Venus & Education In Astrology

Venus & Education In Astrology



Venus gives the knowledge of “Shatras”(scriptures), Knowledge of, beauty-products like perfumes, garments etc. Different types of arts, private sectors & Management skills, an eye to look in detail.

Like Jupiter Venus is also a guru or master, but he is the guru of “asuras”, the bad within you, who only thinks for material pleasure. If it aspected or influenced by Jupiter or if it is in Pisces so it can give you the knowledge of shatras but mostly of “Rajshik”.


He is the universal Lover, he is called the father of romance & love and therefore, can make a poetry writer and a eloquent speaker also.

Venus indicates all types of luxury & therefore can give the knowledge related to beauty products & luxurious products, precious-stones, precious-metals.


Venus governs all types of arts sector which is somehow connected with beauty, and gives knowledge on that also, like, music, theater & cinema, dancing, singing, drama, acting, fashion-designing, working with beauty products or beautician, textiles interior-decoration etc. 

Venus is also a significator of vehicles which gives knowledge about cars and other conveyances. Combination of venus & Moon denotes the knowledge of sailing or navigation.


Jaimini Sutra says:

If Venus aspects Moon in the 4th house so it will make a sailor or navigator.

If the Moon & Venus is in “Swamsa”, it gives a luxurious life & can make an educationist.

3. If Venus is in “swamsa”, it indicates, a government / political official, who lives up-to  “hundred years”.


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