Effects Of All Planets in Ardra Nakshatra in Horoscope – Astrology

 Effects Of All Planets in Ardra Nakshatra in Horoscope - Astrology

Effects Of All Planets in Ardra Nakshatra in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Astrology: Ardra nakshatra falls in Gemini nakshatra between 6 degrees 40 minutes to 20 degrees. This nakshatra is ruled unconventional and unpredictable planet Rahu. Mercury and Rahu rule over this nakshatra as it falls in Gemini sign. These Ardra constellation-born people are very goal-oriented and professional but erratic and unpredictable in nature. Although, they are moody and throw tantrums unnecessarily but very punctual and dedicated personalities at their workplace.

Ardra natives are friendly, social, and outgoing. These people usually taste late success after the age of 33. These natives can become very fortunate, wealthy, and prosperous after the age of 42. Self-employment or field of politics and sports suits them most. Some people may become popular artists or well know celebrities as well.

Below, I’m going to discuss the effects and results of all different planets in Ardra Constellation.

Ardra natives married life may go through some ups and downs. Native’s domestic life may not be peaceful, especially at a young age. Success in career will only be after hard work and patience. There will always be delays in completion of your important work and success will come late. Person will search for constant change and adventure in life. Short travels will be fruitful. Some people may also settle in foreign countries in their middle years.

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Sun in Ardra Constellation

Sun in Ardra constellation gives opportunities to attain government jobs. Person may attain success in engineering and technology fields. Online work, editing, writing, designing, and formatting work will be fruitful. Some people may become teacher, professor and scientist in life. Few may also prosper as coach, commentator, fitness trainer etc.

Few may gain fame through athletics and adventure sports. Although, few may suffer and struggle hard in life till the age of 42. and remain unmarried or suffer from loss of spouse. You may do well in media, tv, films as an actor or anchor. Some may become comedian, voice-over or mimicry artist.

Moon in Ardra Constellation/ Nakshatra

Moon in Ardra constellation makes people unorthodox but sensitive and sensible in nature. Although, these people are short-tempered, moody and can become wild at times. There will be gains from business and self-employment. You may become travel agent, hotel manager , flight attendant, pilot, or work in railways. Success in aviation industry is assured.

Travel-related job or work will be fruitful. Although, natives may suffer from clashes on home front or in relations he or they will gradually progress in their career. However, Success and growth in business will come after 40 years of age. Moon in this nakshatra can make you a popular writer, director, or painter.

Mars in Ardra Constellation/ Nakshatra

Mars in Ardra constellation gives struggle and obstacles in life. Person will be mentally worried and restless. Financial struggle will also be there in life till the age of 32. Native will have to strive hard for success and may have to go through many obstacles, challenges, and tense situations in life. Luck and prosperity will rise after marriage.

Although, these people may find it difficult to adjust to their partner in the early days of marriage. One may become popular actor or singer after the age of 42. Some people may settle and prosper in foreign countries. Gains from real estate work are assured. Although, you may earn from multiple sources after the age of 30.

Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra/ Constellation

Mercury in this constellation gives desired success in the middle years of life. You may do well in media, tv, films as actor or anchor. Some may become comedian, voice-over, or mimicry artist. Although, these natives are street smart, cunning, and selfish at times but can become victims of conspiracy.

However, these have great capacity to learn various things quickly. These people can be ocean of knowledge. They are intelligent, witty, sharp, active, and hard-working in life. However, hard work may give success in designing, advertising, and promotional field are assured. You may become an excellent teacher, coach, or writer in life.

Jupiter in Ardra Nakshatra/ Constellation

Jupiter in Ardra constellation may make you a good forest officer, teacher, professor, writer, psychologist, motivator speaker, and lawyer in life. You may become ambitious and set goals and targets early in life. Success may come your way quickly after the age of 20. You may get big success in life. Although, your success will not last long.

Some people may become popular through media and social media. However, there will be no scarcity of liquid money or income in your life. You may achieve success at your birth place but may have to move away from home due to your work or profession. Health issues may crop up after the age of 42.

Venus in Ardra Nakshatra/ Constellation

Venus in Ardra constellation gives success in modeling careers and beauty contests. Married life may go through some ups and downs. However, domestic life will be happy and peaceful after the birth of children. There will be gains from partnership business and marriage. You may get favors from your in-laws as well.

Artistic profession will give success after hard struggle till the age of 40. Finacial situation will improve after the age of 30. You may enjoy multiple house or properties and all other worldly comforts after the age of 40. Exotic travel will bring happiness and mental peace. Spouse will be demanding but supportive in adverse circumstances.

Saturn in Ardra Nakshatra/ Constellation

Saturn in Ardra constellation gives nerve and heart-related problems. One may suffer from Asthma as well.  Saturn in this nakshatra gives success in engineering field and business related to transport, iron, bricks, coal, and petroleum. Some people may also become powerful politician in life. Although, one will be courageous but may suffer from legal and litigation issues.

However, you may become victorious over your opponents, competitors, or enemies. There will be gains from multiple sources and income from more than one source. You may become wealthy and successful after the age of 33. Partnership business may give losses.

Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra/ Constellation

Rahu in its own constellation gives success but after a lot of struggle and delay. Person may taste late success in life. Rahu in Ardra nakshatra provides success in foreign lands. One may attain scholarship in their education as well. You will be restless and there will be mental stress till the age of 32. You may gain favors from authorities and sometimes from strangers and foreigners.

Hotel, food, beverage and alcohol business will flourish. Although, you may suffer from health issues. There will be gains from influential contacts, authorities, friends and siblings. Romantic life may give pain and suffering. You may suffer from several heartbreaks in life.

Ketu in Ardra Nakshatra/ Constellation

Ketu in Ardra nakshatra gives a lot of failures and dejection in life. Person will suffer in their personal and professional life. Success outside the birthplace is possible. One will wander aimlessly till the age of 24. Native can become doctor, nurse, or healer in life. Although, this is an excellent placement for Ketu to become Astrologer or occult practitioner.

Success through yoga and meditation is assured. Some people may become spiritual guru, teacher, and yoga trainer. There will be gains from agriculture business. Some people may leave their home at a young age for education or income purpose. Success through travel in foreign countries is assured.

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