Indu Lagna – Dhana Lagna – Reservoir Of Wealth and Prosperity

Indu Lagna - Dhana Lagna - The Reservoir Of Wealth and Prosperity

Indu Lagna – Dhana Lagna – The Reservoir Of Wealth and Prosperity – Vedic Astrology: Indu Lagna is known as the wealth Lagna  &  ascendant of prosperity. This Lagna is analyzed to determine the financial condition and wealth accumulation with prosperity and the overall wealth fortune of a native. It is calculated for underlying the wealth and prosperity of the natives. Indu Lagna’ is an independent method based on the calculation in horoscope or Kundli chart devised by our ancient Sages for finding out specific periods of life that will give wealth and prosperity to you irrespective of other Dhana yoga’s present in the birth chart. Today I will mention everything to the point.

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Indu Lagna – Dhana Lagna – The Reservoir Of Wealth and Prosperity

The Moon in Sanskrit is called ‘Indu’, hence InduLagna should not be confused with Moon sign. InduLagna is calculated with the help of 9th house lords from Moon and ascendant in the birth chart. Our ancient astrologers & Sages have allotted specific root numbers to the seven planets (except Rahu and Ketu) for calculating Indu Lagna. In Uttar Kalamrit by Kalidas for every planet, one root number is allotted to measure and calculate Indu Lagna in a horoscope of a native.

अर्कान्नागचटस्तनुर्जननटः खेटायनं स्युस्तनो-
श्चन्द्राद्भाग्यपयोः क्लैक्यमिनहृच्छिष्टं विद्योर्यद्गृहम्।
तद्राशौ तु विपापशोभनखगे कोटीश्वरं तन्वते,
चेत्पापे तु सहस्त्रशः खलखगे तुंगेऽपि कोटीश्वरम्।। -Uttara Kalarita (Ch. IV. 27)


How to calculate and find out the InduLagna or Dhana Lagna Of Wealth and Prosperity

First, we must know about some values assigned to the planets, which are to be used in this calculation and are mentioned below:

Each one of the seven planets from Sun to Saturn has been assigned a number which is

  1. Sun – 30,
  2. Moon – 16,
  3. Mars – 6,
  4. Mercury- 8,
  5. Jupiter – 10,
  6. Venus – 12,
  7. Saturn – 1.

Now to get your Indu or Dhana Lagna follow the following rule:

  1. 1. Firstly finds out out the 9th house lord from your Ascendant and see how many root points are allotted to that planet.
  2. 2.  then, Note down the 9th house lord from your Moon sign in your d1 or Lagna chart and how many points are allotted to that planet.
  3. 3. Add up these two planets’ allotted numbers
  4. 4. Divide by 12, look at the REMINDER
  5. 5. Whatever the reminder, you need to count that many houses from your Moon’s position in the chart and that will be your InduLagna.
  6. 6. If the remainder is 1 then your InduLagna is your moon sign or where your moon is posited in Natal or D1 chart.
  7. 7. If the remainder is 0 then 12th house from your moon sign or previous house of your moon’s position is your Indulagna.

How to predict through InduLagna or Dhana Lagna Of Wealth and Prosperity

  • 1. When a planet is posited in Indulagna then Dasha period of that particular planet will be financially better.
  • 2. A malefic planet in indu lagna will deliver the moderate result or moderate gains
  • 3. A malefic and a  benefic  planet together in Indulagna or aspects Indu Lagna will provide a mixed result
  • 4. One exalted malefic plant will deliver very good wealth at the end of its dasha.
  • 5. No planet in Indulagna then the planets which aspects the Lagna and overall strength of the Indu Lagna lord will determine the wealth possible for the native according to their strength and derive much income for a native in their main and sub-period.
  • 6. Strong 2nd and 11th houses or planets in these houses from InduLagna will also increase the potency of acquiring more wealth.


My Opinion On:
The Use Of Indu Langa Or Dhana Lagna Of Wealth and Prosperity

These are called special lagnas in Vedic astrology. An Astrologer uses Special lagnas to give quick predictions. Nowadays people are impatient, they want everything the quickest possible way. Hence, the use of these lagnas alone is increasing. But, the reality is, one should not use special lagnas alone to predict the future. The result of special lagnas are completely based on other parameters of the main horoscope. If you can use special lagnas along with other parameters of the chart then your prediction cannot go wrong. These types of lagnas can fine-tune your prediction at any point in time.

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