1st/Ascendant/Lagna Lord In 6th House Love, Marriage, Career, Enemy

1st Ascendant Lagna Lord In 6th House Love, Marriage, Career, Enemy

1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord In 6th House Love, Marriage, Career, Finance, Enemy/ Competitive success, court cases/ litigation, Health in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart as per Astrology: 1st lord in 6th house gives good health, robust physic, good stamina and lot of energy in life. There will be no issues in well being of the native. Native will fond of sports and gaming. Few individuals might win lottery in their lifetime.

Ascendant Lord In Shatru/ Shastha Bhav

General:-  Ascendant lord in 6th house will give trouble and struggle in early life till the age of 28. There can be scarcity of peace harmony in family. There will be scarcity of liquid money. Native would earn through their agricultural land but in small amounts.There will be a lot of improvement in life after the age of 25. Success will come late after struggle and hard work. You may become a very self-sufficient and self-dependent person due to struggling an early age. 

Some people will be very curious about and everything in life. Person will have detailed work attitude. There will succeed in school life and academic. You will also do well in your college life.

To Be Noted:- The effects and results might alter a bit due to change of Ascendant and Ascendant lord along with its activation years. There is 12 Ascendant and 7 different planets lordship over Ascendant as they own lordship over different ascendant.(Rahu & Ketu do not own lordship over any ascendant)

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1st/ Lagna Lord in 6th House and Personality

Person will be dominating and upright personality with high moral values. Native will also have ego and attitude in life. He or she will be an honest, caring, and charitable soul. Few individuals will be proud of their physic as well as unique skill and talent. Some people will get issues in their limb or knee through injury. Native will be honest in their dealing and will be lover of Justice. You will be fond of your teachers and Gurus from school days.

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1st Lord in 6th House and Enemy/ Competitive success

Enemy/ Competitive success/victory:-  There will be all round progress and success in any kind of competition or in sports field. Native will be victorious in court cases and any kind of competition. Weather on school level, college level, or entrance examination for engineering and medical purpose. Native will defeat their enemy through political influence, physical influence, hard work and many through tact and intelligence.

1st/Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 6th House and Health

Ascendant lord in 6th house makes people healthy and energetic with good stamina. Some health roubles related to fever, accidents, minor injuries, and headaches can be possible at a young age. Chance of Vehicular accident is possible. Overall, health will be great and person will be fond of yoga , meditation or physical exercise. One may become expert in running, cycling, and wrestling as well.

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1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 6th House and Love

There will be not much success and happiness in matters of love & romance generally. Love life will not give you happiness for a long tine. Your romantic life will be full of break up and suffering. Native will not get their ideal math or true love in life.

Native will bear much pain and suffering from separation and break several times in romantic life. There will be attraction towards casual sex and clandestine affair as well. Love will not fructify and materialize into something meaningful. You may get your heart broken more than once in life.

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1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 6th House and Marriage

Arranged Marriage will be more suitable than love marriage. Love marriage might lead native to trouble in the form of Divorce & separation. Overall, married life will not give much pleasure and happiness to native. Spouse may remain ill for a long time and there will be lack of sexual union and bed pleasure in conjugal life. Spouse will be dominating, critical but caring towards native. One may lead a very normal day-to-day life after marriage without much adventure or romance.

1st/ Ascendant/ Lagna Lord in 6th House and Career

There will be slow growth in the mattes of career. one may  get success in service with growth in income and promotion only after the age of 31. There will be success in the job & service. This is an excellent placement of  Ascendant lord for becoming Engineer and Doctor.

Native can become physician, dentist, architect, civil engineer, computer engineer, bio-medical engineer, pharmacist, etc. 1st lord in 6th house gives good success in the field of Education and teaching. one can become a popular professor or teacher in highly esteemed school or college.

There is good chance of one become a police officer or IPS officer. Ascendant lord in 6th house gives success in police service or in the field of army & defence. One may crack NDA examination as well. Native might become popular through their short sports career.

1st/ Lagna Lord in 6th House and Finance in Astrology

There will be scarcity of money in childhood and young age but person will earn a lot in advanced years of life. Some individuals may become wealthy in old age with multiple source of income from pension, renting, teaching, research, etc. There can be extra income from litigation, advocacy, police service, etc. Bank balance will be good in old age but there will be gains from investments. Expenses will be always on higher side so savings will be less.

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1st/ Lagna Lord in 6th House and Court Cases/ litigation

One will come out as winner in court cases most of the time. One will be victorious in legal matters if 6th lord is well placed or have friendly relations with Lagna lord.

There can be problematic issues of litigation, cheating, scandal but the lawsuit may favor you more especially in matters related to legalities and property or professional work. There can be some problems if you may get involved in divorce case as you may have to spend a lot of money on that sector and alimony.

1st Lord in 6th House and Destiny/ Important Years In Life

You may grow well in life through your occupation and in the matters of finances between 45 to 65 years of age. Success may come a bit late for you. The most important and fortunate years of the life will be 31, 35, 39, 45, 48, 49, 51, 55, 56, 59, 61, 62, 64, 65. Native may grow and succeed in their endeavors in above mentioned years.

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