Effects Of All Planets In Bharani Nakshatra In Horoscope – Astrology

Effects Of All Planets In Bharani Nakshatra In Horoscope - Astrology

Effects Of All Planets in Bharani Nakshatra in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart- Astrology:- Bharani Nakshatra falls in Aries Sign. Its lord is Venus which makes people of Bharani nakshatra happy, luck,y and prosperous in life. These people will be materialistic but will leave no stone unturned to achieve their objectives, goals, and ambitions. Their desires usually get fulfilled in life. People from this nakshatra do well in their career especially in art, entertainment, and sports field after the age of 27.

This nakshatra is really a blessing for one’s career but imparts conflicts and disharmony sometimes in their love and married. Domestic life may have some ups and downs but overall will be happy. Person chooses their profession as their first priority over their personal family life. These people usually are social bees and get popular and wealthy after the age of 27.

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Below, I’m going to discuss the effects and results of all different planets in Bharani Constellation.

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Sun in this nakshatra gives popularity and an authoritative position in sports and politics. There are high chances that person may acquire a good government job or any other administrative job or services.

You will also do well in banking field. Native will be courageous, risk-taker, and wise. You will be soft-spoken at a young age but may become very sociable and outspoken after the age of 30. Sun in this constellation gives a lot of confidence and luck in life.

Native will do well in artistic and creative fields. However, you will be introverted and shy till the age of 30. You will shine socially as a scholar, orator, team leader, and extrovert after the age of 30.

Wealth, success, and prosperity will start following you from the age of 28. There will be problems in your love and married life. You may become chief or head of defense teams or police team. Some people may become IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, or PCS in life. You may work in broadcasting department. Some people may get to work in internal or external state of affairs sectors in life.

Moon in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Moon in this nakshatra may bring some emotional conflicts and trouble due to your lazy and casual approach to life. You may acquire multiple properties or become wealthy after the age of 27. Although, you may feel lonely, misunderstood, and isolated at times in life. 

You may be short-tempered in life but you may transform yourself completely into a good and wise human being in your middle years. You may become spiritual and religious in life. Early success and ample wealth may bring arrogance to you. There will be conflicts in your love life but married life will be peaceful and harmonious.

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Your personality will be attractive to opposite sex. Your status and lifestyle will significantly improve after marriage. Your spouse will be loving, caring, loyal, and supportive in life. You will do well as a doctor, scientist, dentist, and skin expert in your career. Hotel and travel business will give you a lot of wealth in life.

Mars in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Mars in this nakshatra can make you rich and very successful as an entrepreneur. Although, your early life will be stressful and family life will be troublesome at a young age. However, your family life and domestic environment will improve and become harmonious after marriage. Real-estate business, construction-related work, and agriculture-related business will give you major growth in life. Some people may become successful designer, wedding planner, event manager etc.

Love life will be full of emotional struggle but married life will be blissful and successful. Harmony, prosperity, growth, and peace will come into your life after the age of 28. You will do well in your school or college. However, there will be several love affairs in your life but in the end, you will settle for right one through love marriage.

You may become a popular leader or social activist as well. Success in career after the age of 36 is assured. You may become wealthy due to earning from multiple sources. You may own more than one occupation due to your multi-talented nature. Food and grocery business will give you a lot of profits in life.

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Mercury in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Mercury in this nakshatra will give you jolly nature. You will be treated like prince or princess by your family. However, you will be a self-made person. Success in the field of advertising world, promotional field, and marketing world are assured. You will be a very attractive, charming personality and opposite sex will be attracted to you.

However, you may go through several love affairs before committing to marriage to one person. You may become a popular journalist, media anchor, editor, writer, or publisher in life. Although, you may meet with some failures in your career before the age of 30.

Mercury in this constellation will make you wealthy, lucky, and prosperous in life. However, some people may attain education in foreign land. You may become successful in your occupation in a foreign country and settle abroad as well.

Your family life will be blissful and you will get full support from your spouse, sibling, and parents in life. Your married life will be happy, harmonious, and peaceful.

Jupiter in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Jupiter in Bharani nakshatra may fulfill many of your desires. Although, you may become ascetic and detached from materialistic world in your advanced years of life. You may become very religious or spiritual in old age.

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Success in the field of medical, pharmacy, and engineering is assured. However, you may struggle in your career and financially till the age of 30. Some people will also get success and fame in sports and politics.

You may also become head or chief of any educational or spiritual institute. You will be lucky in life after the age of 30. Although, there will be some problems in your love life and married life.

Your financial condition will improve significantly after marriage. However, you may become successful and wealthy at a young age as a manager, banker, trader, or administrative officer. You may acquire government job at the age of 30.  You will do well in business import-export, jute, textiles, cosmetics, and garments.

Venus in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Venus in Bharani nakshatra will make you happy and go lucky in life. Native’s life will be pleasant, cheerful, and joyful. Fortune will be mostly on your side. Your materialistic and worldly desires will be fulfilled. Your aspirations and ambitions will be materialized in life. You will have successful and happy love affair. Your marriage will bring happiness to your domestic life.

Spouse will be loyal, trustworthy, honest, supportive, and devoted to you. Marraige may bring luck, wealth, and prosperity in life. Partnership business or work will bring success in life. Although, you may suffer from some health issues in life. Some people will succeed in the field of banking, photography, and publicity field.

You may become an excellent travel blogger and earn well from online business. You may become a popular social media, influencer. However, some people may get successful after the age of 25 in artistic and creative fields. Success in entertainment and showbiz world is assured. You may gain wealth and fame as an actor, director, anchor, or sports star.

Saturn in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Saturn in this Bharani nakshatra will make you a hard taskmaster. You may achieve something significant n education field. You may become a popular teacher, novelist, professor, writer, etc. Self-employment will give you success in life. Your business will grow after the age of 38.

However, you may suffer from poverty or from scarcity of money at childhood and young age. You may not get much support from your parents in life. Your life will be full of hardships, troubles, and trials till the age of 30. You may become a good doctor and healer in life.  Some people will also get success in the field of astrology.

There will be a lot o growth and prosperity in your life as an entrepreneur after the age of 35. Your self-reliant nature and high moral values will give you edge over others. You will be lucky in competitive matters. However, your casual approach in romantic or married life may hurt your partner.

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Rahu in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Rahu in this nakshatra will make ambitious, risk-taker, highly confident but sometimes arrogant and loud moth. You may gain wealth and success after the age of 22. Although, some people may lose bright lucrative opportunities in life at a young age. You may become a powerful and popular person after the age o 40.

Wealth and success will follow you after the age of 40. However, your rude behavior, arrogance, and selfish nature would be cause of your downfall in your career. You may born in a wealthy family or may marry someone from a wealthy family. Your love life and marriage will have some ups and downs.

Some people may go through divorce ad second marriage. Your children will be obedient and will make you happy. Although, you may suffer from diseases and loneliness in your old age. You may get involved in passionate romance early in your life. However, your status and name may suffer due to scandals and clandestine affairs.

Ketu in Bharani Nakshatra/ Constellation

Ketu in Bharani nakshatra gives setbacks and failures at a young. Native may become head of spiritual or religious institutions after the age of 50. Success in the field of astrology and occult science. These people struggle hard in the first half of their life. He or she may suffer from loss of parents and poverty till the age of 35.

Success and stability only come in life after the age of 42. You may become a good teacher, professor, computer expert, software engineer, astrologer, yoga master, healer, doctor, etc. Some people may become dancing expert, philosopher, tourist guide, nurse, psychologist, physiotherapist after the age of 30.

Ketu in this constellation may give you a lot of obstacles and health issues. However, luck and prosperity will follow you after the age of 42. Romantic life will give you suffering and married life will have many ups and downs.

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