Corona-virus/Covid-19 Astrology When India Will Come Out Of This Fear

Corona-virus or Covid-19 Astrology When India Will Come Out Of This Fear

Corona-virus/Covid-19 Astrology When India Will Come Out Of This Effect and Fear: Predictions of Corona-virus/Covid-19 as per Astrology/ Jyotish and Numerology wise 2020 adds up to number 4 which is a Rahu Number. As we all know Rahu is Mysterious as well as Mischievous planet. Rahu is a gloomy dark shadow planet that affects and hamper the mental and physical capacity and immunity of an individual in many ways. Rahu is a tricky planet to gaze and assert its nature. Rahu always causes infectious and unknown diseases and affects the health of  Human beings by the disease which would take time to get detected and take much time for its cure. 

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Corona-virus/Covid-19 as per Astrology effect for India and the World

Predictions of Corona-virus/Covid-19 as per Astrology and Numerology: 2011 also adds up to number 4 like 2020, which represents Rahu as per Vedic Numerology,. In 2011 the world has witnessed:

  • tsunami, earthquakes, deadly flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, snowstorms, windstorms,
  • US tornadoes, japan earthquake, and we witnessed tsunami and droughts in India too,
  • the suicidal rate of farmers increased up to in 10% in the year 2011 due to droughts and some political disturbances.
  • In 2011 in East Africa in countries like Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia face severe droughts where 3 lakhs children died famine.
  • In 2011 itself the world had seen the rise of the biggest terrorist group and militancy and the rise of radical Islamic and jihad ISIS.
  • Japan and Newzeland suffered the horrendous effect of the earthquake and tsunami. Significantly in Japan and also in Newzealand.

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Now let’s look at the incidents of 2002 which also adds up to number 4, which represents Rahu as per Vedic Numerology:

  • In 2002 January 27, 2002, more than 1000 people died because of the explosion of military weapons in Nigeria. More than 5400-acre farm fields with crops and grains were burned out.
  • On 3 rd March 2002, there was an earthquake of the magnitude of 10.2 that happened in Afghanistan and tremors we felt in India and Pakistan too, 7000 families became homeless and more than 1000 people died.
  • In this year up to 65 wildfires aroused and 2,96000 acres and land and tropical vegetation forest got burned out with damage of 56 million dollars.

See, here is another special aspect of the transit of Rahu and Ketu in 2011, where Rahu-Ketu was in the axis of the same as of this year 2020. In 2011 Rahu was transiting through Sagittarius and Ketu was transiting through Gemini sign, but in this year Rahu is in Gemini and Ketu is in Sagittarius, here in transit, in case of world affairs axis matters a lot. Hence we can draw the conclusion of hazardous natural calamities and health suffering in 2011 as the same is happening in 2020, but the real picture of 2020 is a little different due to the placement of two planets in different signs.

Hence, this year we are facing fear-mongering of a disease than the real disease itself. It is a complete fear hysteria and the power struggle between two big powers of the world. You can understand which countries I am talking about here. Two big power centers of this world are entangled in a power struggle for supremacy over a conflict zone of south Asia and the pacific ocean. The chronology fays it all, we as human beings all over the world paying the price of it.

These two powers have mental prowess of inciting propaganda machinery and technology warfare to influence the psyche of human beings in a very expert way. As if they are sitting with remote control of fear at hand and when they press the play button we just start giving response. They can make you believe anything anytime they want by blindfolding your intellect, even when there is no existence of such things at all. A complete fake and fear game. This is my theory and what I practically understood after a long astrological journey of practice. See below pictures which say that in china Bejing and Shanghai are very much safe apart from some very minute and negligible cases, which is logically impossible, but this is the reality. always remember what an astrologer can see today the world will see tomorrow.

Corona-virus/Covid-19 Astrology

Corona-virus/Covid-19 as per Astrology

Corona-virus/Covid-19 Astrology analysis

In China, Shanghai, 205 Cinema halls are reopening also. Here is the news in NEW YORK POST

There is another conspiracy of the coronavirus test kit, I have already mentioned in my other article here

This is my tweet you can check:

coronavirus covid 10 news on twitter

From February 8th 2020 All planets are aligned in between Rahu- Ketu axis in the transitional mode in the astral sky. As Rahu is currently transiting in Gemini sign and Ketu in Sagittarius sign.  Although the phenomenon started from 24th January 2020 as Sun and Saturn combine in Capricorn sign in the house of Saturn. Since Sagittarius sign where Ketu is currently transiting to Rahu’s current transit sign Gemini, all planets aligned itself from zodiac sign Sagittarius to Gemini except Moon which is speedy soft planet transit in 1 sign till max 2 days. All planets when get aligned in the axis of Ketu- Rahu transitional inauspicious yoga for a certain time period which affects Mankind.

Mars entered in Sagittarius sign and it started receiving malefic aspect of Rahu along with Jupiter and Ketu formed inauspicious yoga and radical shift in the well being of the world from 8th Feb 2020. With this, we will witness Two distinctive and impactful Penumbral eclipse on June 5th 2020 and July 5, 2020, with an Annular Eclipse on 21.6.2020. The world is witnessing an epidemic of Coronavirus due to these planetary transit and dynamics.  Astrologically it was a trigger match with planetary conjunction and combination on  26.12.2019 Annular Eclipse along with 5 planets conjunctions in Sagittarius sign. The Eclipse was visible in Asia and Australia with a Penumbral Eclipse over Europe, Africa, and Australia as well impacting all those counties and continents.

The 2020 year number for world sums up to number 4 causing havoc and transitional change and a big transformation in the whole world. You could see since the last phase of January 2020  till today the pandemic of Coronavirus has been started. The madness, fear of this disease and situations like lockdown and emergency may also continue till Sun who is the source of positive energy, auspiciousness, success joy and life gets out of Gemini sign along with Venus and Mercury.

Positive results and diffusion of Coronavirus will be fully obtained after 16th July 2020. From 1-2 August 2020 onwards as Mercury and Venus will start transiting in Cancer sign, the world will get free from coronavirus and bad influence of Rahu fully and completely.

Fear-Mongering of Coronavirus and spread of lies and myth as per Astrology

Predictions: Fear Mongering of this disease has started because of the transit of Mars in 6th house along with Jupiter and Ketu in 6th house from INDIA’S Moon sign Cancer. Rahu is transiting in 12th from Cancer Moon sign igniting the fear-mongering and corruption of money in the form of medicines, medical kits, and many other external and internal forms. The world will witness Crores of money scams during this time period. Many group of people will be involved and will fuel this scam for their own obvious reasons. They will find this time as the golden time of loot because general people are scared and have covered their own eyes of intelligence and wisdom.

The Zodiac Signs which can get affected most as per Astrology

The Zodiac sign which can get affected most by coronavirus fear is:- Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Libra.

Water Sign people will have some upper hand on corona symptoms as these water signs like Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer will be least affected.

Numerology wise People with  Radical number or Life Path Number of 2,4,6,7, 8 will be the most affected one from Corona Virus but it certainly does not mean everyone or majority population.

Corona-virus/Covid-19 Astrology When India Will Come Out Of This Fear

From 14th April 2020, when Sun will start transiting its exalted state in Aries sign. India as a whole country will have much relief from this disease as the Immunity of people will increase and there will be much reduction in the prowess of infection as well as a very less number of people will remain infected. Most of the people who are infected will recover from it very quickly after 14th April 2020.

But the fear will not end up and the lockdown may continue after that also. There will be a visible increase in cases as per the media. As it is 12th house position of Sun Government will not be able to take out people from this fear, always remember fear and development cannot go hand in hand. At last, when Sun will enter Taurus sign (the Lagna or Ascendant of India) in transit, that means after 14th of May 2020 onwards slowly India as a country will start coming out of this fear-mongering drama/ game made by VACCINE SELLERS like every year.

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