Effects Of All Planets in Rohini Nakshatra in Horoscope/ Kundli

Effects Of All Planets in Rohini Nakshatra in Horoscope/ Kundli

Effects Of All Planets in Rohini Nakshatra in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart- Astrology: Rohini nakshatra falls in Taurus sign and its lord is Moon. Moon in this nakshatra gets exalted and Venus in this nakshatra gives most beneficial results. Those born in Rohini nakshatra will be blessed with good fortune, natural artistic talent, and prosperity in life. Rohini nakshatra possesses the qualities of both Moon and Venus.

However, one may act foolishly in love affairs, and their extra passionate and sensual nature may land them in trouble. Rohini constellation people always get the support of luck in their career and education from a very young age.

Native born in this constellation can be gifted with natural artistic ability and charming attractive demeanor in life. Rohini nakshatra-born persons are the most attractive and charismatic people. However, there can be some breaks in their career or education for a short period.

Native born in this constellation also do well in sports and management fields. These people prosper through self-employment or in politics. Those interested in artistic career or work related to, media and entertainment will taste early success in life.

However, some people may earn money from multiple sources through multiple businesses. These people get many beneficial opportunities in life to acquire success and growth. Although, these people are kind, witty, romantic, and humble but at times can be very stubborn, moody, and obsessive.

Disclaimer:- The prediction below is general and it can alter due to other combinations and planetary placements in your birth chart. Aspect, debilitation, exaltation, and degree of a planet also play important roles to alter or modify the results to some extent.

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Below, I’m going to discuss the effects and results of all the different planets in Rohini Constellation.

Sun in Rohini Constellation In Horoscope

Sun in Rohini Constellation bestows positive results regarding wealth, career, and profession. However, things may get complicated when it comes to your love and married life. Sun in this nakshatra gives early success in career.

Native will do well in their education and career. Some may get lucrative opportunities to travel abroad for education or employment. However, you may suffer from some health issues early in life.

Native may get success in politics or sports. Some people will excel in government jobs and services. Success in competitive exams is quite possible.

Spouse will be steadfast and a bit egoistic. Success after the age of 24 or 28 is assured. However, some people may go through traumatic circumstances in their childhood. One may become lifeguard or sports coach in life. Native can become a popular historian, teacher, professor, or columnist.

Moon  in Rohini Nakshatra/ Constellation

Moon in Rohini nakshatra will make native very talented and very ambitious. Native may acquire all the luxuries and comforts of life through self-effort. Native will be courageous and a risk taker. Although, sometimes person can be selfish but very compassionate in general.

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Native may donate a lot of money in charity. Moon in this constellation will bring favors from authorities and there will be no scarcity of wealth in life. Native’s parents may also become rich and native may enjoy a lot of inherited money and property in life. Success in politics or in showbiz world is assured.

Native may get success and happiness through love marriage. However, some people may find their soul mate or ideal match through arranged marriage as well.

Native may become popular through their artistic skills and some may get famous through social media influencing and sports activities. One can become a popular writer, novelist, editor, anchor, actor, singer, or painter in life.

Mars in Rohini Nakshatra/ Constellation

Mars in this constellation bring restless energy and anxiety in life. However, it blesses native with a lot of money, property, and materialistic happiness. Although, there can be some disturbances and disharmony in native’s domestic or marital life.

Mars in this nakshatra makes one honest, wise, and lover of Justice.  Success in the field of engineering and medicine is assured. You may pass some competitive exams to acquire government jobs. You may become pilot or software engineer as well.

Native’s popularity in public domain will rise after the age of 44. Inclination towards politics will be favorable. However, winning elections can be tough for you. You will have talent and the ability to succeed in sports field.

You will have athletic ability and may do wonders in adventurous sports as well.  Some natives may work in the defense field or forest department. Education in the aeronautical field will be fruitful.

Mercury in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Mercury in Rohini Nakshatra will bring success in media industry, especially in print media. Some natives may become an actor, comedians or theatre artist. However, you may go through phases of poverty in life.

There will be times when you will have substantial money and at times you may lack liquid cash in your bank balance. Although, you will always get financial help from your siblings, relatives, and parents. Your love partner may bring sadness to your life through unfaithfulness and cheating.

You might get cheated on in your love life several times. Arranged marriage will be more suitable. However, you may find your ideal and loyal companion after the age of 30. Success after the age of 35 is assured.

Some people may settle in foreign countries and prosper there. Those in teaching, writing, radio anchoring, advertising, marketing, promotional field, occult field, or in Astrology will taste success and become wealthy in life.

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Jupiter in Rohini Nakshatra/ Constellation

Jupiter in this nakshatra will give charm and grace to native’s personality. Socially, he or she will be very likable. Married life and domestic life will be harmonious. Native will do good deeds and will be god-fearing. Although, native’s childhood can be problematic but many natives will shine in their race at a young age. Native’s growth and prosperity will start from the age of 16. Native may become wealthy after the age of 31.

Your love life will be exciting and happy and your marriage will bring peace, stability, and luck in life. However, native will get big opportunities through traveling. Native can become popular banker, executive, or foreign diplomat. He or she may work in the embassy. Some people may establish their work or business in foreign lands.

They may become permanent residents in foreign countries. You may become a well-known writer, painter, advisor, lawyer, teacher, diplomat, professor, novelist, or musician.

Venus in Rohini Nakshatra/ Constellation

Venus in Rohini constellation in horoscope can bless the native with a lot of intuitive and spiritual power. Native will be lover of nature and solitude. He or she will travel to distant lands and can become a popular writer, poet, and travel blogger.

However, person’s childhood life will be full of struggle and dejection. Some people may suffer from financial issues till the age of 22. Native will start earning significant money from the age of 25. Person can become rich and may acquire authoritative power in life after the age of 40.

You may reach a powerful position in life through your hard work and support of luck. There will be some elderly people who will guide you and help you to reach your goals and destination. Your ambitions will materialize and your goals will be fulfilled after the age of 24.

However, some people may face litigation issues or conflicts in their family life. Few may marry twice in life. Your social life and public persona will be grand. Your wealth and status will rise after marriage.

Saturn in Rohini Nakshatra/ Constellation

Saturn in Rohini nakshatra gives solitude and aloofness in life. Native will be in depression at times but will come out of his or her shell and will become an example for others after the age of 30 or 35.

Saturn in this nakshatra will bring the best results to those who are self-employed or in politics. Native can become an excellent manipulator. He or she will execute their plans well in business. Oil, coal, salt, and transport businesses will bring great wealth.

Love life will bring sadness and disappointments. Married life will be normal with a few ups and downs. Health of spouse may give you some worries, Your own health will be a bit unstable after the age of 45. These people will do exceptionally well in their career. Although, they may face many obstacles and hindrances at a young age.

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Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra/ Constellation

Rahu in this constellation may give poverty at a young age. But here Rahu has the capacity to bring mass popularity and substantial wealth to the native. Native will be shy, introverted, and self-centered at a young but will become more social, gentle, and outgoing after the age of 29.

Native may get outstanding success in life after the age of 42. Although, native’s life will be full of ups and downs. There will be gains from maternal uncle and relatives.

Your contact with influential and aristocratic people will help you. Friends and family will support you in troubled times. Your spouse may become your strength and source of inspiration in life. Life may change suddenly magically, especially after marriage.

You may get some inherited wealth and property from your in-laws as well. Rahu in this constellation will pave the way for success through their own hard work and determination. Your persistent efforts will bring fruitful results in any field.

Ketu in Rohini Nakshatra/ Constellation

Ketu in this constellation may bring health issues and loss of parents in early life. You may face financial issues and poverty at a young age. You may acquire wealth after the age of 28. Growth, happiness, and success in Astrology, the occult field is assured.

Although, those in the spiritual field, teaching field, yoga, and meditative field will get success and wealth after the age of 48. Although, Aeronautical engineering or space engineering will bring success in the middle years of life.

However, some people may start gaining wealth through unfair means or through criminal activities after the age of 28. Married life will be troublesome and some natives may remain unmarried throughout their life.

Few may also be homosexual. Those who will take the initiative to reside in foreign countries will prosper. Spirituality will bring big transformation and luck in life.

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