age of 30. Lagna lord in 3rd house will give luck due to support and help from siblings and colleagues and friends in life.

1st/ Lagna Lord/ Ascendant Lord In 3rd House

General:-  1st lord in 3rd house makes person jolly and carefree in young but hardworking taskmaster in middle years of life. These people will be practical and logical in their approach in their occupation or at their workplace. These people will try to find logic even in simple things as they crave deep understanding and knowledge about everything in life.

Native will acquire or gets invested in more than 1 occupation or work simultaneously in life. This multi-tasking can take a toll on body and mental health sometimes in life.

Native might get confused in young to choose the area of occupation and career in life due their multi-tasking and multi-talented personality.

To Be Noted: Some effects and results might change due to the change of Ascendant and Ascendant lord and its activation years. There are 12 Ascendants and 7 different planets in Ascendant as they own lordship over different ascendants. (Rahu & Ketu do not own lordship over any ascendant)

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1st/ Lagna Lord in 3rd House and Personality

Ascendant lord in 3rd house makes one efficient in handling work, business, home, families all together. They become sole bearer of family and will be very responsible in life with overbearing qualities after the age of 30.

1st lord in 3rd house also makes native a light-hearted warm and happy person but deep down inside he or she will be philosophical, spiritual and will have a deep understanding of life and humans.

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Native will be energetic and dynamic in personality who will be unique and different from others in a good way. Native will be good-looking but unconventional in their style and aura.

1st/ Lagna Lord in 3rd House and Your Skills

The person will be a hard taskmaster with the multi-skilled ability and multiple talents in life. These people will do multiple works simultaneously and will be “Jack of all trades” in life.

Few individuals will grab opportunity in time and will become successful in the field of writing, electronic media, govt agency, print media, animation, coding work, designing work especially in the IT sector in computers.

These people can also become software engineers in life. Some will become very talented photographers, dancers, choreographers, stuntmen, engineers, dentists, cinematographers, etc.

Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 3rd House and Love Life

Love life will be very challenging and native will not get success or satisfaction in their love even after falling in and out of love several times in life.

Native will get cheated and heartbroken several times in their life. Very few will get true love in their life and will be able to turn their love into marriage.

Love life will lead native to depression, aloofness, and isolation in life especially during teen years of life. Native will easily fall in love sometimes blindly in love at quick pace but will get dishearten when their feeling or emotions will not be reciprocated in same way.

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1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 3rd House and Marriage

Native will have good married life with happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction from spouse. Arranged Marriage will be more successful for these people.  These people will get support and co-operation from spouse and even monetary help for every endeavor when needed.

Native will also get some fortune and wealth after marriage. Marriage after 30 will bring happiness, joy, and rewards in life.

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Spouse will also be talented and will have success in his or her life. spouse will be loyal and caring in life but the health of spouse may suffer and there can be much expenses regarding this in life.

1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 3rd House and Career

Person will be confused in life regarding the path and options in their career due to their talent and skill in different work areas of life. Native will get many options and many opportunities in their work life. Native will get several opportunities to become successful due to their work and career.

Native will have some trouble and struggle initially in their work-life but he or she will be skilled and proficient in their mode of work or occupation.

Few people may also become an engineer in life in the field of computers and technology or in the field of mechanical engineering.

The person will start getting success after 30 years of age in work life. Native can become BDO officer under government or may become IPS or PCS from getting success in UPSC examination. Native can become a popular anchor, journalis5t or news reporter.

Some Individuals may become famous from Radio Anchoring and Sports Commentary. Native may earn fame at the age of 22 due to success in the sports field or in the field of performing arts like acting and dancing. Native may also become a pharmacist or drug inspector in life. The person may also become a successful dentist.

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1st/ Ascendant Lord in 3rd House and Finance/ Wealth

Many Individuals will have an average income till 30 to 33 years of age. Native earning will rise in middle part of life when wealth will start coming from more than 1 source.

These people will have problems in saving money, especially during young age due to high expenses and family issues. Native will struggle hard to earn good living and status in life till 35 years of age.

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Native will earn from more than 1 source in life especially in their middle period of life and may get good support from government or may get political success in life. Person will have good contacts with politicians or influential people in society.

1st Lord in 3rd House and Relationship with Siblings

The person may have more than 1 sibling in life. Relationship with brother and sisters or cousins will have some ups and downs in life. Although native may get mental support, financial support, and help in education as well as in career from their siblings.

There will be quarrels and a lack of mutual trust and understanding with siblings but everyone will support native in their crucial time or in struggling period. Siblings can highly educated or wealthy in life due to high status in their own career.

1st Lord in 3rd House and Destiny/ Important Years In Life

The important and remarkable years of the life of these people will be 13, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30, 35, 39, 44, 48,55. These above-given years will be profitable and beneficial for the native.

Natives will be multi-talented and may get success in education, career, marriage in above given years of life. These years can be turning point years for the native as per wealth, finance or these people may get big break in life. These individuals with 1st lord in 3rd house will fortunate in later part of their life.

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