Lunar Eclipse/ Chandra Grahan January 2020 – Effects On 12 Zodiac Sign

Lunar Eclipse January 2020 - Effects On 12 Zodiac Sign - Chandra Grahan

Lunar Eclipse/ Chandra Grahan January 2020 – Effects On 12 Zodiac Sign: The first lunar eclipse of India which is also called eclipse on the moon or Chandra Grahan will be on 10th January 2020.  It would be visible in India on 10th January 2020 at 10:40 pm at night till 2:30 pm on that very midnight of  11th January 2020. The effects will be significant on every zodiac sign. The Moon eclipse or lunar eclipse happening on Gemini Sign and its effect will be variable for different zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces. The effect is as follows:

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Aries and Lunar Eclipse/ Chandra Grahan January 2020

This Lunar eclipse or Moon Eclipse/ Chandra Grahan will be happening in the 3rd house of your birth chart dear Aries natives, so it would develop some strained relationship with co-workers, siblings, and neighbors. But you will also feel courageous in your personal and professional matters and you may go for a short pleasurable trip. Career-wise it would be gainful period and outcome will be favorable with growth, increment, rise in position and profits will even with minimum effort.

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Taurus and Effects Of Lunar Eclipse/ Chandra Grahan January 2020

This Lunar eclipse or Moon eclipse will occur in the 2nd house of your birth chart dear Taurus natives which is a house of finance and family total wealth with savings. So, avoid harsh speech with family members or during financial transactions as it may turn out to be your loss because of your harsh communication. Complete all your pending works or project to gain economically. Overall sound economical condition and financial progress will be there with financial prosperity to deal with your extra expenses during the month of January 2020.


Gemini and Lunar Eclipse/ Chandra Grahan January 2020

This Lunar Eclipse or Moon Eclipse will occur in the 1st house of your birth chart, so take extra care of your health and physical well-being. Some financial losses are indicated for Gemini natives. But this eclipse will help and, motivate you to do extra hard work to balance your financial and family life. You will try to incorporate some tactful changes in your life with ideas to move forward and there will be once unexpected monetary gain during January 2020. But there will be some worries regarding love or marriage issues in your life or in your family. You will become determined and ambitious during this period.

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Effects Of  Lunar Eclipse/ Chandra Grahan January 2020 On Cancer

Dear Cancer native this lunar eclipse will occur and affect the 12th house in your birth chart. So be careful about going abroad in January 2020 or any kind of foreign travel as there may be some monetary loss or accident during the process or journey. Take good care of your health especially from venereal disease. Spiritually it will be an awakening and calm period for you. this lunar eclipse may be going to give some life lessons because of the experiences you will feel in January 2020. Spiritually it will be an uplifting period with occasional disturbance aloofness or loneliness. You will be attached and attracted to meditation.

Effects Of  Lunar Eclipse January 2020 On Leo

This lunar eclipse or Moon eclipse will occur in your 11th house of gains and profits and earning dear Leo natives. Your mind will be in much stress and tension and you will feel restless in January 2020. Although a new source of income will be generated and gains or profits from investments will be bestowed on your dear Leo people. Misunderstanding with seniors or elders can be possible during this period. There will be an increase and development in your skill and ability to gain much from your career by working effectively and tirelessly. A sudden flow of wealth due to this lunar eclipse will give much joy and satisfaction.

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Chandra Grahan January 2020 Effects On Virgo

This Lunar Eclipse will fall on your 10th house which is a Career house for Virgo Natives. There will be some financial gains for you during this period of January 2020 but your family life will be much affected and your mind will be restless because of the chaos in the family or in your marital life. In professional life, some friction or arguments with authority, boss or seniors may happen at the office or in your workplace. But your hard work will pay off and all the negativity will be alienated and your ambition, sustainability, and dedication towards your professional duty and assignments will bring you much success and credibility in your career and January 2020 will make your Professional life stable.


Libra and effects Of Lunar Eclipse January 2020

 This lunar eclipse or Moon eclipse is occurring in your 9th house of fortune dear Libra natives resulting in health problems to your parents as well as you. This lunar eclipse is indicating a long Journey, foreign tour and religious inclination and desire for doing charity work. You will enhance your knowledge of leaps and bound because of your religious or spiritual journey or journey to pilgrimage during January 2020. Students will have a good time in their academics but professionals need to be alert and very careful about some mistake or loopholes can be done by you in your professional work or in the professional journey.

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Chandra Grahan Effects On Scorpio – January 2020

The lunar eclipse will fall in the 8th house of your birth chart dear Scorpio natives. This lunar eclipse will cause a lack of concentration for Scorpio people in their office work and in their studies or education. There will be anxiety and restlessness in your endeavors and some problems may happen to your children too in January 2020. You will feel very emotional and heartbroken in your love life or married life and some health check-up is required for your spouse or parents as their health will be delicate in January 2020. Much patience and tact will be required for a few days after this lunar eclipse to deal with every situation in your daily pursuit.


Effects Of  Lunar Eclipse January 2020 On Sagittarius

The lunar eclipse or Moon eclipse will occur in your 7th house causing trouble from enemies and marital discomfort in January 2020. Business growth or profit will be halted but only for some time and those who in service and Job sector will gain and there will be a rise in income but your expenses Dear Sagittarius during January 2020 will be high so there will be no savings. Sagittarius people will be very active socially during this period but any love affair in this time will lead to failures and frustrations.  You have to be patient to gain normalcy in your personal and family life.

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Effects Of  Chandra Grahan/ Lubar Eclipse January 2020 On Capricorn

The occurrence of Lunar eclipse will be in your 6th house dear Capricorn natives which will cause the sour relationship with your spouse and subordinates.  Your Spouse will experience mental agony as well as physical health problems.  Monetary loss during January 2020 will give you mental agony, tensions and you may fall in an illicit relationship.  You need to be calm when handling your financial and professional issues. In professional life, you will get help and assistance from govt employees or from your peers and seniors which will help you solve your professional and financial complexities during January 2020. Partnership business will bear some losses during this time and some confrontation is also possible due to losses. Those who are self-employed or running their own business will see a bit better period.

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Effects Of Lubar Eclipse January 2020 On Aquarius

Lunar Eclipse Or Moon eclipse will fall in your 5th house of education, progeny, and romance dear Aquarius native. Conflict in your love and romantic life very much possible during this period of 2020. You may suffer from any viral disease in January 2020 and short travels will be fruitless during this period. Children health will also because of concern for you in this period but your creativity will be at you peak during this period and those who are seeking opportunity in creative or artistic field will taste sweet success and those in involved in media sector will experience fame and high status.


Effects Of  Chandra Grahan January 2020 On Pisces 

As Lunar eclipse or Moon eclipse happening in your 4th house dear Pisces native, you will experience a delay in your important works or in professional life and your expenses will rise too and relationship with parents, friends and other relatives will be affected and malign during January 2020.  it’s better to postpone any professional trip to next month as travel for professional work will be fruitless. During the last part of January month, your relationship will start improving with your family members and your priority will be your family life. Marital life will remain happy and love affairs will remain conducive. High income will keep you happy as your financial position will prosper but expenses on medication especially on your mother’s health is very much possible in this period of January 2020.

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