Ketu & Education In astrology

Ketu & Education In astrology


Ketu signifies High-precision machines, like watches & computers, statistician,
mathematicians, an astrologer etc.

Quotes from Jaimini Sutras:

1. If Ketu is in “swamsa”, it indicates someone will earn money through elephants or can be a thief, or swindler.

2. If Ketu is in the 1st or 5th house, it gives – mathematical ability. This is very much important, for astrology subject.

“Maharishi Jaimini” says that, Ketu signifies, making or detalil knowledge of watches. In todays world it can be taken as the knowledge of – high-precision-machines like computers etc.


Ketu also gives the knowledge of statistics.

Ketu signifies the knowledge of exports, terrorism, counter espionage, spiritualism, animal & elephant trading & dealing with bone, horn, ivory or similar-articles.


Education Horoscope In Astrology

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