Life Path Number 2 In Numerology – Secrets Unveiled


Life Path Number 2 In Numerology: Hi, today I am going to talk about Life Path Number 2 In Numerology. If you do not know how to calculate your life path number you can read this article first. But before starting number 2 want to mention one very important point, no person is totally number 1 or 2 or 3, etc. we are all combinations of numbers. The effect of life path number is very prominent and it can be seen practically also. That’s the reason I have started the series of life path numbers which is starts from 1 and will conclude at 9. After reading this article you will understand how to deal with Life Path Number 2 people in whether you are in a relationship with them or not.

Life Path Number 2 In Numerology – Secrets Unveiled

If you do not know how to calculate your life path number, it is very easy, just read my article – The secret of life path number.

It is very important for all of us to know about the energy of this number because we are already within the number 2000 something (2001, 2002, etc. now 2017). So the energy of number 2 is all around us and people who are life path number 2, it has also that frequency and energy behind it. Number 2 is basically a very female kind of power.} That’s the reason this era is all about female power, female rights and we males are helping them to get that power once what had been taken away. Sometimes somewhere this romanization is going too far. These all are happening due to the magic of number 2. Just think in the 1900s or 1800s or any year starting with 1 was totally controlled by man but as soon as 2 has entered 2000 the whole thing has started changing and we men are handing over the power to women consciously or unconsciously.

If you look at the shape of number 2 you will find a certain amount of flexibility and elasticity, not like number 1 which is totally unbending and straight. [Number 2 is the most feminine of all the numbers in numerology. Like number 1 which is the most masculine number. The number 2 is humble, soft, warm and likes love and harmony around it. Where the number 1 which attracts the limelight, the number 2 likes to work under the shadows or from behind the curtain. People who come under the influence of number 2 are likely to have very strong qualities of mind because number 2 is ruled by the moon in Vedic Numerology, and the moon indicates mind. The most striking quality of number 2 is they have very strong imagination power, apart from imaginative power they have creative power too than any other number.

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They are very slow in their actions, but in their mind, they are always thinking about something or other.

Their mind is their biggest power and their biggest challenge. If they know how to regulate their thoughts and mental energy well they can become great artists, scholars, mediators, great poets and what not. But if they do not know how to regulate their thoughts well they can also become lunatics, and if the moon energy exceeds they can also become mentally unstable or sometimes isolated from the mainstream of life.

Now all number 2s please do not get disappointed or scared of such strong negative words like lunatics, mentally unstable, isolation what I used above. Because besides all these negative points a well-regulated number 2 energy makes a great chess player. Always remember, their mind is their world, maximum works are getting shape in their mind, that’s the reason they are the plan maker, a number 2 can make a complete plan in the mind and they can see the complete plan of action by using their great power of foresightedness.  But only weakness is of number 2 is while executing the plan or putting the plan into action. We should not forget, life is a challenge and we have to overcome it.

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They can be action-oriented too. Actually, to begin with, their plan or actions the number 2 always look for supports and approvals. They always need a push from behind. There is a saying that ‘behind a successful man there is a woman’, it is absolutely true to number 2s. Number 2s always seek love, care, and affection, without which they find everything meaningless in life. If they get this loving care and affection anyhow, then they flourish like anything but if they do not get it they sometimes feel jilted or react with devastating power. That’s the reason you will see some number of 2s are very peaceful in their action and some are very dangerous. You can take the example of ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ who was a peacemaker or lover and ‘Hitler’ who was totally opposite to Mahatma Gandhi, both were influenced by number 2 (not life path).

The number 2 is a very sensitive number. Number 2 basically stands for co-operation, stands for more co-operating without others, other than fighting them or prove example. People with life path number 2 are always trying to find harmony and balance around, that’s why people see them very balanced and harmonious. The number 2 people are very calm tolerant, humble and very gentle in their nature. People perceive them as a very safe harbor and they find them very nonthreatening. These are the qualities which give them lots of friends. They keep the secrets of many friends but do not share that at all with anybody.

The number 2 people know how to make other people feel very loved and important and they look for the same in return. They are great listeners, they are very patient and understanding while listening to others. They are always very considering and unselfish, always thinking about feelings of others, the wishes of others and these qualities make them great lovers and great partners.

People with life path number 2 are basically more like diplomats. They really have the energy to bring comfort to other people. There is a great danger for them to fall into the opinions of others because they are very sensitive to what other people are saying, that’s why a lot of them might stay away from their past. Because to number 2, it is a lot more important the fact that their energy was realized and got recognition for.

The number 2 people are more suited for creative and intellectual works other than physical work which requires the execution of a plan.

They are very good with kids because they never impose their ideas on children or others. The number 2 people also can become great mediators because they have extremely good persuasive skills. They are always on a lookout for harmony, balance, peace and are very diplomatic in nature, any kind of conflicts or confrontations always disturb them.

Numerology number 2 people generally love a very simple life. But, sometimes their mind complicates all the issues and they become very suspicious also. Because of their humble, gentle and warm nature people sometimes think that number 2 is a very weak person and that is their very big mistake.

Number 2 people always try to find the balance of polarities. If you look at the human brain you have the right hemisphere and left hemisphere. The left hemisphere is more important for logical and analytical skill and the right hemisphere is more creative and handle the visualization of mind, it is more about subconscious kind of work and handles all kinds of unexplainable and intangible things. Actually, if you really want to understand the secrets of the universe you have to combine both. You need to know how to handle male and female energies within yourself. To make us understand this concept our Vedic scholars have created the ‘Ardha-Nariswar’ form of Shiba whose one part of the body is a female and another part of the body is male. You need to know how to use logic and sensitivity at the same time, you need to bring them together. To make that happen what you need that energy stands behind life path number 2.

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The number 2 is totally opposite to number 1, where number 1 is independent… The number 2 feels comfortable to be around of the people where they do not have to take so much of leadership role they can sort of play like support. The number 2 is a sort of feminine in nature.

Career of number 2 in numerology: It is not possible just by life path number to predict someone’s career, but obviously this number gives us a clue to understanding our career path. The chief characteristic of a person who is number 2 is strong imagination, a strong interest in fine arts, aesthetics, beauty, and paintings, a very caring and compassionate nature.  They do very well in healing sciences, psychotherapy, nursing, medicine or any fields required for others troubles to be understood or empathized with. They are excellent healers and they have innate knowledge on how to calm down others or how to make other people better.

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My advice for number 2s:

You are number 2 which is controlled by the lunar calming energies of Moon. Just like the planet Moon, you people are not very robust or very strong physically. But it is your mind which is your chief weapon to combat all obstacles in life. If the Moon is strong in your horoscope, then with your agility and with the strength of your enriched mind and imagination you can create unparalleled events in history. But if the moon is weak then that can bring big failures in your life and can also lead to other mental problems.

Number 2 in numerology is very diplomatic and co-operative or adjustable. This number is also a peacemaker if there is any conflict or fight going on in front of them they always try to make calm. The number works like glue in disturbed relationships. They really can build a bridge between two people and end up the problem or any kind of misunderstanding. If you are looking for emotional support, then 2s are the best suited for this.

At the same time, the negative characteristics of number 2 dominated persons are: they are very wavering in nature, they are not able to make up their mind very strongly, so they will think a lot about each problem and thus they will delay their action taking leading to loss of opportunities for them. They are also very emotionally dependent on their family members and friends. If you give them a task to accomplish they will ask 10 other people around them on what is the best course of action not having faith in their own mental capabilities. But the fact of the matter is that their subconscious mind is so strong that if they actually sit down and think about the problem just by themselves the answers will come into them by itself, such is their blessings from the almighty.

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Therefore people are controlled by Numerology number 2 should follow the following points carefully:

1. Believe in yourself, stop asking too many people about your course of action to understand what to do or what not to. Trust just one or two closed ones and listen to their course of actions and finally try to use your own intelligence and follow your own judgment. Be farm. You need to be a farm in your decision making, be outspoken in your thoughts and your expressions.

2. Do not trust other people blindly. You are such a person who can easily be manipulated. This happens due to your extreme emotional, sensitive and compassionate nature. There are a lot of people out there, who take your good nature for granted, they may take your help and your services but when the time comes for them to repay, they will not be there to support you.

3. You are very much obsessed with what others think and hence start spending money unessecery things sometimes in an uncontrolled way. Do not waste your money on any superfluous thing like beauty, things of fashions, brands, anything that makes you think that you will look very beautiful to get the appreciation of others. I am not saying that all these are bad to do, all I am trying to say that you need to learn where to stop. Instead of giving too much importance on these or what others thinking about you learn to strengthen your mind, study a lot, read a lot of books, interact with people who are optimistic and intellectually oriented.

Sometimes number 2 people are very good to look at, good to talk to but they might be very poor at the intellectual side because they do not spend enough time in grooming their own intellect and their mind. They rather concentrate on physical appearances. You need to learn to avoid being too obsessed with your own look and others’ looks also.

4. Do not be very bashful or shy in expressing your emotions, your emotions are your strong points. The number 2 people are constantly thinking about something, they are always bothered about unknown fear and are always worried about their future. Sometimes very small issues get magnified in their head and make that bigger than anything, that time mind reaches to a stage of consciousness where it does not stop working on meaningless thoughts. They might not show it in their actions. Learn to be calm, to be strong in your emotions, do not give away your compassion or emotions too easily. Your emotions are very precious. We require the feminine energies of the number 2 persons to nurture and nourish the world. To heal the people around you, learn the science which helps you to grow spiritually and emotionally. Make your emotion as the stronger weapon to combat with the negative part of you. Do not make it your weakness.

Your Lucky Things: Your lucky color is white and yellow. Your lucky metal is silver and lucky direction is north-west.

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