Venus and Education In Vedic Astrology – Ultimate Horoscope Prediction

Venus and Education In Vedic Astrology - Ultimate Horoscope Prediction

Venus and Education In Vedic Astrology – Horoscope/ Kundli Prediction Including Higher and Foreign Education: Venus is the planet of abundance just like Jupiter but it bestows abundance in the knowledge of Aromatic things,  knowledge about secretive mysterious rules of Nature, Knowledge over Materialistic Possessions, Knowledge in developing love and magnetic attraction, Knowledge over lovemaking & bed pleasures, Knowledge over fancy things, fashion sense, sense of style and comfort.

Venus gives the knowledge of “Shatras”(scriptures), Knowledge of, beauty-products like perfumes, garments, etc. Different types of arts, private sectors & Management skills, an eye to look in detail.

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Like Jupiter, Venus is also a guru or master, but he is the guru of “asuras”, the bad within you, who only thinks for material pleasure. If it aspected or influenced by Jupiter or if it is in Pisces so it can give you the knowledge of shatras but mostly of “Rajshik”.

He is the universal Lover, he is called the father of romance & love and therefore, can make a poetry writer and a eloquent speaker also.

Venus indicates all types of luxury & therefore can give the knowledge related to beauty products & luxurious products, precious-stones, precious-metals.

Venus and Education In Vedic Astrology

Venus governs all types of arts sector which is somehow connected with beauty and gives knowledge on that also, like, music, theater & cinema, dancing, singing, drama, acting, fashion-designing, working with beauty products or beautician, textiles interior-decoration, etc. 

Venus is also a significator of vehicles which gives knowledge about cars and other conveyances. The combination of venus & Moon denotes the knowledge of sailing or navigation. 

Venus gives us talent in reading and writing scriptures(shastras) , knowledge over beauty products, skin products to cure skin disease, an eye for creativity in a detailed magnanimous way, knowledge of precious luxurious products, precious stones, precious metals, etc.

Venus is a Karaka planet to give knowledge and talent of expertise in herbal & ayurvedic medicines, expertise in artistic creative work like painting, poetry, story writing, storytelling, acting, singing, dancing, theatre, drama, music, and many other kinds of performing arts.

Venus gives us knowledge and unique idea about garments, textiles, agriculture, beauty products, designing, decoration whether exterior or interior, etc.

Venus signifies or rules over materialistic objects like Cars, Conveyances, big mansions, bungalows, etc.

Below is the prediction about Venus & your Education talent, knowledge, etc. But these are general predictions and may not fully match as Venus lordship and Nakshatra changes as per ascendant and sign and lordship. But Overall it is a highly articulated and matched prediction according to general reading & tendencies of Venus.

Any lordship connection of Venus with 3rd house, 4th house 5th house, 9rth house, 10th house will match the predictions more but some results may get altered.

Venus in 12 houses and its effect on Education In Astrology

  • 1st house:-  Venus in 1st house gives knowledge and Success in the field of Dancing, Acting, Arithmetics, and Medicine.
  • 2nd house:- Venus in 2nd house gives knowledge and talent in music & singing.
  • 3rd house:- Venus in 3rd house give education knowledge about software development and web designing.
  • 4th house:- Venus in 4th house makes one expert in beauty products and make-up kits.
  • 5th house:- Venus in 5th house gives knowledge and talent over Acting, singing, dancing, stage play, story writing etc.
  • 6th house:- Venus in 6th house gives talent in negotiations and diplomatic tact along with knowledge in pharmacy about many medicines.
  • 7th house:- Venus in 7th house gives knowledge in merchant navy and sailing and handling navigation equipment tactfully.
  • 8th house:- Venus in 8th house gives knowledge and talent in metal piercing, metal engineering, occult reading & practice as well as well versed in shastra(Scriptures).
  • 9th house:- Venus in 9th house gives skill and talent in writing poetry, story, publication, narration, etc.
  • 10th:- Venus in 10th house gives knowledge and ability in acting, singing, fashion designing, dancing, web designing, marketing, etc.
  • 11th house:- Venus in 11th house gives talent and knowledge in writing verse, narrating scriptures, searching precious century-old things, statue, metals, etc. it also gives talent in architecture.
  • 12th house:- Venus in 12th house makes one skilled in romance & lovemaking as well as he or she will be well versed in traveling in nature and in aromatic activities sometimes libido.

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Planetary Combination Of Venus In Education Astrology

Conjunction and association of other planets with Venus

  • 1) Venus-Moon Combination In Education Astrology: Venus Moon combination many times gives interest knowledge and talent in creative & performing arts, painting, music, singing, dancing, acting, writing, etc.
  • 2) Venus – Jupiter Combination In Education Astrology: This combination gives knowledge about shastra(Scriptures ), Holy Books, Religious and spiritual teachings, meditation, yoga, etc.
  • 3) Venus-Sun Combination In Education Astrology: This combination gives talent and knowledge medicines & surgery or education in fine arts, designing, orator skills, scholarship, etc. Venus-Sun can also make one Anchor, leading person in media groups, head of print media or social media agency etc.
  • 4) Venus-Mercury Combination In Kundli In Education Astrology: usually gives knowledge in computers and also in fine arts, textiles, garments, study in DNA or genetics, etc.
  • 5) Venus-Mars Combination In Horoscope: gives knowledge in Agriculture, Biotechnology, Cotton & textiles Industry, etc.
  • 6) Venus-Rahu Combination In Education Astrology:  Gives knowledge about beauty products, fashion sense, and sometimes education to become pilot, sailor, merchant navy officer, aeronautical engineer, growth in the aviation industry, etc.
  • 7) Venus- Saturn Combination In Birth Chart: combination gives education and knowledge in Microbiology, Petroleum, and Crude oil industry, Steel industry, Agriculture Industry, etc.
  • 8) Venus-Ketu Combination In Education Astrology: combination gives knowledge about cremation, ayurvedic & homeopathic medicines, healing, astrology, occult reading, occult practice, yoga, meditation, etc.

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Venus in 12 Zodiac Signs and its effects on Education Astrology

  1. Venus in Aries many times gives knowledge in Sociology and political science.
  2. Venus in Taurus sign gives business and management skills.It can give the government job or political connection also.
  3. Venus in Gemini sign many times gives education and knowledge in philosophy & Business administration.
  4. Venus in Cancer sign gives creative skill and talent in performing arts as well as in fine arts.
  5. Venus in Leo sign gives talent and Education in film making, political science, acting, theatre, drama, education from film school, talent in photography, etc.
  6. Venus in Virgo sign gives knowledge and talent in  about scents, fragrance, flowers, beauty products, oil, fashion designing, stitching, fashion expert, modeling, etc
  7. Venus in Libra gives education about film making, aeronautical science, aviation industry, Article writing and editing for magazines, etc.
  8. Venus in Scorpio gives knowledge and education in spirituality, religious text education, yoga, mediation, healing, occult practice, psychic reading etc.
  9. Venus in Sagittarius gives knowledge and talent in Philosophy, Sociology, Religious Books, Writing, Publishing, Anchoring, Radio commentary, Radio Jockey, Television Anchoring, etc.
  10. Venus in Capricorn sign gives knowledge and talent in videography, photography, cinematography, choreography, blogging, vlogging, social media editing & influencing, etc.
  11. Venus in Aquarius sign gives education and knowledge about Geopolitics, Metrology, Archaeology, space study & Research, Education and employment in travel & tourism department, Hotel management & Hotel agency, forest guards, forest department, etc.
  12. Venus in Pisces sign gives talent and knowledge in wildlife Photography, Nature Photography, choreography, Fashion photography, writing, storytelling, painting, Acting, Singing, poem writing, translating, knowledge of multiple dialects & Multiple languages, etc.

Jaimini Sutra says:

If Venus aspects Moon in the 4th house so it will make a sailor or navigator.

If the Moon & Venus is in “Swamsa”, it gives a luxurious life & can make an educationist.

If Venus is in “swamsa”, it indicates, a government / political official, who lives up-to  “hundred years”.

Venus and Higher Education Yoga In Astrology

Venus in Libra, Taurus, Cancer or Pisces sign elevates an individual to higher level in society through his or her knowledge education, and gifted talent.  Venus in these sign in rd house, 5th house or 9th gives higher education in the field of Music, Drama, Acting, Sociology, Agriculture, Medicine, Fashion Designing, Web Designing, Political Science, Philosophy, etc.

Venus and Foreign Education Yoga In Astrology

Venus in 9th house or 12th house when becomes 5th lord, 9th lord or 12th lord gives education in foreign land on business studies, MBA, Film Studies in Master Degree, Fashion designing, Web designing, study in Masters about English Grammar & English literature, etc

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