1st/Ascendant/Lagna Lord In 9th House Love, Marriage, Career, Education

1st-Ascendant-Lagna Lord In 9th House Love, Marriage, Career, Education

1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord In 9th House Love, Marriage, Career, Travel, Foreign land, Fortune, Religion/ Higher Education/ Knowledge, Spirituality in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart as per Astrology: 1st lord in 9th house gives success after travelling in foreign land. Person will be fond of nature travel, wandering, and vlogging. One will achieve success through travel vlogging on social media. You will get good luck and fortune regarding career and wealth in foreign land.

Ascendant Lord In Dharma/ Bhagya/ Nabam Bhava

Some people will be fond of exotic travel and exploring foreign cultures and traditions. Native will learn many foreign languages in life. He or she in reside more than one country in foreign land. Few people may settle in foreign country permanently in foreign country with citizenship.

General/ Father:- Native may born in aristocratic family and he or she enjoy their father’s wealth in childhood and young age. Father will be prosperous and successful in their work and occupation. Some individuals will get success in career due to their father’s influence and contacts. Few individuals will run family business very well with profit. You may get a lot of parental or in-laws’ property through inheritance. Person will have very good and amicable relationship with their father and mother. Parents will be very supportive in every endeavour of native.

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To Be Noted:- The effects and results might alter a bit due to change of Ascendant and Ascendant lord along with  its activation years. There is 12 Ascendant and 7 different planets in Ascendant as they own lordship over different ascendant.(Rahu & Ketu do not own lordship over any ascendant)

1st/ Lagna Lord in 9th House and Personality

There will be lot of ups and downs in life with happy and sorrow moments in your life. You will be spiritual and will have philosophical bent of mind. one may become very charitable and social in life. Native will be philosophical and will posses the knowledge of sociology and political science. One may become very religious or spiritual after the age of 40.

Native may do something good for society, animals, foster kids through charity and donation of food, clothes, money etc. Native will be independent and freedom lover. 

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1st/ Ascendant Lord in 9th House – Travel – Foreign Land

1st lord in 9th house gives foreign travel for educational and career purpose. Native may get settled in foreign land permanently. Ascendant lord in 9th house gives love for foreign language, foreign culture, and foreign traditions. One may get scholarship in foreign land. Person will have good knowledge of Maths, Physics, Sociology,

Philosophy and Political science. Some individuals may become professor at esteemed university. Some people may work in other educational institution and Heritage library. Some individuals will also meet their life partner or spiritual teacher in foreign country. You may get fascinated by foreign culture, religion, tradition and may adopt in your lifestyle as well.

1st/ Lagna/ Ascendant Lord in 9th House – Love Life

Love life will be full of passion and adventure. One may get married to their lover after the age of 22. Partner will be loyal devoted towards you. There will be many intimate and memorable moments with romantic partner. Both will have lot of mutual understanding and love  among each other.

You will have  some casual affair and clandestine flings outside of committed relationship for native. Although, casual flings will be short live and native would sort any differences with their romantic partner. Their love life will get long lasting parents as well with full of promise.

1st/ Lagna Lord in 9th House In Horoscope – Marriage

Married life will be happy and prosperous. Fortune will rise after marriage. Success in love marriage is there. Spouse will be talented, successful, caring, cooperative and supportive in nature. Spouse will be very loving, caring, supportive, and helpful towards native. Person will become wise and diligent after marriage.

There will be pleasurable travel with spouse. Marriage life will be blissful and smooth with intelligent, successful, and obedient children. Spouse will be very respectful towards you.

1st/ Ascendant Lord in 9th House – Career and Fortune

You will be proficient in Education sector. One may become a popular teacher, lecturer, professor, or motivational speaker. Native may also do well in science and research sector. Few people will do well in hotel and travel business. There will be a lot of profit from hotel business, travel business and food business. Some people will get high post in marketing and advertising industry. 

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Individuals may also do well in media and journalism field.  Your fortune may shine in foreign land or from the age of 24 to 38. Some may become independent writer, columnist and freelancer. These people may also become sportsperson, sports coaches, or physical trainer as well.

1st/ Lagna Lord in 9th House – Finance In Kundli 

There will be growth and prosperity in life along with wealth after marriage.  You will not have scarcity of money in life. Native will attain good financial growth and savings after the age of 24 or 33. Person will have aristocratic lifestyle and will lead life in luxurious way till the age of 40. Family will prosperous and there will property and savings for the native. One may also earn from agricultural business or from property and real estate business.

Person will make good money through property business or investments.Native may also earn from renting house and other properties. He or she will be luck and will enhance property of father or spouse.

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Religion/ Higher Education/ Higher Knowledge/ Spirituality

Native will become spiritual after the age of 40. One may get higher degree in medical field or in the field of Business Management, sociology, philosophy, psychology, etc. You may get highly spiritual or religious after age of 40. Some people may also become orator and scholar in their spiritual pursuit.

Person may attain high position or become chief priest in  highly esteemed religious and spiritual place in life. One may also psychologist and consultant as well. Native will have desire to attain moksha in life. These people charitable rust, temple in life and may reside beside river, sea or pond, etc.

Special effects of 1st/ Lagna/ Ascendant lord in 9th house

If 1st lord is Sun placed in 9th house then one will attain wealth from father but there will be ego issues with father. When 1st lord is Moon in 9th house, Mother’s health will be problematic but there will be full support from mother in each aspects of life. Native will be fortunate in young till the age 48. 

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Saturn if happens to be 1st lord in 9th house then native will leave birthplace early in life and search for Guru and mentor in life. Mars as 1st lord when placed in 9th house then there will be gain of property from forefathers but altercations with siblings.

Mercury as 1st lord in 9th house will give status through tv media and social media and these people can become great businessmen.  1st lord Venus in 9th house give fortunate instant break-in artistic or entertainment field and he or she may not care about culture and religion in choosing their life partner.  Jupiter as 1st lord in 9th house gives a lot of luck, wealth, wisdom, intelligence and support from influential people in life and you may get involved in teaching various subjects at different places.

1st Lord in 9th House and Destiny/ Important Years In Life

Native will be fortunate throughout the life. The most important phase of life for native will be from 24 to 38 years of age where native will attain success and wealth through career in life especially in foreign land. The fortunate, important and successful years of native’s life are as follows:-  17,19, 20,21, 23, 24,27,28, 29, 34,35,36, 37, 38, 40,41,44, 45,48 etc. Person will get success outside their birthplace or birth town in life.

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