Heart Disease-Attacks In Astrology & Remedies


Heart Disease-Attacks In Astrology & Remedies

Heart Disease-Attacks In Astrology & Remedies: Some people have asked me that – how to determine from a horoscope that a native will suffer from heart related diseases. Is it possible to know? My answer is – Yes, it is possible to know whether you will suffer from heart disease or not, and if you can come to know in advance so you can be cautious and refrain yourself from this dangerous, killing disease. Please be ready with your horoscope, because today  I am going to discuss on this topic in detail. If any yoga of heart disease is present in your horoscope so take initiative to nullify that evil effect without waiting for any critical situation to arise. I will also mention some remedies what I have seen practically has solved many critical cases.   

Heart Disease comes under the category of cardiovascular disease – what includes all type of heart related diseases, disease of blood vessels etc. Indications are very much known to us. “Stroke” and “Angina Pectoris (chest pain)” are very common of them. Nowadays high blood pressure has become also a big problem. People take medicine for long period of time, some for whole life. But, they do not know that through proper yoga and Ayurvedic or Homeopathic treatment the disease can be cured Permanently.  By taking some other pills you are just making your heart more weaker day by day and making your body dependent on those medicines. Taking those medicines means, unconsciously you are trapping yourself into long term medication procedure, they cannot give you permanent result at all. Anyways, let’s come to the point.


Planets In Astrology Responsible For Heart Diseases: 

(Heart disease in vedic astrology)

Any planet can be responsible, but I have seen in my practice life mostly following planets are involved in these type of cases:

1. Sun: The significator of heart. The soul of heart’s internal functional system.  

2. Moon: It controls the watery part of our body. Like – water in the blood. In case of heart it controls the blood flow into the heart.

3. Mars: Mars is the significator of muscles. It controls the muscular system and bone marrow of our body. In case of heart it controls the muscular function.  

4. Jupiter: Jupiter controls Arteries & Veins.

5. Rahu: Unpredictable sudden attacks. It can complicate any disease including heart related. Specially if it is connected with Sun & Jupiter.

Always remember: Only Planets can not indicate heart related diseases in your horoscope some other combinations also should be supported.  Astrological predictions are the result of a set of combinations what we call “Yogas”. It is not alone houses or planets or Nakshatra (constellation) or other parameters. It is the combination of all.  


Houses Responsible for Heart Related Diseases In Horoscope: 

(Heart disease in astrology)

Three houses are mainly responsible. Those are:

Lagna or Ascendant: It controls overall bodily functions, and heart is also included. It is the 10th house from the 4th, hence very important, 10th house from any house shows development of the lagna house.

4th House: The house of heart. All heart related functions come under this house’s ruler-ship.  

6th house: The house of diseases, temporary or short term diseases. Diseases – possible to cure.

8th house: The house of Death due to any short or long term diseases and by other means, medications for longer period of time etc. Diseases – nearly impossible to cure.


Divisional Charts Responsible for Heart Related Diseases In Horoscope: 

(Heart disease and horoscope)

Here “Shasthanmsa” or D-6 will come into picture. You may ask why we need to judge divisional charts! It is a very vast discussion, but just keep some basics in your mind for the time being to understand the topic.

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Divisional charts are like “X-ray” plates. As when you want to know what exactly is happening in a certain part of your body in detail you need X-ray photos, just like that if you want to know what exactly is happening or will happen in a certain part of your life in detail, then you need to judge divisional charts.

Various divisional charts are there – D-9 for marriages, D-10 for career etc. If you want to be sure of your prediction so you will have to go to divisional charts too. Here D-6 deals with any disease. Now here you need to know which planet and house signifies which disease! In our topic heart is indicated by 4th house and Sun. there are some special rules to judge divisional charts. I am mentioning here the simple one, which is also very basic but will work with 50% charts. The rule is while you are judging D-6, you have to take 6th house, lagna and 4th house as the house of your judgement. This is called “Three Way Judgement”. Like we do in Rashi Chart or D-1 (from lagna, Moon and the significator of the particular life event, like – Venus is the significator of Marriage etc.). Initially you may think it is tough, but if you practice continuously it will become very easy task to you. One thing you need to remember that – “Nakshatra” parameter is not applicable for divisional charts.


Some Other Factors:

1. the influence of “Nakshatra” of a planet.

2. “Argala” or “Planetary Interventions” of planets.

3. “Arudha Lagna” of 6th house, 8th house and 4th house.

4. Zodiac Sign Cancer: Cancer is the 4th house of natural zodiac, so it will also play an important role in deciding heart related diseases.


How To Combine All Above Parameters To Judge Heart Disease Yoga: 

(Heart attack in astrology)

Judge horoscope in the sequence I am mentioning here:

1. See any planet I mentioned above are weak, afflicted by malefic planets, combusted, badly placed in any above malefic houses (6th, 8th house or 12th) or aspected by any other malefic planets or not.

2. See the houses or their lords I mentioned above are weak or strong, any debilitated or malefic planet has occupied the house or not, whether 4th house is connected with any malefic planet or house lord or not. Always remember – 6th and 8th house should not be very strong in horoscope, If they are strong and connected with 4th house so, they will obviously give insomnia, heart related diseases etc.

3. See the “Nakshatra” of each planet related to the yoga or combination I mentioned so far. This is very important. “Nakshatra” controls behavior of any planet till 30% (approx).

4. Check “Argala” (planetary intervention) Connection. This is another vast topic. But still I am trying to make you understand in short. “Argala” is an important parameter to judge horoscope. This is also an influence like other planetary influences. It only starts functioning when the related Dasa or Antardasa comes. Suppose, if Rahu is giving argala on Jupiter so the native will start feeling the result two times – when Jupiter dasa or antardasa  will come and again when Rahu dasa – antardasa will come. If multiple planets are connected so the effect will be felt multiple times.

“Argala” Or Planetary Interventions are two types:

a. Shubhargala: Argala by benific planets.

b. Paapargala: Argala by malefic planets.


How to judge argala: any planet (sun, moon etc.) or house (1st, 2nd etc.) is in the second house, fourth house and eleven house, gives Main or Primary Argala or Planetary intervention on the later. For example: If Rahu is in 1st house and Jupiter is in 2nd house so Jupiter is giving primary Argala on Rahu. There is another type of Argala, which is called “Virodhargala”, it cancells the primary argala of a planet. “Viridhargala” houses will be counted in the same way but in the opposite direction, like – 12th, 10th, and 3rd house. This is a basic of Argala system, in future I will discuss all these in more detail. 

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4. Judge D-6 as you have judged planetary combination and houses in Rashi Chart. The difference would be only you have to apply “Three Way Judgement” rule over here (read above divisional chart section to know more) and “Nakshatra” parameter will not be applicable.

After following these 4 steps the picture will be fully cleared to you. My recommendation is – please do not give prediction without judging properly, otherwise your prediction May not match.


Some more Combinations Of Heart Diseases In Horoscope: 

(Heart problems in horoscope)

These combinations can help you to understand the topic more clearly. Always try to understand the astrological logic behind any yoga or combination to comprehend astrological principals clearly. I am mentioning here some of them only, if you keep judging horoscopes you will be getting more than these, I am mentioning those only what I found to be true in my long practice life:

1. If 4th house is occupied by any malefic planet or house lord and the Cancer sign is also affected somehow, so the native will suffer from heart related diseases.

2. If 4th and 5th house both are afflicted by Rahu, Saturn or Sun in D-9 and Rashi Chart both, so the person will suffer from serious heart diseases due to mental disturbances and hypertension. Actually, these type of people are very sensitive and get heart very easily. D-6 and other factors should be judged to be sure of the result.

3. If Moon is badly afflicted in Rashi Chart, Navamsa and D-6 so the person will suffer from heart related diseases due to imbalance of blood flowing into heart.

4. If there is a Heart related disease yoga in horoscope and related planets dasa-antardasa is going on. On the other hand – in transit the ascendant lord is in Watery sign and some how connected with 6th, 8th or 12th house so a sudden heart attack can be developed at that time.

5. If Leo, Cancer or Aquarius and 4th house is afflicted by Sun, Saturn, Mars or Rahu and in D-6 – 6th house is very strong then the person will develop heart troubles due to his/her bad habits or addiction. In case addiction Venus also should be connected with the yoga.

6. If Saturn and Sun both are in 4th house and 6th or 8th house or their lords are also connected with them so the person will suffer from blood pressure related disease. Rahu or Ketu’s association with them will make the disease more complex and unpredictable. These type of combinations cause “fluctuate blood pressure“, sometimes very low other time very high. These type of people tend to panic very easily at any point of time. They cannot even tolerate any minor crisis in life. Sometimes the same planetary combination in the 5th house also give the same result. But that time 4th house or Moon somehow should be damaged by some other malefic planets. Why 5th house? Because 5th house is the 2nd from 4th house, that means – 5th house is the resource house of 4th house.  

7. If Moon is influenced by Rahu and occupy 1st house and Saturn occupies or aspect 1st, or 4th or 5th house so the native’s heart will be weak.

Please Note: Before giving any judgement D-6 should be judged for final confirmation of the same.  

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Astrological Remedies Of Heart Diseases: 

(Heart problems in astrology Remedy)

Some people ask me – “Sir, is there any astrological remedy of heart disease?” By asking this, they want to mean Gemstone etc. But frankly speaking, I never have seen any truthful result of gemstones what can cure heart related diseases alone. Actually this is the combination of all more than only gemstone. Here, you can follow Yoga, Ayurveda and Homeopathic treatment to get truthful result. Yes I am not ignoring the fact that gemstone also effects our body and mind to some extent. But, i do not recommend gemstones to cure any disease.

I believe in “Prevention is better than cure”. If you find any heart related diseases combination from your chart, so follow some simple procedures to avoid the disease in future:

1. Do not smoke or take alcohol, over indulgence of anything can cause you suffer. Life is all about balance.

2. Sleep enough daily. 4th house in horoscope indicates “Sleep” and “Heart” too. So you can understand that, there is an internal connection between them.

3. Do not take any high calorie food at all. Lagna or 1st house represents your body weight, just see the connection – if lagna is afflicted by watery influenced malefic house lord or planet so the person will crave for high calorie food and will affect the heart ultimately by many other means.

4. Meditate Daily: Do meditation in daily basis, especially “Chakra Meditation”.  

This procedure is really very effective. You can do this yourself, no need to get anybody’s help at all. 

Chakra = In English these are called “Energy Centers” in our psychic body. According to “Tantra Shastra” – Many centers are in inactive stage in our body, if we can activate those centers our problems can be solved very easily. In case of Heart related matters we need to meditate on the “Anahata Chakra”. This Chakra is also called “heart chakra”. If you chant “OM” mantra with this, so, that will be more effective. The pronunciation would be like this – “aaaaa-uuuuu-mmmmm”. This will creat a vibration in your body. Do this verbally for first 5 minutes, instantly you will become mentally very calm and still, after that chant it mentally as long as you can. Do not sleep that time, initially when you will start meditation you may feel sleepy. day by day that will be ok. When we sleep actually we go to the unconscious stage of our mind, in that stage we do not get any benefit of yoga or meditation.

5. Take “Arjun Bark” in dust base or liquid base everyday. The botanical name is – Terminalia Arjuna. It is very good medicine for heart. It makes the heart very strong and refrain you from all heart related diseases.

I think this much is enough information for now. If you have any question you can ask, I will try my best to answer them. Keep learning. I will come with more interesting articles very soon. Till then – Jay Shri Ram.

Disclaimer: Information has been provided in this article should be taken with an intention to share astrological knowledge for educational purpose only. The article is not written with the intention to replace any medical diagnosis/ procedure.

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