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Jupiter & Education In Astrology

Jupiter & Education In Astrology

Education Astrology Prediction

Jupiter & Education In Astrology: Jupiter is a “Brahmin” and a teacher of deities (devata), here “devata” means whose mind is always in ascending mode, Jupiter always give the knowledge of how your mind can go in ascending mode. It is the master of all “good” within you, it knows how to direct them so that mind can reach to its destination.

Jupiter represents – the Devine-Disciplines like “Sanskrit”, All Vedas, Vedanta & other Shatras. Besides, it gives knowledge related to Finance & related subjects like financial management, Economics, Bankingetc. & high-level strategical studies.

Jupiter is one who gives the knowledge of “Apara-Vidya”, means, the knowledge – which never destroys – in the never ending cycle of – Birth & Death. As I mentioned earlier that he is “Devguru” & thus brings the supreme & divine knowledge, of Vedas & shastras. The divine language “Sanskrit” is governed by him and also gives the knowledge of Astrology. 

“Dhi” Is ruled by the planet “Jupiter”, “Dhi” is a principle, which, differentiates us, from animals. In one word, “Dhi” is the “power-of-discrimination” through knowledge. Hence, Jupiter indicates very high level “knowledge-of-philosophy”. 

Jupiter also governs, high level of strategy, such as War-Strategies, Strategies of Business, Strategies of growth, Nations related strategies – all these strategies need high-level-of-thinking and Jupiter can give that. That’s why he also signifies consultants, counselors, philosopher, advisors, scientist etc. Jupiter is a great teacher, path-shower & guide and hence he dominates fields like good Journalist, psychologists, psycho-analyst, Judges, Lawyers, Preacher, Teacher etc.

Jaimini Sutra sayas: 

      1. If Jupiter is in “Swamsa” it can make a “karmayogi” and can excel in any part of life just because of his intelligence, or can make somebody interested in philosophy & religious deed. 

2    2. If Jupiter & Moon in “Swamsa” or 5th from it, so it indicates a good author (In Vedic astrology this yoga is called “Gaja-Keshari” yoga. This is very auspicious yoga among all, I will discuss about it later in details).

Education Horoscope In Astrology

Vedic Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist

Astrologer Dr Sankar Bhattacharjee, a respected & “well known” name in Vedic astrology field. He was born in a traditional Brahmin family in India – West Bengal – near Kolkata, “The City Of Joy”, which is one of the major cities in India…….
Experience: 15 Years.
Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee is specialized in Predicting Future through Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu & the ancient Horary System.
Credentials Acquired:
His acquired credentials in the the field of the holy subject Astrology includes degree from “The Indian College of Astrology & Astronomy” and also honored as “Jyotish Provakar”. Now he is doing research on astrology collaborated with “The Indian College Of Astrology & Astronomy”.