Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces – Love, Career, Marriage

धनु, मकर, कुंभ, मीन - जन्म कुंडली में प्रेम, करियर, विवाह / विवाहित जीवन - ज्योतिष

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces – Love, Career, Marriage/ Married Life Horoscope/ Kundli / Birth chart – Astrology: These predictions on Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio may vary due to the effect of other planetary combinations in your Horoscope based on your Ascendant, Moon Sign, Sun Sign, other planetary aspects, and nakshatras.

Sagittarius – Love Career Marriage Horoscope/ Kundli

Sagittarius:-  These people will usually prefer their work and spiritual pursuit over their love life. You will be pious and will be wandering in search of life, reality, peace, and nature’s bliss. They will prefer their work and spiritual pursuit over their love. Sagittarius natives will not have much exciting love life or married life. Success will be achieved after the age of 34.

Career Life/ Line:-  These natives can get good success and wealth through writing, editing, Radio Anchoring, publishing, printing, etc. You will also get gains in the field of teaching, religious preaching, spiritual teaching, yoga, meditation.

You will also get success as a coach, personal trainer, salesperson, translator, travel agent, tourist guide, hospitality work, etc you can shine as a motivational speaker and also in judiciary work. There will be success in the education department as well. You may become an astrologer as well.

Love life:-  Love life will not be much exciting. these people usually have failed love life. Although, in some cases, person attracts a foreign partner or partner from other cultures and backgrounds. This way one can have long-lasting love and he or she can convert into marriage. Leo natives are their ideal and suitable match. Libra and Taurus person can also be compatible for few people. 

Married life:– Married life will be normal but there will not be much excitement or passion in married life. Although, peace and prosperity will follow native after marriage. There will be domestic happiness after marriage. Leo person will be a very ideal match and sometimes Libra and Taurus as well for you.

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Capricorn – Love, Career, Marriage Horoscope/ Kundli

These Capricorn natives are very strong-willed, ambitious, and focused people in life.  They prefer their career and wealth over anything in life. They will be focused on their goal and objectives. Success will be achieved after the age of 30 or 38. 

Career line/Life:-  You may become a high School teacher or a college professor. Some may also become headmaster or principal in life. One may also become Nurse, healer, scientist, engineer, electrician, Accountant, Computer Programmer, Professional Organizer, Industrialist, Actor, Photographer, Cinematographer, Choreographer, Director, Entrepreneur, Politician, etc.

Love Life:-  Love will come early in life with much passion and intimacy. Although, the passionate flame will die in a few years’ time. Some people may get married to their childhood sweetheart. Love will come easily and will go quickly out of their life.

Some lucky ones might get their ideal match who will be emotional as well as very devoted towards them. You can become a caring partner as well.

Marriage Life:-   Married life can be Joyful if your partner is of Cancer or Capricorn itself. Taurus people can also be your ideal match. Overall, Married life will be normal with happiness and prosperity. Native may not be able to spend much time with spouse or children.

There can be a few altercation and misunderstandings with spouse which can be sorted out. There can be divorce for few people as well. Second marriage is also a possibility. Taurus person can also become suitable partner in some cases. 

Aquarius – Love, Career, Marriage Horoscope – Astrology

There will be balance of work, fun, and family for Aquarius native. These people will manage, work, travel, and personal life all simultaneously very easily. They will have happy family life with great mutual understandings with each other. There will be a lot of family vacations and travel as well in life.

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Career line/life:-  Aquarius native can become a scientist, teacher, social worker, Environmental engineer, Actor, Musician, Technocrat, Cyber crime officer, spy, secret agent, etc. One may also become an Industrialist, engineer or an architect. Work-life will become stable and native may achieve stability, wealth and recognition, promotion, and overall success after the age of 33. Few people may also work in merchant navy or in defense force as well.

Love Life:- Love life will be exciting and romantic. Although, native may become fully focused in work from the age of 30. Early romance in life can become long-lasting and successful for some people. There will not be many hiccups or heartbreak in the life of Aquarius people.

Married life:-  Married life will be successful especially after the age of 30. Late Marriage is possible. Suitable or ideal partners can be from Leo Sign or Aquarius Sign. Gemini person can also become perfect partner because of their fun-loving nature for Aquarius. Libra native and Sagittarius native can also become soulmates for few people.Aquarius natives will have a lot progress in life after marriage. Married life will be happy peaceful ,and prosperous.


Pisces – Love, Career, Marriage Horoscope – Astrology

Pisces people will have hard time finding right balance between work and love. Either they will be completely lost in love or they will be completely lost in their career. Success, true love, and wealth comes late in life after the age of 30 and sometimes after the age of 40.

Career life/Line:- Success and wealth in career will be achieved after the age of 30 and sometimes after the age of 32-33. Pisces can earn fame, success, or recognition from Art work, creative work. These people will have some gifted skills and also artistic abilities. One can become a successful astrologer, writer, preacher, professor, editor. Native may gain recognition through travel Vlogging, TV media, Anchoring, Acting, singing, dancing, etc.

Pisces native can also become bar owner, photographer, designer, decorator, Novelist, eloquent motivation speaker, Dentist, Nurse, Physician, Diplomat, IAS or IFS officer, etc.

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Love life:- Pisces will have many passionate romantic affairs but many of them will be short-lived. There will be a lot of intimacy and charm in their love life and sometimes more than 1 romantic affair simultaneously. Although, Most Pisces will be very loyal to one partner in life.

There will be number of romantic encounters but their ideal match will come late in life after the age of 24 or sometimes at the age of  30. Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus sign will be their suitable match. Cancer and Virgo can become their ideal match or soul mate.

Married life:-  Married lie will be usually blissful. Native will get much happiness from their spouse and children. Spouse will be dominating but very loving, caring, and supportive towards Pisces natives. There will be bliss, peace, and domestic happiness after marriage with bright children. Marriage can be late for few individuals. You will also be trustworthy and loyal to your spouse.

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