Effects Of All Planets In Krittika Nakshatra In Horoscope – Astrology

Effects Of All Planets In Krittika Nakshatra In Horoscope - Astrology

Effects Of All Planets in Krittika Nakshatra in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart- Astrology: Krittika Nakshatra people have traits of both Aries and Taurus sign.As this nakshatra have its 1st pada in Aries sign from 26 degree 40 minutes to 30 degree in Aries sign. The remaining three pada are found in Taurus sign till 10 degrees. Planet Sun is the lord of Krittika Constellation. Krittika people are hard-working and highly ambitious but they work hard to gain knowledge and wisdom in life.

These people become highly intelligent and street smart in their work or profession at young age. These people are aggressive, ambitious and creative in their work. They need something constantly in life to work on. These people are highly energetic, dynamic, and ambitious.

They sometimes go overboard and frustrate others in the path of seeking absolute perfection in their work. They are passionate about their work and compassionate for less fortunate. Although, sometimes becomes overconfident, arrogant, and proud.

Krittika natives are physically very attractive and have a sharp intellect. These people possess natural leadership qualities. However, their straightforward blunt attitude may hurt others.  Krittika nakshatra-born people can have many hidden enemies in life. They become socially popular and acquire early success in life most times.

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Below, I’m going to discuss the effects and results of all different planets in Krittika Constellation.

Sun in Krittika Nakshatra/ Constellation

Sun in this constellation brings success after initial setbacks and struggles in childhood and young age. There will be some breaks in your education but you can become highly educated in life. Sun in Krittika nakshatra may give you gains from your family and in-laws. Love marriage will be successful. You may become a pioneer or example of great success in your profession. Some people will follow you.

You may do well in politics and sports. Some people will serve masses. Although, you may somehow indulge in controversies or controversial acts in life. However, many of your wishes may come true before the age of 35.

There will be health issues in your old age. You may lose your fame or reputation and wealth in old age. Your savings or income will rise after the age of 40.

Moon in Krittika  Nakshatra/ Constellation

Moon in Krittika constellation makes one skilled in creative work. You may possess natural artistic ability in life. Some people will get fame and success in sports and entertainment industry. Your love life will give you happiness and pleasure at a young age. You may become very romantic and imaginative at a young age.

Success after the age of 24 is assured. Luck will be on your side and there will be no scarcity of liquid wealth. Some people may face challenges and chaos due to their choice or deeds in love.

Moon in this nakshatra may make native travel abroad and achieve success. One can become a popular actor, director, singer or writer. Although, you may face some hard times in life from the age of 35 to 45. However, you may become extremely successful after the age of 50.

Mars in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Mars in Krittika constellation gives success after a lot of efforts and challenges in life. He or she may face tough times in their life till the age of 28. However, you may become wealthy and successful after showing a lot of patience and persistence in life. You may become a sports star or celebrity icon from the age of 28 to 33. Success in government jobs or administrative services is assured.

You may become head of city as a mayor, governor, or police officer. Although, some people may become highly successful as an entrepreneur. Real-estate business, construction work, or agricultural work will be very suitable for you.

Your egoistic and angry temperament may make you face heat from your competitors, associates, or enemies. Some people will try to drag you into controversies and legal matters. Although, you will get victorious in court cases. Health will suffer after the age of 50.

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Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra/ Constellation

Mercury in this Krittika nakshatra will give success in partnership work. You may become a successful entrepreneur in life. You may dive into hot soup early in your life due to romance and pleasure. You may date multiple people simultaneously at a young age. Although, you may meet your ideal match after the age of 25 or 29. 

You may have to face the heat of authorities, family, and relatives due to your playful carefree nature. You may cheat your partner in love. Although, you will be very sober and charitable in life. You shy away from commitment and routine work life. These people get frustrated due to monotonous activities in life.

They need constant change in life. They are very social, friendly, flirty, and outgoing. These natives always try to make their life more dynamic.  However, these natives get more stable after the age of 32. They may do well in jobs and business. Although, they may leave their job in their middle years and try to build their own empire through business.

Jupiter in Krittika Nakshatra/ Constellation

Jupiter in Krittika constellation can bring money and earn from multiple sources. Native reaches a very high and authoritative position in life. Married life will be blissful. You may be highly romantic but respectful in life. Your honest, wise and sober nature will take you a long way in life. Your creativity and intuitive power will be high. However, some people may gain weight very early in life.

One will enjoy all the pleasure and comfort of life. However, the person will be hardworking and dedicated to their task in daily life. Native will be decent and punctual in life. You will rise in life due to your merit and own hard work. Native’self respect will be high and will not take help of others easily. He or she will be meritorious and talented in life.

Venus in Krittika Nakshatra/ Constellation

Native will be multi-talented in life. Venus in this nakshatra gives early success and sometimes fame in life. Native may become inclined towards performing art. Although, those involved in fine arts or creative work may gain much favor and success. Hotel, travel, and food businesses will run well for these natives. Some people may acquire success through travel blogging, photo blogging, etc.

However, your love life will be a bit complicated but you end up marrying your soul mate. Venus in this constellation will provide opportunity to earn money from a very tender age. one will get gains from their investments and speculative activities.

Although, you may lose your money due to your friends, scandal, cheating, or extravagant activities. There will be financial gains from friends and siblings. Your social contacts and diplomatic charm will envy others.

Saturn in Krittika Nakshatra/ Constellation

Saturn in this constellation will bring success with some difficulties. Native can become a very successful businessman. Self-employment will bring success. One can become writer, broadcaster, reporter, or anchor. Although, health will be delicate in childhood. However, you will become more robust and energetic after the age of 17.

There will be a sense of detachment among family members. You may suffer from cheating and heartbreak in your love. Arranged marriage will be most beneficial and lucky for you.

Partnership work will give you gains. Coal, oil, iron ore, and transport business may give you big gains and success in life. Although, you will become very wealthy after the age of 38. However, some people may face financial issues till the age of 30.

Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra/ Constellation

Rahu in Krittika nakshatra will give materialistic success and many of your wishes or dreams may come true. Although, you may suffer from chronic ailments which can become a danger to your life. You may earn abundant money in life and will spend your money freely. However, there will be some tension or conflict in your family life.

Your married life will be successful. Although, love marriage will bring some happiness. Family business will give you success. Some people may become engineer or doctor. Success in politics is assured after the age of 40.

Your fortune will rise after the age of 22 and may give you success in sports and entertainment field. There can be some litigation issues in your family. However, you may get indulge in some kind of scandal or conspiracy.

Ketu in Krittika Nakshatra/ Constellation

Ketu in Krittika nakshatra will cause suffering personal and professional life. Your family life will be problematic and your work life will be hectic. Your married life will suffer from conflict, misunderstandings, and conflicts. Some will go through physical suffering and divorce in married life. You may lose love of your life at a young age.

For success, you may have to live away from family. You have to be separated from your loved ones and relatives. Success will come late and mostly if you settle abroad or deal with foreign people. Although, those who are in Astrology, mystic science, research work, yoga teaching, and meditation, will get good success in life.

Those who are space engineering or astronaut will taste success after the age of 40. Foreign settlement will be fruitful. domestic life may lack peace. However, some people will see success and peace in life after 2nd marriage.

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