Shravana Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics

Shravana Nakshatra-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics 1

Shravana Nakshatra- Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics, Business/Profession, Health, Horoscope/Kundli/Birth Chart Prediction In AstrologyShravana natives are lucky and sometimes even get easy success in life. These people reach their goals and fulfill their dreams in life. These people are ambitious and teach their objectives through hard work and good destiny. Shravana natives complete and succeed in most endeavors in life. Sometimes, you prefer solitude and aloofness to get peace and nature’s bliss in life.

Shravana Nakshatra- Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility

You connect with natural exotic places very easily.  Your opinion may become radical at times and your liberal secular values may go for the toss-up. You cannot tolerate opposite views or your own criticism in life.

Your status, respect, and affluence will rise after the age of 32. Political success is possible after the age of 40. Your talkative nature at a young age may bring some problems for you. however, you will change your nature and will become a more mature personality after the age of 32.

Your pessimistic attitude towards society may give disliking towards many people. You may not like your working or living environment at your age. You may also develop some pessimistic attitudes at a young age for a short period. However, after the age of 32, you will develop tolerance, patience, and forgiving attitude in life.

You may win many friends and admirers due to your nobility and honesty. He or she will become wise, resourceful after the age of 32. You will strive for mainstream commercial success and financial abundance from the age of 22 to 40. However, success in higher education in foreign lands is possible. You may get scholarship as well. You may develop your personality and seek wisdom in foreign lands. Some people may get settled in a foreign country permanently.

To Be Noted:- (Shravana Constellation-Love, Career, Marriage, Compatibility, Characteristics):- Here, I’ll discuss the effects and results of Shravana constellation as Moon and Lagna Nakshatra. The overall impact and results of this nakshatra will mostly be based on Moon Nakshatra which is also known as Janam or Birth Nakshatra. In later articles, I’ll also discuss the impact and effects of different planets in this nakshatra.

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Shravana Nakshatra Significance Overview

Shravana nakshatra falls in Capricorn sign and its star lord is Moon which can give you a very emotional and sensitive nature. You may get easily heartbroken and can get confused in taking important decisions in your life.

Some great change or transformation may happen in your life after the age of 26. You will transform yourself spiritually and may bring a great transformation in life with the help of some highly spiritual person. You will have the wealth of knowledge, proficiency, and intelligence.

Work in foreign lands or travel to foreign lands may bring growth and success in life. You may have to see some ups and downs in your career in the middle years. Your compassionate, emotional nature will make others fall in love with you.

Shravana Constellation Characteristics/ Personality Traits

You do not like wasting your time and energy and your focus and concentration on your goals may bring early success after the age of 22 and sometimes 24. Your inclination towards religion and spirituality will start from the age of 40. you will be efficient and proficient at your work. You will achieve early success in life.

Your wealth will rise after the age of 32. Your intuition will bring good results for you. You may become devout, principled, and seeker of truth of life. Your inclination towards spirituality may bring emotional and mental satisfaction after the age of 40. Success in technical and mechanical work is assured.

Shravana Nakshatra – Your Love Life and Marriage

Your love life will be exciting but short-lived. Some people will suffer from heartbreaks and cheating in their romantic life. However, after the age of 21, you may meet your ideal match. Love marriage will be successful. Although, stay away from any hidden or clandestine relationships. Your spouse will be loyal, kind, and caring. You and your spouse both may become very successful in your respective careers.

Your children will also be prosperous and may bring a lot of joy and happiness to your life. Sometimes, your partner may belong to different community, race, or religion. Your married life will be happy. Although, your perfectionist attitude may get you in trouble in your personal and professional life.

Shravana Nakshatra:- Career/ Profession/ Business-Male/ Female

These people can become famous travel wanderers or saints in life. These people may be able to find work that will be financially fulfilling and can give them happiness, satisfaction on moral and spiritual levels. You can become an excellent writer, poet, travel nomad, actor, singer, film director, administrative officer, doctor, engineer, etc.

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You will also earn substantial money from speculative activities and also from stocks and shares market. Your investment business or business of agriculture, construction real estate will give you ample gains and success in life.

You may also become hotel manager, broker, trader, travel blogger, etc. You may achieve great things in life because of your advanced planning and optimistic prudential approach. Your expenses will be high so savings will be less.

Shravana Nakshatra:- Strength and Weakness in Astrology

Your extreme righteous attitude, high self-respect, and high moral values can get you in trouble at times. These Shravana natives are humble but sometimes develop extreme egoistic opinions and revolutionary mindset which can bring great change but can cause great trouble in their life. Sometimes, they can become rigid, conservative ad narrow-minded in their views.

Your idealistic opinion or dreams can become unrealistic in your life. Your idealistic dreamy imagination may bring trouble in your career. Jealousy is also one of your drawbacks in life. You are very sensitive to criticism.

However, for the most part of your life, you will be positive, friendly, compassionate, and may hate gossiping at your workplace. Some people may get good government job or marketing work after the age of 26. Although, you may start earning from the age of 22.

Shravana Nakshatra and its effects on Health in Horoscope

You will be healthy and wealthy in life. Your energy and immunity will be high but may always suffer from cold, cough, fever. Some people may suffer from blood and skin-related disease but they will recover from them. Lung and heart issues may trouble you after the age of 55. Your health will be fine till the age of 40. Women may suffer from inconsistent periods and hormonal troubles.

Overall, your health will be fine but stay away from fast and sweet foods. Some people may become diabetic at a young age. Some natives may suffer from tuberculosis or digestive problems in old age.

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Shravana Nakshatra Padas -1st Pada-2nd Pada-3rd Pada-4thPada

1st Pada:- The first pada of this nakshatra falls in between  10 degree to 13 degree 20 minutes in Capricorn sign. Your Moon in Navamsha chart will fall in Aries sign if your Moon nakshatra is Moola of this pada in your Rasi or Da1 chart. Your Lagna in Navamsha will fall in Aries sign if your Ascendant sign (Lagna sign) is in Moola nakshatra of this pada in your Rasi or d1 chart.

2nd Pada:- The second pada of this nakshatra falls in between 13 degree 20 minutes to 16 degree 40 minutes in Capricorn sign. The 2nd pada of this constellation yields Taurus Navamsha.

3rd Pada:-The third pada of this Shravana nakshatra falls in between 16 degree 40 minutes to 20 degree in Capricorn sign in your Rasi or D1 chart. The 3rd pada of this constellation bestows Gemini Navamsha.

4th Pada:-The fourth pada of this nakshatra falls in between 20 degree to 23 degree 20 minutes in Capricorn sign. This 4th pada of  Shravana yields Cancer Navamsha.

Shravana Nakshatra- Marriage/Business Partner Compatibility

Ashwini nakshatra, Bharani nakshatra, Pushya, nakshatra, Hasta nakshatra, Anuradha Nakshatra, Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra people are most compatible with Shravana natives for marriage union or business partnership.

Ashlesha Nakshatra, Magha nakshatra, Vishakha nakshatra, Mrigashira Nakshatra, Krittika nakshatra people are most incompatible and have enmity towards Shravana natives.

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