Effects Of All Planets In Ashwini Nakshatra In Horoscope – Astrology

Effects Of All Planets In Ashwini Nakshatra In Horoscope - Astrology

Effects Of All Planets In Ashwini Nakshatra In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Astrology: Ashwini Nakshatra is the 1st Nakshatra of all 27 Constellation. This Nakshatra falls in Aries sign within 0 degrees to 13 degrees 20 minutes. Ketu is the lord of this nakshatra. Sun gets exalted in this Nakshatra. Any planet in this constellation gives very quick results for short period of time. Mars, Sun and Ketu mainly yields good results in Ashwini Nakshatra. Mars is the lord of Aries sign. This Nakshatra is really good for career but sometimes it gives trouble in personal and domestic life.

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Below, i’m going to discuss the effects and results of all different planets in Ashwini Constellation.

Sun in Ashwini Nakshatra/ Constellation

If Sun is in this nakshatra then, one will very fussy and can rebel against anyone for their life choices, career, food, occupation, and romantic partner. Either person will be highly materialistic or highly spiritual. This Sun can give you massive popularity throughout your career even in the spiritual and religious realms. 

You may also born in wealthy family if Sun falls in this very nakshatra in 1st house. Sun will give unimaginable success and great height if it falls in 1st house or 10th house in worldly affairs. You may serve masses through your occupation or charity. Although, Sun in 7th house, 8th house, or 12 house can give detached married life but success in spiritual field especially as a scholar or orator in foreign land.

Sun in 4th house and 11th house gives materialistic prosperity in Ashwini Nakshatra especially in advanced years of life.  You can be restless, impulsive, intelligent but insecure in life. But, detachment from worldly affairs and materialistic pursuit will give you peace, wisdom and sometimes spiritual enlightenment in life. You may become an excellent professor, doctor, scholar, orator, political leader, sports star,  administrative manger or IAS, IPS, IFS officer.

Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra/ Constellation

If Moon falls in Ashwini Nakshatra, then person will be moody and he or she may go through several highs and lows in life. Fortune will be fluctuating. Materialistic gains and prosperity will be there after 28 years of age. Married life will be overall good but can become problematic due to native’s ignorance and ego.

There will be gains from government. You attain high position in government job. Some people will have successful career in show biz world or in sports world. He or she will be short-tempered and may suffer from skin disease and sometimes schizophrenia. Moon in 1st house can make you an excellent teacher or coach. It can give success in defence field as well.

Moon in Ashwini constellation in 1st house, 4th house or in 10th house can make you very wealthy and success businessman. Although, person may face hardships and poverty either in childhood days or in old age. One may become bankrupt due to scandal and corruption.

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There will be highs and lows in your career with a lot of travel and instability in life. You may face hard consequences because of some of your decisions. Moon in 3rd house or 5th house in this constellation can make you an actor or successful sportsperson. Mon in 9th house will give success in the field of religion and spirituality.

Mars in Ashwini/ Nakshatra Constellation

If Mars falls in this nakshatra then, you can become a head of police department or head in any security agency.  You may do well in, You can do well in sports and in any kind of competition. Person may do well in UPSC examination. He or she can also become an astrologer and palmist. There will be gains and achievements from education. You will be aggressive and short-tempered at times as well.

Mind will be fluctuating and you will fail to stick to any particular work or project for long time. You may leave some work incomplete especially in your occupation. Native might have gained from property agriculture. Although, he or she might run out of savings due to their extravagant activities and high-class materialistic lifestyle.

Person can become master in any particular language or subject. He or she may become a teacher or professor in life. There will be a lack of marital harmony and domestic happiness in life especially if Mars is placed in 1st house, 4th house, and 7th house. Mars in this constellation in 4th house or in 10h house will give immense wealth and property in life. Although, there will be a lack of mental peace and happiness in life. He or she will have a very successful career along with respect in society.

Mercury in Ashwini Nakshatra/ Constellation

Mercury in Ashwini Nakshatra will give success in the field of media and journalism. You will very clever and shrewd in your conversation. He or she may earn from multiple sources in life. You may rent your property as well. Wealth from investments and speculation can be possible.

Native may become headteacher or principal in school. Person will be ambitious, disciplined, and dedicated towards their goal and objective. Although, one may become lazy during their school days in early life.  Some people may become successful Anchor and Commentators as well.

Success through travel Vlogging and Radio Jockey is possible. Some people may work in TV industry. Mercury in 5th house or 7th house can make you an excellent singer. Popularity through social media influencing is possible. You will be intelligent but wicked, selfish, and self-centered at times as well. Person may become miser even after attaining wealth and comfort.

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Venus in Ashwini Nakshatra/ Nakshatra

If Venus falls in this very Nakshatra then, Person will have passionate affairs but it will be short-lived. Native may lose their interest even in a deeply committed relationship because of a lack of new excitement in daily romantic affairs.

Person will not be loyal to their partner may get caught in clandestine affairs and sometimes sexual scandals. Venus in Ashwini constellation gives aloofness and sadness in married life, especially in 12th house. Although, Venus in 1st house or 7th house in this very nakshatra will give very loyal and devoted partner with long-lasting marriage. Arranged Marriage will be more blissful.

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Native can become an excellent performer, actor, dancer, etc. Success in the field of showbiz world or in any kind of performing arts is possible. Venus in 1st house, 4th house, 5th house, 7th house, and 10th house will give materialistic prosperity and success in career after 25 years of age. Success after marriage is possible.

Although, there will be health problems to spouse, and problems of miscarriage are possible. Person may also be sexually impotent due to their bad addiction towards masturbation and libido.

Jupiter in Ashwini Nakshatra/ Nakshatra

Jupiter in Ashwini Nakshatra can make you a lifeguard or work in fire department as well. Jupiter in this very nakshatra can make you very spiritual and scholar. You may become a good Astrologer or Doctor.

Some people will possess healing abilities as well. There will be peace and growth in your life due to practice of meditation. Jupiter in 1st house, 5th house, 7th house or 9th house will give happiness and wealth after marriage. Your fortune will rise after marriage.

Success in foreign land and success in love affairs will be possible. You may meet your soul mate outside your birthplace. Although, there will be trouble in case of attaining higher education in foreign land.

Person may become a popular spiritual leader and scholar as well. If Jupiter falls in this nakshatra then, he or she can become an excellent writer, philosopher, content creator, professor, especially in foreign country. There will be gains from strangers and popularity from serving masses.

Saturn in Ashwini Nakshatra/ Constellation

Saturn in Ashwini Nakshatra can make you a successful advocate or Judge in life. Saturn in 6th house or 10th house will give you success in your career. He or she will experience poverty and wealth both in their lifetime. Saturn in this constellation will bring rewards and justice if one gets involved in any kind of legal complications or in litigations.

There will be gained from business related to iron -ore, wood, stones, charcoal, coal, etc. Success in transport business is possible after the age of 38. You may face domestic trouble and trouble in your married life.

Native may experience domestic quarrel and hatred from siblings and relatives. Parents will not be very supportive financially as well. Saturn in 1st house or 7th house in Ashwini constellation will give wealth from partnership business. Few may also get job in government field especially in Railways. Success after some failure in politics is a possibility. You may become a motivational speaker or social activist as well.

Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra/ Constellation

Rahu in Ashwini constellation gives success in sports and film industry. Although, Downfall is very much possible in your career. You may become a rich business diplomat and entrepreneur but may see troublesome time of bankruptcy as well. Native may become an eloquent speaker and a popular political leader.

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You may win some big elections in life but may lose some big opportunities in life as well. There will be gains from traveling when Rahu will be in 9th or 12th house. It may give permanent foreign settlement in life. You may learn foreign languages and adopt foreign cultures as well.

If Rahu falls in this nakshatra then, person will try to become wealthy even from fraud, cheating, smuggling, and other immoral means. Rahu in 1st house in this nakshatra will give sudden rise and sudden downfall in life. You may become a successful businessman and a diplomat as well. Some people may become sports commentators or sports coaches as well. There will be gains from inheritance and paternal properties.

Ketu in Ashwini Nakshatra/ Nakshatra

If Ketu falls in this very nakshatra then, one will be very religious also sometimes very adamant and hardcore religious-nationalist, and a proud patriot.  Native will be devoted people to their family and also to their motherland. Person may become spy or army officer in life. You may get success in higher education especially in the subjects of language and philosophy. You may become an excellent writer and scholar.

Success in the field of teaching, politics is very much possible. You may get success in Aviation industry as well. He or she may suffer from hardships and heartbreak in life till the age of 28. Your obsessive and over-ambitious and over passionate nature may land you in trouble.

Ketu in Ashwini Nakshatra gives failures in love affairs. Romantic affairs will be short lives with painful breakups and separation. You may take time to move on in life. You may become a storyteller or religious and philosophical book writer as well. He or she may also become a popular wealthy astrologer or tarot reader.

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