Sun & Education In Astrology


Sun & Education In Astrology

Education Astrology Prediction:

Sun & Education In Astrology/ Education Astrology Prediction & Sun: Sun is called the planet of “atman”. Thus represents Knowledge of spirituality related to non-duality like Gita, Upanishads, Sankhya and  Vedanta. Apart from sporotuality This planet also let you very much incline towards Politics, political science and related subjects. 

The Sun denotes knowledge of supremacy or of high realm  and therefore can give you the highest degree of knowledge, because it is the source of all knowledge.

Sun is the “Karaka” of Vitality and thus it can give a native the knowledge related or linked to this, it may be Medicine, dietician etc. 

Sun is the source of all energies in our solar system and force all other planets to move around it. In this way sun keeps the discipline in the system. Hence in astrology Sun represents a leaders. As it controls all planets by its own power, in human society it controls everybody around oneself. Hence Sun represents diplomacy or diplomatic characteristics, leadership quality and related studies. 

Sun governs gold among all metals and thus it gives the knowledge of gold related things like jewelry and other gold made materials. In gold related matter Jupiter also plays an important role. Sun is a fiery planet and a significator of soul thus represents “fire”, and it can relate to the fire-of-tapas in a person, thus it can give interest in the field of meditation and related studies. 

Sun Governs Rhythm of any kind, a rhythm what cling us together or connect the whole human existence. In certain houses or combinations Sun shows music talent in astrology. The type of rhythm sun represents can touch human emotion very deeply. Thus it gives the knowledge of Musical rhythm, Instrument music and other branches of music related studies, especially classical. Music in the purpose of entertainment only that is represented by Venus + Sun. But, when we talk about classical or deep rooted music what transient us from within that comes under the supervision of Sun and.

Sun and Jupiter combination in Astrology can bestow a native medical related knowledge and can make a physician, doctor. In my practice life I have found the same combination in many horoscopes of doctors. The connection could be in many ways, through nakshktrik connection, mutual aspect or together in horoscope. But do not take this planetary combination for doctors or astrological combination for doctor as a thumb rule, because this connection also can give teaching quality, photographer. Here house matters will be another indicaticator. But if you see any such combination then do not forget to see native’s other house combination too to be sure.

Sun and Venus combination in Astrology can give inclination towards Glamour and fashion industry, acting (film, tv, theater or any kind), arts etc related studies.

On the other hand Sun and Mars combination signifies any defense related studies like IAS, IPS in astrology.

The Sign where sun is placed represents the area of specialization in study field. Besides houses, Signs also play a very important role in these type of cases.

Always remember that Sun is well placed in chart does not mean that will signify all above related study field. The fourth, 5th and 9th houses or any of these there houses should be connected with sun in birth chart. Because only planets alone cannot reflect the whole life matter, houses of horoscope or birth chart play an important role. Planets only manifest house matters related things in life in each of their own way. That is the reason life is so colorful.

 Jaimini Sutras Says:

1.Sun in his own amsa(swaamsa) makes a person as government or political worker minded and very good at any kind of social service.

  1. If the Sun is placed in the 1st house or 5th house, it can give knowledge of Vedanta, Vada & Bhagawat Gita. 
  2. Maharshi Parasara says that, Sun in 5th house gives, knowledge of Vedanta and music.

How to udge education hoproscope In astrology predictions

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