Life Path Number In Numerology Life’s Secrets


Life Path Number In Numerology Life’s Secrets

Life Path Number In Numerology: The fact is many people find Numerology easier than astrology because it is easy to calculate and understand, moreover some people also think one doesn’t need that much deep understanding of occult principles to understand the secrets of life through Numerology. But, the reality is a little bit different. Every subject whether it that is numerology, astrology, palmistry, tarot etc they have two levels of understanding, basic and advanced or deep level. Now the problem is many of us just look at the exterior or basic part of the subject and starts judging the whole in nutshell. Numerology has also its core level of understanding that requires an open spiritual mind. Life is very complex to judge dear, a lot of mystery are there in every part of it, so do not try to judge so deep and complex life through any easy method, if you do so, the major portion of the reality of life will not be revealed to you at all.

To understand any occult subject, first of all, it is very important for us to understand and realise a basic truth about this creation that everything works on an elementary or microscopic level to an infinitesimally larger level. Everything works like a chain reaction, just remember Sir newton’s third law “every action has its equal and opposite reaction”. Actions are happening today will create the chain of events unfolding tomorrow.

In the same way, if we are born today with particular number codes (1 to 9) then our talent are lies in a particular direction and we will be steering a particular chain of events. We are designed with our natural reflexes to react to stimuli in a certain definite pattern. Our true destiny will start unfolding with a chain of events when exactly the right code is activated. You do not need to worry about resources, the universe will always provide the sufficient fuel necessary to take that ahead. 

How To Calculate Your Life Path Number In Numerology

Say your birthday is January 4, 1980, add all digits, you will get your Life Path Number.

Let’s take another example if you are born in August which is the 8th month of the year then you get a digit 8, then if you born on the 24th day of that month you would add the 2 and 4, 2+4=6, then say you are born in the year of 1980, you would add the 1+9+8+0 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9, after that finally if we add all results together:

8+6+9 = 23, 2+3 = 5, so you would be a life path 5 person. Always remember, that every number code or digit in numerology finally has to be broken down and reduce to a single digit.

Now you can ask ‘what is numbers’? Numbers do not have any physical existence at all.  But you cannot ignore the fact that it does exist. In short, numbers are just a concept or some codes which simplify information for us.

What does actually a Life Path Number Mean?

Life Path number is one of the important numbers in your numerology number list. Actually, in numerology apart from Life Path Number, there are more three types of important numbers what you get from your full date of birth and the name. Those important numbers are:

  1. Psychic Number: It represents General way of looking at things of an individual. His/her personality etc. This is the number to describe the special characteristic within you what will go through your life path.
  2. Expression Number: How you express yourself in society basically. This number also represent the relationship with co-workers, your boss etc.
  3. Heart number or the number of desire: It denotes the deepest desire what will make you fully content. This number can help you to choose the right goal of your life what can make you truly happy.

So, your life is not controlled by only one number. This is the combination of numbers who control the whole life. It is like a combination lock, match the number, unlock it and everything is yours. But the most important number is your life path number.

The life path number reveals a basic overview of the many opportunities, challenges and lessons you will encounter during your lifetime. Understanding your life path number is a great way to learn more about yourself as a person and prepare for what lies ahead of you in future. Working out with your life path number is easy, and works by adding up all of the numbers of your date of birth that I have already mentioned above.

The important exception:

There is a simple exception when you get a master number in your calculation. A master number is when a single digit repeats itself. For example 11, 22, 33 some of the more common master numbers. We will not step down to a single digit when any master number will come in our calculation. Master number create higher vibrations. Like, number 11 is the higher vibration number than 2 because 1+1 = 2, here two number ‘1’ vibrations are together. Again number 22 is higher vibration number than 4, 33 is higher vibration number than 6 and so on. I am not going more deep into Master Number here but just giving a basic idea so that you can understand the life path number calculation better.

When The life Path Number Gives Its Most Results?

The life path number is how we look at the life and attracts life’s situations, and events. The life path number heavily influence on our life at a certain age. The exact age depends on the other numerological calculations but in maximum cases after mid age say 36 to 37 this number becomes more effective. It is not that, before this age there will be no effect of the life path number but after the mid age the effect of life path number becomes very active. This number will tell you the general situation you will attract in your life and how your personality will be effected or affected by those events and situations.

Each number of these numbers vibrates in different frequency in the universe, revealing much about individual’s character and as well as what’s their future holds in store. Here is a brief break down of the qualities of the life path numbers from 1 to 9 for all individuals. This is only basic, I will discuss in more detail on each life path number later.

Life Path Number 1 In Numerology: These individuals are very independent minded, self-motivated, and also hard working. Life path number 1 are very critical themselves and good at multitasking and do not tolerate laziness.

Life Path Number 2 In Numerology: Loyal and honest, life path number 2 people desire peace and harmony above all else. They also love to share their life’s matter with other people and expect the same from others but do not like conflict.

Life Path Number 3 In Numerology: People with this number are Great communicators. Life path number 3 people are creative, energetic and love to enjoy the present moment without much thinking about future but sometimes exaggerate the truth.

Life Path Number 4 In Numerology: This the most relaxed number in numerology, always seek relaxation in life in terms of security. Life path number 4 people always seek security in every part of life, it could be family, and financial matters etc. They are highly organized to live by their own motto in life.

Life path Number 5 In Numerology: This number is called the ‘Free bird’ number in numerology, due to its fun loving and adventures characteristics. Life path number 5 individuals need adventure in their life, they need something new every time, otherwise things become overwhelming to them.

Life Path Number 6 In Numerology: Individuals with number 6 are natural born nurturers. They have magnetic personalities and love to take care of others. This number is very much family oriented and some of them are very much home sick too.

Life path Number 7 In Numerology: This number is Cerebral and faithful. This number is also called the number of philosophers and thinkers. Most of individuals with life path number 7 have a very deep love for natural beauties. They are the very closely connected with the spiritual realm.

Life Path Number 8 In Numerology: Individuals with this number are deeply emotional but honest. Life path number 8 always strive to have a high financial securities in their life. Many successful businessman are born with number 8.

Life Path Number 9 In Numerology: The number 9 has the inborn natural ability to lead others. They are ‘Natural leaders’.  Life path number 9 always tend to take care or think of everyone else surround them. However they find it very difficult to express when they themselves are in need of help.

Final Thought On Life path Number:

Finding and understanding your life path number is one of the most important parts of numerology. It will tell you a lot about yourself and who you are as a person.

If you get deeper and deeper into numerology you start understing a fact that every number in your numerology profile or chart is a code, carrying some kind of specific information about you, now you need to be enough intelligent to find out that truth. 

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