Most Rare Auspicious List Of Yogas In Astrology In Horoscope Prediction

Rare Auspicious List Of Yogas In Astrology In Horoscope- Kundli Prediction

Most Rare Auspicious List Of Yogas In Vedic Astrology In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart Prediction: Very rare peculiar combination in Astrology which when present produces auspicious yoga in Horoscope.  I have found out and listed out some points and peculiar combinations which result in some significant result.

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Most Rare Auspicious List Of Yogas In Astrology

Below are some predictions about these rare peculiar combinations and Yoga in Kundli/ Birth Chart:-

  • 1)  Sun-Venus- Mercury combination in any house will give you good height in your career from the age of 30 or sometimes 33.
  • 2)  Sun-Venus-Mercury combination together in any single house will give good reputation and success in any artistic field.
  • 3) Sun-Jupiter conjunction or aspect on each other or placed in each other Nakshatra or sign will make you a very popular Astrologer.
  • 4)  Jupiter-Moon aspect on each other or in Conjunction with each other can make you a writer, poet, orator, scholar, and sometimes Doctor as well.
  • 5)  Saturn-Mercury-Sun together in any house gives success and wealth from technology field or in the field of business after the age of 30.
  • 6) Moon-Sun Combination, aspect or Conjunction in Horoscope can make some healer, Nurse, Doctor, Psychologist etc.
  • 7) Saturn and Mercury and Sun in 12th house together gives success in Engineering or Management Field in Foreign land.
  • 8) Venus or Mercury with  Jupiter in 8th house alone can make you a great gambler, their, Corn or a Spiritual Master
  • 9) Saturn and Rahu in11th house can make one a successful powerful politician.
  • 10) Jupiter-Sun together in 1st house or 7th house can make one a Scientist, Astrologer or a high statue Politician.
  • 11) Sun-Venus-Jupiter together in any house can make native a very popular Actor or Producer.
  • 12) Saturn-Mercury in 10th house can make one work reputed company or can make one a Film Director especially if with Moon.
  • 13) Saturn-Rahu in 10th house can make one a successful Industrialist or Entrepreneur.
  • 14)  Venus-Mars in 4th house can give native a beautiful house or Bungalow in life with multiple Vehicles or four-wheeler.
  • 15) Rahu-Moon in any house in water sign can give poverty and richness all in one life.
  • 16) Rahu-Moon in Leo sign together can make one a great artist like a popular singer or very popular Actor.
  • 17)  Saturn-Mercury-Venus in 12th house will make native a foolish lover but he or she will have all the comforts and pleasure in life especially in young age till 44.
  • 18) Rahu with Moon in 9th house or 5th house gives trouble in education and trouble in family life but fortune may rise from the age of 40.
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  • 19) Venus and moon in3rd house can make one a very good comedian artist or a very popular artist related to Acting, Dancing, writing, painting.
  • 20) Venus in Pisces along with Moon or Jupiter can make one a very famous songwriter or poet and storyteller.
  • 21) Moon Jupiter together in 1st house 5th house, 7th house, or in 10th house can make one very wealthy from the age of 24 to 34.
  • 22) Rahu-Moon  Rahu-Mars in 4th house will give lot of property but troubled family life and mental health issues.
  • 24) Moon-Mars together in any house or if they directly aspects each other from any house in horoscope indicates wealthy lifestyle with lot of property and native will be successful and rich from any business.
  • 25)  Mars-Mercury together in 6th house will give wealth from investment and technology-oriented work but after struggle in life.
  • 26) Jupiter with Moon or  Ketu in 12th will give a high level of spiritual progress,  spiritual power, enlightenment and emancipation afterlife.
  • 27) Saturn-Jupiter if aspects each other in horoscope or in conjunction sitting together in any house will give wealth from the age of 34 till the old age.
  • 28) Rahu in 3rd house can make one celebrity in life provided Venus and Sun is strong in Horoscope. 
  • 29) Sun in 5th house can give popularity and success through children.
  • 30) Sun Jupiter either in 5th house or in 11th house unafflicted can make one a very famous artist or popular creative person.
  • 31) Ketu in 7th house along with Sun or Moon or Jupiter gives spouse from past life connection.
  • 32) Rahu in 7th house will give many problems in married life but give success in business especially in foreign land.
  • 33) Sun or Moon with Saturn in  12th house give success in foreign land.
  • 34)  Moon in 9th house if getting aspect of Mars or Jupiter can give lot of travel in foreign land and lot of success along with popularity in foreign land with much wealth.
  • 35) Rahu in 1st house with Sun gives great rise and fall in life.
  • 36) Saturn in 12th house with Rahu also gives great success and great failure in life.
  • 37) Saturn in 10th house or 7th house in libra sign gives stable successful career with substantial wealth but there will be lot of struggle till 35 years of age.
  • 38) Jupiter with Sun or Moon or Venus in 7th house gives a lot of progress success, happiness, and wealth after Marriage. Fortune will rise after Marriage.
  • 39) Mercury with Moon or Mars in any house gives very clever and innovative minds and positive outcomes from their effort.
  • 40) Sun in 6th house and Saturn in 11th house and if Jupiter is in or accepting any one of the two planets then native never losses political election in their life. Jupiter in 1st house or 9th house with Sun in 6th house and Saturn in 11th house will also give same result.
  • 41) Rahu in 6th house alone makes native gains from litigation and court cases in life.
  • 42) Rahu in 12th house with Sun or Saturn gives success and trouble both in foreign land.
  • 43) Sun in 1st house with Mercury or Jupiter gives success and marriage after 25 years of age.
  • 44) Mercury with Saturn in 7th house will give problems in sexual life and married life of a person.
  • 45) Moon in 3rd house with Venus or Mercury will give success and fame in Media field or in the field of Anchoring or Acting.
  • 46) Mars in 4th house and Jupiter or Moon either in 9th house or 10th house will give wealth and property in life either through legacy, parents or through in-laws.
  • 47) Ketu in 3rd house gives knowledge abut many languages in life.
  • 48) Rahu in 2nd house can make native poor from wealthy position in life.
  • 49) Jupiter with Mars,  Moon, or Sun in 3rd house gives International Fame in life.
  • 50) Venus in 1st house in own sign and exaltation sign will bring change in society and in other’s life for good.
  • 51) Venus in 1st house or 5th house makes one a  great devoted lover of Nature, God, and partner if aspected by Jupiter.
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