Moon Rahu Conjunction/ Grahan Yoga Effects and Remedies In Astrology

Moon Rahu Conjunction - Grahan Yoga Effects and Remedies In Astrology

Moon Rahu Conjunction/ Grahan Yoga Effects and Remedies In Vedic Astrology, Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: Generally, as per Astrology, a Combination or conjunction of Rahu and Moon is regarded as a very Inauspicious combination by most of the astrologers or Horoscope Readers. But, If you go through some research, You will find many Successful  Famous people have this combination in their Horoscopes.

It is believed that if a Native with Moon with Rahu in close conjunction or association in the same sign and house causes Pitra Dosha. There are also many health issues for the Native’s Mother and his own financial condition will not be good along with dissatisfaction and quarrels in married life and family life.

To Some Extent, this prediction is generally true but the intensity depends on overall Planetary Dynamics. Rahu and Moon combination also gives problems for the Native’s progeny life as well as issues regarding childbirth.

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Moon and Rahu Conjunction/ Combination Effects – A Curse or Bliss

But when thoroughly researched, it is found that Rahu -Moon Combination or conjunction denotes past life issues or some karmic debts which native fulfills by going through hardships and struggles. Although, these hardships and struggles do not remain a  permanent occurrence in native’s life. Native always struggle between their Heart and mind. Native desires a lot but there will be enormous difficulties in fulfilling them.

This Conjunction of Rahu-Moon is very common and found in every 5th horoscope on an average. Its main negative aspect is that it gives a lot of restlessness and a lack of mental peace in life. It gives unnecessary problems, worries, domestic issues, and delays in life. This Rahu-Moon combination creates obstacles in life but it also creates Raj Yoga and Chance of fame and big success in life.

There are many famous people who had this Rahu-Moon combination in their Horoscope for example-  Adolf Hitler, Ramkrishna Parmahansa, Rajesh Khanna, Kishore Kumar, etc.

Rahu-Moon combination can give huge wealth and success or fame in life if it is placed in a suitable sign or in Suitable Nakshatra(Constellation). Lordship also plays a big role in this process.

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If Rahu-Moon is connected with the 3rd house 5th house, 9th house, or 10th house then it can give you amazing success in life but only after going through a lot of pain, dejection, and transformation. Moon-Rahu combination gives sudden gains and sudden loss in life and it also gives tremendous transformation in life.

Rahu-Moon gives good results in signs like Aries, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. If in Gemini,  Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Pisces it gives mixed results in life.

Rahu-Moon acts like a Shakti Yoga in life especially if you are practicing meditation, spirituality, yoga, etc, and protects you from any major fall or major inauspicious events, or accidents in life. Shakti Yoga can give you immense success in life.

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Rahu-Moon can also make native emotionally vulnerable and prone to attract negative vines energy from their surroundings. If native has a Moon-Rahu combination in their horoscope then they should remain away from their family and relatives which will enhance their prospect of success. Daily Dawn Morning and Twilight Evening Oxygen outside their house will make their mind peaceful and the negative effects of Rahu will be minimal.

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Effect and Result of Chandra-Rahu Combination in 12 Houses

  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 1st House:- Rahu-Moon in 1st house gives anxiety, and depression but strong-willed nature to the native. It gives success through cooperation and partnership.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 2nd House– Rahu-Moon in 2nd house makes one wealthy after the age of 42. Chances of death through poison or drowning is there.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 3rd House:- Rahu-Moon in 3rd house gives a lot of success to native only after a lot of dejection failure and hardships. Sometimes, Native gets early success but later in life native will live in isolation and aloofness with a loss of popularity.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 4th House:-  Rahu-Moon in 4th house gives a lack of peace in domestic and married life along with much health trouble to Mother.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 5th House:- Rahu-Moon in 5th house makes native over-sensitive and emotional but native do progress in life especially after childbirth.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 6th house:- Rahu-Moon in 6th house creates an illusion in mind and native makes some foolish decisions in life. Although, native end up defeating rivals, enemies, and gains from litigation.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 7th House:- Rahu-Moon in 7th house gives unhappiness and displeasure in married life and your marriage can end through divorce. Sometimes, Even 2nd Marriage does not give longevity in married life and that can end up in divorce or separation as well. This combination gives extramarital affairs and defamation in life. Although Native gets success in Spirituality and its related profession.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 8th House:- Rahu -Moon in 8th house gives sudden money and through legacy or inheritance. It also gives success in occult pursuit but the loss of wife or child is indicated in this combination in 8th house.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 9th House:-  Rahu-Moon in 9th house creates many obstacles in life but gives strength to overcome your difficulties, fear, and failures. This combination in 9th house gives huge success and fame in life but only after loss, heartbreaks, suffering, and after going through a big transformation in life. Native may go through financial problems at least once in life.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 10th house:- Rahu-Moon in 10th house makes native sensitivity and overemotional but gives leadership quality and unorthodox nature. Native gets tremendous success in their career during the middle years of life. Although Career will be full of ups and downs and instability but native will get popular through their work.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 11th house:- Rahu-Moon in 11th house gives all kinds of wealth even through illegal means and criminal activities but native will lose their wealth in old age. This combination gives huge honor and success in politics.
  • Moon Rahu Conjunction in 12th house:- Rahu-Moon in 12th house gives a lot of sorrow and mental as well as psychological disturbance in life. It can land you in jail along with financial problems. Although wealth and success in foreign land are assured.
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So, Overall this Moon-Rahu conjunction, combination in the horoscope have its both good and bad effects. Hence, One should not go blind about this combination as if it only delivers negative results. It has its pros and cons but it makes you unorthodox and Special in terms of common people and capable of giving long-lasting success and fame but depends on overall planetary Natal dynamics.

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Moon Rahu Conjunction/ Grahan Yoga Remedies

When Moon and Rahu are in the same house or aspected by Rahu, mainly Moon is afflicted badly. So we would concentrate more on Moon than Rahu here. this is the art of doing actual remedy. Actually, Rahu is the north node or point of Moon, the Maya or illusionary side of the Moon or mind. So in this case, if you can control over mind or moon energy within you, that will give you the desired result. You may have read about many types of planetary remedies. But here I am going to mention only those that actually work. Below, I am going to mention a list of remedies you can combine of them at a time, which will give more good results.

  • i. Gemstone for the moon in astrology to remove Moon’s negative energy from your life:
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Pearl is the gemstone for Moon. Wear Pearl in Silver or Gold (preferably Silver) on the Index finger. Choose any Monday after taking bath in the early morning and wear it on the Index finger.

  • ii. Metal Of Moon In Astrology: which represents Moon energy: Silver
  • iii. Day Of Moon In Astrology: Monday
  • iv. Number Of Moon In Astrology: which represents the Moon’s energy is 2. So try to do or start all remedial procedures of Moon on those dates which represent number 2. For example, 2nd, 11th, or 20th  of any month
  • v. Color Of Moon In Astrology: White represents the Moon’s energy
  • vi. Food Of Moon In Astrology: Kheer or Payasam or Indian Rice Pudding
  • vii. Time Of Moon In Astrology: 12 AM. Moon’s energy is at its highest point during Full Moon’s Day (Purnima)

Important and must follow to get quick results: The most important of them is meditation. While meditating please concentrate on Ajna Chakra or Aggya Chakra which is the place of Moon energy in our psychic body. This is located between two eyebrows. While meditating if you can recite the Tantrik Mantra of Moon – ||“Om Oing Kling Somayo”|| then that would be even powerful. Rahu In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance(Opens in a new browser tab)

Visualization: Visualization at the time of meditation makes the process faster, it will be better if you can do the whole procedure before going to bed and after waking up because in these two times our brain generates beta waves which are favorable for meditation and you can access your subconscious mind very easily which is the ultimate goal to achieve any materialistic happiness.

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