Career & Success In Film Industry – Astrology

Career & Success In Film Industry - Astrology - Actors, Directors, Dancer, Producer

Career & Success In Film Industry – Astrology – Horoscope:

The first person: “I have a dream.”

Second person: “What is that, dear?”

First Person: “I want to become a film star.”

The second person: “Do you know, will you really become, or it will remain a mere dream throughout your whole life?” –

It is said that a dream does not come true as long as you are not obsessed with it. I believe, it is not true all the time. So many people are running behind this dream and the maximum of them are ruining their golden times of life what they can not get back at all. Some people come to me to ask just this question only: “Sir, do I have any yoga to become a film star in my horoscope?” Some of them really have that yoga but some do not.

It is not bad to have a dream but sometimes obsession with it can be fatal. The question of the second person in the above conversation is very vital and if you ask that question to yourself, you can save the golden time of your life. But, here comes another question: “who will give me the answer?” answer is very simple and obvious: “Astrology”. To get what you are here today reading this article. Today I will share with you the knowledge, that – what are the indications that tell us whether somebody will be able to step into Film Industry or not. I will cover yogas what indicate whether you will become a successful director, producer, actor or actress, cameraman, make-up artist, etc or not. One piece of advice for you and please pass the message to everybody around you, that – If you do not have any indication or yoga in your horoscope to make a career in Film Industry so, please do not waste valuable or precious time of your life. Because time once lost can not be regained. You must have been made for some other career. Just find out that and be happy.  This article not only will help the newcomers in film or television industry but also will help those people who are already there. Some people call it Bollywood astrology predictions, but it is not only about Bollywood, Tollywood or Hollywood, etc. this astrological judgment is for all who are directly or indirectly connected with the film industry.

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Planets In Horoscope Related To Career In Film Industry:

(film career astrology)

Any planet can be responsible for making your career in film industry, but, the effect of some planets is obvious. Those are:

1. Sun

2. Moon

3. Mars

4. Venus

5. Rahu & Ketu


Sun & Career In The Film Industry(Directors, Producers, Fame):

(career film industry astrology, film director astrology)

Sun & Career In The Film Industry(Directors, Producers, Fame

Sun is the king. King refers to authority, power, fame and commanding in nature. Without the strength of this planet, you will rarely get fame in this industry. How much strong this planet would be that much fame would be there in your bucket. If the Sun is afflicted or somehow weak in the horoscope, so you may have the talent, you may have done the best job, but the recognition wouldn’t be there that much or at all. If really you want to rule your own field of expertise this planet should be very strong. Whether you are a cameraman, actor- actress, director, etc. it doesn’t matter at all. To get fame in any form – the position of this planet should be favorable. This planet especially indicates – Directors, Producers, Lead Actors, and Actresses.


Moon & Career In The Film Industry(Creativity, expression of emotions):

Moon & Career In The Film Industry(Creativity, expression of emotions)

Moon signifies mind. Moon & Mercury combined to indicate the power of expression. Moon should be strong in the horoscope, especially for actor-actress, directors, and writers including scriptwriters. Moon gives those mental qualities to writers to make the story more perfect, to directors & scriptwriters to feel the story and implement that practically (though, in the case of directors Mercury will also come into the picture), ultimately – Actors and Actress to feel their own characters in that story and express that. Actors or actresses, they need to be expert in expressing various type of emotions, sentiments, tragic moments. Here Moon plays a very important role. Moon and Venus if both are well connected so these types of people will be very expert in making or writing a romantic film or romantic act. Moon and Mercury make comedy characters or involvement in comedy-related writing & filmmaking. In one word if your moon is not strong so your creativity wouldn’t be strong and this film industry is all about creativity. In case of planetary combination to become actor in astrology Moon plays a very important role


Mars & Career In The Film Industry(Actor, stage fear, action):

Acting in astrology / Acting career astrology

Mars & Career In The Film Industry(Actor, stage fear, action)

Mars is all about fearlessness, boldness. This planet is very important to judge career in film industry, especially acting career in Vedic astrology/ Birth Chart. Mars is a fiery planet. It gives a fire within a person what makes him fight with all adversities just like a warrior. Positive Mars and Rahu are the two planets who always keep you a winner. These two planets have that much power to win any competition in this competitive industry. Mars is also a strong significator of “Actors” or Hero. A negative Mars can give a person “Stage Fear”. a person may have a lot of potential within him to become a good actor, but if the “Stage Fear” would be there in him so he won’t be able to act in the proper way publicly. Action heroes, action-oriented films and stories are indicated by Mars. Mars, Saturn, and Rahu combination make action and underworld related movies and can make somebody very famous in negative roles. Stuntmen, action directors (the sun also play a role), martial arts, etc. all related to actions come under the supervision of this planet. Mars is also the “karaka” for the “editing” part of a Film. Mars plays an important role in making yogas for becoming actor.


Venus & Career In Film Industry (actress, dancer, singing, modeling etc.):

A career in film industry and astrology

Venus & Career In Film Industry (actress, dance, singing etc.)

Venus is the king of entertainment. This planet is also a significator of modeling career in astrology. Sun is the real king but if anybody can entertain the real king that is Venus. That means in the entertainment world Venus is the king. The film industry is also called a “Venusian” industry. A “Venusian” person knows the art that – how to convert a simple matter into entertainment. If they cry, that will entertain you if they laugh so that will entertain you, whatever they do with their creativity that is just to entertain others. They live in the world of entertainment. If Venus is strong in somebody’s chart and indicates career towards Film Industry according to the house & planetary combinations so he/she will be a great entertainer. Venus represents – Luxurious life, tends to earn and accumulate money and enjoy life to the fullest. But, in case of male actors – this planet should not be very strong, otherwise, some womanly characteristics will be there in their behavior, and that is not good for his career, but if this planet is strong in a female chart (actress) so it is a bliss for her. Venus is all about beauty. It can be a sense of beauty or beautiful appearance. When it deals with 4th house it gives the sense of beauty but when it deals with Lagna or 1st house so it will give you beautiful & attractive body structure when it will deal with the 2nd house it will give a very beautiful & attractive face and eyes, with third house only beautiful voice, etc. later I will discuss on house matters in details.

With a strong Venus connection with the 4th house, somebody can become a fashion designer or costume designer in this industry. Venus also indicates Modeling Field which has a co-relation with the film industry. In one word without a strong Venus, you won’t get the entrance in the glamour world or entertaining industry. Singing in Vedic astrology / Musical talent in Vedic astrology: Venus signifies singers, lyrics maker, songwriters. In the case of music, Venus and Moon’s combination is very auspicious, especially romantic songs. Moon and Venus both are core creative planets. Like – Venus, Moon, and Jupiter combination make classical singers, etc.

So, the conclusion is, whether it is music, dance, acting, direction, cameraman or anything directly related to the entertaining world – Venus is the ruler. Venus also deals with the advertising field and thus it rules the promotion part of a film before releasing it. If in transition Venus is not in a favorable position so the promotion of the film will be hampered and it may send the wrong message to people also. Always remember, in acting field mars & Mercury always deals with verbal languages, but Venus deals with physical language, Venus communicates with physic, eyes and other body parts. In Hindi, it is called -“latke-jhatke” or “ada”. Venus knows the language of style. He knows how to move the body to make it more attractive and entertaining to others. That’s why this planet is a “Karaka” for Dance. If Rahu joins Venus so it can make a famous “Item No.” which is very popular nowadays, because, Rahu makes Venus a little bit seductive. there are many more other combinations if I start writing so this article will become very lengthy, which some of my readers won’t like. If you want to know more details do not hesitate to ask me.

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Yogas for becoming an actor

Rahu & Ketu – Career & Success In The Film Industry – Astrology:

Rahu & Ketu - Career & Success In The Film Industry - horoscope

Film Industry is a very competitive industry. Some of them are healthy and some are unhealthy. Mars will be always there to give you the energy to win any healthy competition, but what about unhealthy competitions? Mars won’t help you there that much rather it may raise some ethical reasons not to involve in unhealthy competitions, because, mars is always a member of Jupiter’s family. The sequence is something like that – Sun is the king, Mars is the commander-in-chief and Jupiter is “Devguru” – “Sattwik” in nature & deals with an advisory part, as a guru he always gives good advice to the king and king passes that message to his commander-in-chief means – Mars. So a positive Mars won’t let you do anything wrong if somehow he does he will repay that later when he will realize. Sometimes we see this kind of character in some people in society.

So, here, Rahu – “the demon” will come into the picture. He likes unethical challenges & competitions. According to the strength of the planet, the native will win. The strong impact of Rahu and Mars in a horoscope makes a person ready for every situation. They are good with good people but very bad with bad people. If anything comes in their way to refrain from achieving their goal so they can go to any extent to wash away that from their path of life. Rahu makes a man or woman very much self-oriented. Nothing is important to them without their goal. Rahu is a planet of betrayal. With a strong Rahu connected with career-related houses and Moon can make a person betrayer or cheater. He/she can even betray that person who has played a very important role in uplifting his/her career. Ketu also signifies the same but when it is negative, if Ketu is positive it will always keep you away from unethical or unhealthy competitions. A positive Ketu always signifies spirituality and detachment. Actually, the behavior of these two shadow planets depends upon their depositors and “nakshatra lords” mostly. Rahu and Ketu do not have any physical existence in the galaxy like other planets. They are just two orbital crossing points of moon and earth. Rahu is the Northside point and Ketu is the Southside point. That’s why they are also called the North Node and South Node of Moon. To know more about this you can read my articles on Rahu & Ketu – Effects Of Rahu In Astrology – A Mysterious Planet, Rahu-Ketu In India Astrology and Planets In Astrology – science Or Fake?

Nowadays Completions have become very high in the film industry. So Rahu has become an essential planet to make a promising career in this industry. Ketu has the nature of giving a sudden rise in the career. Rahu and Saturn indicate Struggle & Ketu is the “karaka” for a sudden rise.


Secondary Planets In Horoscope Related To Career In Film Industry:

(success in film industry astrology)

In this category, Mercury and Saturn will come.

Mercury: The prime significator of communication and the quality of dialogue delivery.

Saturn: Indicates overall struggle and hard work. Lightman, spot boys etc. all secondary members of a team come under the supervision of Saturn.


Houses In Horoscope Related To Career & Success in Film Industry – Astrology:

Any house can indicate a career in this industry. It can be Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood anywhere. How much the big the industry would be that much strong the related houses and planets should be. Now the question can come about why any house or any planet can indicate a career in this industry! because this industry is very versatile and needs a variety of people from various fields. But, still, some houses and Planets really dominate this industry. I am discussing those related and essential parts only. Dominating houses in a horoscope according to astrology are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses.


Lagna or 1st House – Career & Success In Film Industry – Astrology:

This house is very important. This house is your true being, your personality. A strong 1st house can make a very influential personality which is very needed to build a career in this industry. You need to be very influential to impact the mass in such a way that it will remain for a very long period of time. This house deals with your physical abilities, and being 10th from 4th house of mind this house indicates the mental abilities too. A good structure of body also is an essential part of becoming famous in this industry which is ruled by this house. So, to get success or to start a career in this industry this house should be devoid of all negative influences – afflictions of malefic planets and houses. If the lord of this house is placed in any “Kendra”(4th, 7th & 10th) or “Trikon”(5th & 9th) houses and connected to strong Venus and Mars so it will indicate a career in glamour world or film industry. Among all “Kendra” houses 10th house would be the most promising house in deciding careers.


2nd & 3rd House – Career & Success In Film Industry:

Success in film industry astrology

Speech and communication skills are ruled by these two houses and their lords respectively, which is very important for an actor or actress. structure and beauty of the face are seen from the 2nd house where the quality of voice is seen from the 3rd house. Those are very important milestones to step into and to sustain in this industry. Skin quality is seen from the 2nd house and Mercury. the third house also rules the writing skill, so this house needs to be strong for story/scriptwriters.


Fifth House & Career & Success In Film Industry – Astrology:

The fifth house is the house of entertainment and followers or fans. This house tells us how many fans & followings you have. That means as an entertainer how far you are successful. If the 5th house is connected with the 10th house of career and strong Mars, Venus & Sun these three planets are connected with this combination, so that native is going become a great entertainer with a lot of fans and followings. The career may start from the television industry but he/she is going to dominate this glamorous film industry.

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9th & 10th House – Career & Success In Film Industry – Astrology:

The ninth house is all luck. This house is called “Laxmi Sthana” and the 10th house is called “Vishnu Sthana”. 9th house indicates easy success, just like the platform of your career is ready, you have to just go and act. 10th house also gives success but after a struggle, because this is “Karma Sthana”. Do “Karma” and then enjoy the fruit. A strong or Rajyoga Karaka tenth house says: Your enjoyment of fruit or success is definite but you will have to struggle to get it. A strong 9th house says: You have already struggled to get the success in your “Previous Births”, now enjoy the fruit only. Now you can ask – “Oh, that means if I struggle in this birth to achieve anything so I may not get the fruit in this birth?” Well, the answer will depend on so many other factors of a birth chart or Kundli. That I will discuss in my later articles in future. For now, let us not to go there, otherwise, we will lose our focus of the present topic. The tenth house is also the house of motivation & ambition. How much motivated & ambitious you are that can be seen from the strength of this house and lord. This house also deals with a reputation in this field.


11th house & Career & Success In Cinema Industry – Astrology:

After everything, you have a good story, directors, editors, financiers and a full expert team to make a good film. But, ultimately why you are doing all these.

First of all – 1. Money, then

2. to build your own network of viewers.

These both are controlled by this 11th house. If this house is not strong, so the film won’t give you profit that much, will ultimately indicate loss of energy, money & time. This is applicable only for a particular team or group, not for an individual basis. In these types of cases one “Muhurta Chart” should be drawn and the horoscope should be judged accordingly. In the case of any individual – this house will indicate earning & gain. It may be of director, actor or anybody. This house also for fulfilling a wish.

This house also signifies Film Distribution. 


How To Find Out Indications Of Career & Success In Film Industry From Horoscope:

Film industry and astrology

How To Find Out Indications Of Career In Film Industry horoscope From Horoscope

Now we have come at the last stage, that is to find out the indications from the horoscope, whether you have any yoga to become a part of this glamorous and prosperous industry, where money and fame walk by hand-in-hand. If you have jumped to this last section directly without reading the rest, so what I am going to say, you won’t understand anything. So, please read the above sections to understand it properly.

Just combine above Planets and Houses together and try to find out in your chart whether any of the combinations are present in your chart or not. If the yoga or combination is not present in Rashi Chart or D-1 look at your D-10, which is the Chart Of Career. If both are not indicating careers in the film industry please do not waste your time and money for all “daydreams”. Please accept the truth that all are not made for everything in this world, everybody has their own world of existence. You may have been made for some other type of career, but, if they’re the yoga or combination of career in film industry is present in D-10 only, not present in Rashi Chart, so my dear, you will definitely get chance in this industry, just you have to wait for the right time to come. To know about the timing you have to see the “Vimsottori Dasa/Antardasa” and “Tithi Astottori Dasa”, because, there you need to draw another chart that is called – “Tithi Pravesha Chart”. On these topics, I will discuss this in my future article. For the time being, digest this much, I am always there to enrich your knowledge.

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  1. Muthukirishna says:

    hello sir, my name is muthu kirishna.i want to become a director and little bit singing and acting also interest sir. i have 4 story also for direct and side acting role also ,which month or year its possible its my biggest dream sir .my date of birth is 04.11.1996,timming 11.45pm, place of birth ; karaikkudi , tamilnadu. sir i request you to please help me.

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    my name anurag date of birth is 24/02/1995 amd timings 2.30 AM amd wthich carreer suitavle giging bmosat faous and oney strongly and abt my realtosnship i have badky i y relationshio wt to do?

  3. Mohamed shahud says:

    Hello, can I be good in actor field. If not which field can I be good at?. Please
    My details.
    Mohamed shahud
    29 october 1998

  4. Mohamed Shahud says:

    hello, can i become a actor? my details are 29/10/1998 6;45am Male,Maldives.
    thank you. which is best profession for me then?

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  6. Sankaranarayanan says:

    Sir , I have read about planets and education subjects for different fields ..mostly I have dealt with science and math .. and Do you have any idea regarding the different sections of chemistry like organic and inorganic and physical .. bcoz I never found such specifications in my search .. kindly please help me in this regard. Thank you

  7. vivek says:

    Dear Sir
    My name is vivek from kerala. i am looking to make a carrier in film industry. once i got an opportunity,but due to financial problem that project cancelled. i would like to know whether i can make carrier in film industry or not. i am giving my birth details below.

    DOB – 18 JUNE 1992
    TIME – 4.30 PM

  8. vivek says:

    Dear Sir
    My name is vivek from kerala. i am looking to make a carrier in film industry. once i got an opportunity,but due to financial problem that project cancelled. i would like to know whether i can make carrier in film industry or not. i am giving my birth details below.

    DOB – 18 JUNE 1992
    TIME – 4.30 PM

  9. Vishal ranjan achar says:

    Respected guruji,
    Dob – April 22 1996
    Place – kolar, Karnataka, India
    Time – 11:00 am
    Working as an freelance architect since 6 months after graduation, I am passionate about being a film director, always my mind goes towards such thoughts whenever and whatever job I do, day and night I have only the thought of being a director. Guruji please help me in finding the answer on to continue to work as an freelance architect or move into my passionate filmmaking. Waiting for your reply Guruji.
    Thank you.

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Dear Vishal,
      It’s true that you are passionate to work in the film industry. But, that path would not be easy for you, even the most challenging situations you will be going through. The Moon-Rahu conjunction in the 2nd house and the Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 11th house actually destroyed all possibilities to become successful in the film or glamor industry. Venus is the gateway to film or glamour industry. In your case, Venus has gone to 12th house which is it’s own house and made ‘Sarala Yoga’. But the problem is this venus (atma karaka) is in rohini Nakshatra, which is the nakshatra of the moon. The condition of the moon in your chart is not that good to make path for you to the Film industry. It is trapped in its own house. These combinations will not give you that much trouble if you choose a career in the less competitive field but as the film industry career is very competitive and almost has become a marathon race so you need to have a very powerful planetary combination in your horoscope to achieve success in this field. Lastly to become a film director you need to have a strong presence of Sun and Mars in the chart, to dominate the system. But you have got a disturbed Sun and Mars in your chart.

      In conclusion, nothing is impossible for a man who has a strong determination. If you have that and want to really become something. No one in this world can prevent you from becoming that. Because you are the powerhouse of nature. The only difference is, if you have good yogas in the chart you will face challenges either less or not even a single. But if you do not have that, then you need to fight against the ‘law of nature’ and achieve that. To do that you may need to put everything at stake. If you are ready then go ahead, otherwise don’t…God Bless…

  10. umamaheswararao says:

    sir i want to become an actor my date of birth is 16-9-2000 morning 9-10 mins at kovvur westgodavari andhrapradesh plz check sir………*******

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    Dear sir

    My name is Chandrashekara BB DOB: 24/07/1981 time not sure its 4-30pm Born in Banavara, arasikere tq, Hassan dist. I wanted to do my own film as a Director and also wanted to open my Production house for the futre. Name for Production House i have in Maind for your reffreance. BBC….(Like talkies, Studios, CHitra, Productions, something like this or any other ) Kindly advice and suggest me. Expecting your valvable guidenss on this tq.

      • Sankaranarayanan says:

        Mars and mercury represents verbal language … and venus signify physical language .. how does Mars play role in language .. pls explain it clearly

        • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

          In case of film acting an a person speaks in many ways (not only verbal communication always). When you speak the blunt truth or as a director, actor, journalist says or shows something without fear then there must be an influence of Mars. For example, many journalist nowadays know the reality of politics and real faces of political leaders, they have the information, but when they deliver their report or speech they fabricate the truth, this is also oratory and represented by Mercury but when anyone says all those truth without any fear or care that becomes the strong influence of positive Mars on Mercury or 2nd house. Mars and Saturn both planets are the siginificator of justice, they cannot keep themselves quiet just due to fear of something…this is the difference…

        • Sankaranarayanan says:

          Thank you sir .. sir I am in doubt what are the planets signifying homosexual love and sex for males and females ?

          • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

            The question you are asking that is not related to this article or topic, please ask the question in the comment section of the related article of the website. For example Taboo Sex Yogas In Horoscope. But as you have asked this question many other people have also asked the same question and requested me to answer in detail. That is the reason I have decided to write an article on this where I will discuss the matter in detail.

  12. Nikhil Singh says:

    Hello Sir, My name is Nikhil Singh. DOB- 07/06/1997. Birth Place – Obra, Uttar Pradesh, Birth time – 04:40 AM. Sir I am very much passionate about acting, but I am from a lower class family. Our family have money problem so I am unable to go for my dreams. Sir For me my dream is everything. My question is “When will the time come for me to join bollywood and when can I be a succesfull actor?”
    Please reply, I really need your help.

  13. bharat bhadana says:

    sir my name is bharat bhadana .. shall i change my name to bharath aarya . my dob is 3.4.94 but my documented dob is 23.11.94 time of birth is 10:00 AM or 10:30AM place of birth is palwal haryana. and i want career guidance as well shall i go for acting or director?

  14. Rajesh Agarkar says:

    Sir I want to become a professional singer my date of birth is 17.08.1974 birth time 6:00PM birth place Burhanpur MP. Pls guide me.

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Dear Rajesh,

      In your horoscope the lagna is Capricorn and the Moon sign is the Cancer and is in the nakshatra of Mercury which is Aslesha. Here Moon is your “Atma Karaka” also. An atma karaka planet plays a very important role in life. Your 10th lord is Venus and with Moon in 7th house, this combination will give you the support to go to the film industry. In case of singers another important house is 3rd house which is the house of Vocal power or voice (good or bad). I have seen your D-9 also, You have the strong yoga to become singer, you are a good singer also, but the main problem here is your 8th house which is not giving you the proper stage to show your talent. Some other issues are also there. Another very important thing is that, your Dasa is not supporting to take you high now. If you go through some specific remedies to nullify the bad effect of your 8th house in horoscope then the real change will come in your life. That can be done through many ways. I believe I have given you the answer of your question. God bless you…

      Topic: Singer/ singing career and success in film Industry

  15. Suman Chakraborty says:

    Hi. I am Suman Chakraborty. DOB 24/09/1980. I am soooo much passionate about acting. I fact I am a theatre actor. I am trying to entitled myself in bengali film industry , but not getting first opening. Although I have capability to explore my acting. What to do?

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Dear Suman Chakraborty, First you need to see whether you have career in film yoga in your horoscope or not. if it is there then no one can prevent you from going to that height. After that try to see the dasa antardasa. In Astrology dasa antardasa simply means time period. As time is everything so you need to know the perfect timing of rising in career. The process I shared here you will get clues from this article how to judge career in film industry frim your horoscope article. Still if you have anything more to ask you can, I will be very pleased to answer you…

  16. Chethan Chandu says:

    I want to become an actor, I have uploaded my rashi, lagna and navamsa chart. Please give me ur suggestions.

  17. Shantanu Singh says:

    My sister has makar lagna kundli. Venus in 3rd, sun in 4th, mercury in 5th, rahu in 6th, moon in 8th, sat+mars in 9th, jup in 10, ketu in 12th house. First four planets are favourable. Mars, sat, jup is vakri. She aspires to be writer, director, producer. Pls predict her fate in film line

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      In your sister’s horoscope Venus is the 10th and 5th house lord and placed in 3rd house which is Jupiter’s house and Jupiter is in 10th house. As per her lagna Jupiter is the 12th lord and 3rd lord. On the other hand 4th, 11th house lord Mars(which is the lord of earning and success of any kind) and Lagna or ascendant, 2nd house lord Saturn (which is lord of wealth, speech, self, and social status) both have gone to 9th house of luck. This is very good sign as far as career in cinema astrology is concern. Venus gives the entrance to glamour world Mercury controls the dialogue delivery, Mars controls the fearlessness related to stage/ camera fear. All yogas are present in your sister’s chart. Only due to Saturn Mars combination in her birth chart in 9th house of luck can give her a rigorous struggle or efforts at the first half of her career. Here what I have predict that is on the basis of the data you have given me about her kundli (planetary positions in the horoscope). There are so many other parameters to predict successfully, like, Argala, nakshatra, divisional charts – D-10(the chart of career) etc. those information are missing here. For that a proper vedic chart should be draw…

  18. abhishek jangra says:

    Date of birth 5-10-1990 time 02:20pm place meham (haryana)
    Interested in becoming actor and director. Please tell me is there any chance or not.

  19. Aakash Tiwari says:


    • Dr. Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      To lead any part in this industry you need to have strong Venus and Sun. Mercury plays the role of communication and very-important for script writers and story writers, but Sun which leads everything, this planet is important specially for directors. To become a successful director the Sun should be in very good state in horoscope , apart from this there should also be some yogas what indicate career in film industry. 10th house, 9th house and 5th house, these three houses play the main role to indicate film industry career. So combine planetary information and house related information together and judge it in the Rashi chart and D-10 or dasamasa both, because D-10 is called ‘the chart of career’, if all are fulfilled then go ahead, otherwise do not waste the precious time of your life in running behind unnecessary things.
      Always remember, the chart you see it just the accumulation of your ‘Karma’ so far, what has become automatic process in this life for you. hence it looks like uncontrollable. But, you can control it through your ‘karma’ only. Destiny is really at your hand and you can change it anytime you want. Remember, this is a war between you and yourself, nobody is to blame…god bless you…

  20. Ghanshyam says:

    If Leo is sign of first house having jupiter & venus conjunction in nakshatra of Venus how it will reflect

    • Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

      It depends dear, I always say do not go with any shortcut formula to judge horoscope, there isn’t. The whole horoscope should be judged. Only a planetary combination does not say anything. After reading your question I can only tell you one thing that Nakshatra acts as the subconscious mind of a planet, here take subconscious mind as an example, what means the nakshatra of a planet literally controls the characteristics of the planet. For example if Saturn is in Moon’s nakshatra, so Saturn will present it result as the mixture of two platens moon and Saturn itself, now to know the result in detail you need to see the houses and other influences of those two planets, all are interconnected……

  21. rena mcroy says:

    Very nice and informative article here. Thanks for the info, super helpful. You will be surprised how easy it can be to merge some documents.

  22. Sanjay says:

    My ascendant is Sagittarius and Moon in it. Rahu, Sun, Mercury and Venus are placed in 4th House in Pieces, Saturn in 5th of Aries, Jupiter and Ketu are in 10th of Virgo and Mar in 12th of Scorpio. Is this planatory position suit for me to became an Actor and get success in Film Industry?

  23. S.Venkata ramana says:

    Dear sir
    My sincere request is my DOB 31.01.1967 time 23.48 approx ( +/_ 15min) Tuesday night , can I fit for Singer/ comedian actor/ editor, please knowledge . Now I am at 48y, Please suggest Shall I try or not ?
    Please reply to [email protected]

    • S.Venkata ramana says:

      My DOB 31.01.1967 Time 23.58 IST, Tuesday night , Shall I try in Film industry as actor, I have ambition from since tens . Still today not tried. but jobs are loosing frequently once in a year

  24. Rushang says:

    hello i am rushang parmar dob 14-08-1983 time 10:05 A.m. birth place – ahmedabad and also wlived in ahmedabad. I am film maker and want cannes screening form my frist film which i have made. bust still i m looking for good oportunities which dosent seem long way. can you please guid me when did i get my dreams fullfill and when i am get success.

  25. vishal says:

    i am dam confuse about my career .which field is good for me? 23-10-94 , time 21.15 , place kandivli mumbai

  26. vishal says:

    i am dam confuse about my career .which field is good for me? 23-10-94 , time 21.15 , place kandivli mumbai

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