Solar Eclipse December 26 2019 – Effects On 12 Zodiac Signs In Astrology

Solar Eclipse December 26 2019- Effects On 12 Zodiac Signs In Astrology

Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019- Effects On 12 Zodiac Signs In Astrology: SuperNova of Vedic astrology: Expect the Unexpected The year 2019 is closing with a very powerful cosmic event. An intense Solar Eclipse on the heels of a very rare 6 planet combination is going to affect your horoscope. The Solar Eclipse & 6 planet combination would form in your horoscope from 25th to 28th December 2019. It will kick off with a 5 planet combination of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu & Sun initially on 25th December in the 2nd house of your chart. Moon would join in intensifying it further, causing a 6 planet combination. All the 6 planets would be touched by the powerful Solar Eclipse on 26th December leading to a tremendous pull on your destiny.

The Solar eclipse would suck-in energy from the 6 planets creating an exceptional energy field. The Solar Eclipse & 6 planet combination would together bring about financial, professional, family & health-related changes too. This eclipse is an Annual Solar Eclipse,  but it will appear partially in other parts of India except for Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and parts of Karnataka, where it will be visible in its annular (ring-shaped) form.

This eclipse will be visible from 08:17:02 to 10:57:09 (in the sky in INDIA) on Amavasya during Paush month according to the Hindu Calendar. It is worth noting that this eclipse will be seen at different times in different places. Apart from India, this rare occurrence will also be visible in Asia, East Africa, Eastern Europe, and Northern/Western Australia too. During any Solar Eclipse, Lord Surya should be revered and Strengthened by reciting different Surya Stotras such as Aditya Hridaya Stotram, etc. to gain auspicious results. Cooked grains and chopped vegetables should be discarded as they become contaminated during this period. However, putting Kusha in things like ghee, oil, curd, milk, curd, butter, cheese, pickles, chutney, marmalade, etc. one should not enter the kitchen or eat any meal during this period. Indulgence in love and romance and sexual activity is strictly prohibited during this period. 

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ARIES and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019

For Aries sign born natives, this eclipse will take place in your 9th house, which will lead to a decline in your luck. During this time, there are chances of defamation or decline in your values and prestige. You may lose respect and may become part of controversy hitched and conspire against you due to which you have to remain concerned and think well before taking any action.  Child-related problems and their health can bother you. It will be better for you to stay away from unnecessary tension. Sun rules the fifth house for your sign. Solar eclipse occurring in your 9th house, linked with luck in general besides other things. some major breakthroughs in a matter related to career or business can be seen during this period and no major health issue is to trouble in the near future. 


TAURUS and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019, In Astrology

For you, the Solar Eclipse will take place in your 8th house from your sign dear Taurus native, due to which you are likely to suffer from physical ailments or any minor injury on your body which may cause agony. So, take much care of your health and keep a tab on what you eat and drink. There can be a reduction in your comfort levels, and some family tension may prevail…Sun rules the 4th house for your sign. Solar eclipse taking place on the 8th for your sign. If you are spiritually inclined, you can have a major opportunity or path-breaking incident which will help you to move ahead on the spiritual path. This eclipse will bestow some gain from inheritance.  If you are career-oriented or doing business, some constraint or hindrance may slow you from making due progress. 


Gemini and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019, In Astrology

Due to the Solar Eclipse occurring in your 7th house dear Gemini, you can face marital problems in life. Also, your spouse’s health is likely to remain weak and feeble. If you want to do business in partnership, then there will be ups and downs in your business expansion and profits. You are advised to read all the documents, contracts and minute details before investing money anywhere. Increase your efforts and take care of siblings. Sun rules the third house for your sign. Solar eclipse in Sagittarius happening in the 7th from your sign thus, you need to remain much cautious and alert about health in the coming period. You can have an issue in your love or partnership relation like a life partner or business partner if any. Keep communication alive to move things smoothly with your dear one.

 Cancer and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019

Cancer sign born natives will have a cluster of 6 planets and solar eclipse in their 6th house undergoing which will deliver favorable results for you dear Cancer people. You will dominate and subdue your enemy and your chances of incurring wealth will also increase. You may receive good news from your family. Sun rules your 2nd house, linked with finance and family mainly. Solar eclipse taking place in your 6th house for your sign hence, things are looking quite well for you on the occupational and financial front as well. You will be able to conquer any obstacle coming your way on road to progress. However, you need to deal and sort out your unexpected expenses which will incur. No major health issue is likely to trouble you this time.

Leo and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019, In Astrology

For Leo sign born native, Solar Eclipse taking place in your 5th house will give rise to child or progeny related issues regarding their health and education and you will have to put much labor and dedication to earn money during last part of the month December. Being Sun himself is the lord of your own sign thus, you may have to take special care of your health during the eclipse and try to keep your self-respect and honor and dignity intact. Sun rules your own sign dear Leo native,  Since, Solar eclipse happening in your 5th house then, You may have kind of major issue with the one you are emotionally attached. You need to take care of and respect the sentiments of your near and dear ones during this time and period. You need to take much extra due care of your own health too because your Sign lord Sun will be in afflicted mode. You need to postpone major decisions related to buying or selling or any kind of money transaction to the Next year 2020.

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Virgo and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019, In Astrology

For Virgo born natives, Solar Eclipse will take place in their 4th house from your zodiac sign which can lead to reduction and loss in your family happy and also it may deteriorate your mother’s health too. You will remain mentally perplexed and will feel uncomfortable at home. In such a condition, you should focus and dedicate your timer more to work and should realize bear the responsibilities of your family and fulfill their desires. The 12th house of your sign dear Virgo ruled by the planet Sun. Solar eclipse happening in your 4th house may lead you to be a peacemaker in your family and you should sort out any differences among your family members. Things also looking not favorable on your health front as well. Do not neglect even minor health issues.You may need to exert more focus and dedication on your occupational front to achieve your goals and ambition to make a desirable level of progress.


Libra and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26 2019

For Libra sign natives, Solar Eclipse will be occurring in your  3rd house and will leave mark a major impact on your relationship with neighbour, colleague, and siblings. This Solar eclipse may cause suffering from siblings, colleague or neighbors. However, you will incur monetary gains and some profits or gain of wealth from the government sector or may gain support from government authorities.  If you are working in a multinational company or having foreign sources of earnings then the occurrence of this eclipse will be joyful and beneficial for you. Mighty Sun is the ruler of your 11th house of gains and profits. Solar eclipse taking place in your 3rd house may give some trouble in your journeys and in communication with others. You need to avoid any miss-communication and keep a tab on any confrontation or controversy. You are going to remain in a sound financial position during the last part of December 2019. You need to keep a tab on your expenses and extravagant activity.


Scorpio and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26 2019 In Astrology

Due to the impact of the  Solar eclipse on the 2nd house of your Scorpio Sign dear Scorpio natives, you may have to face family or Conjugal related issues problems and may suffer from a financial crisis. Unnecessary confrontation or aggressive talks and debates may cause severe entanglement or differences among family members. You may also have to face pressure and some struggle in your profession or working environment. You must control your food habits and poke nose on every issue or your way of communication.

The 10th house of profession or your occupational status is; linked by Sun for your sign. Solar eclipse taking place in your 2nd house of finance and family may cause some halt in your income and savings. postpone major decisions related to finance or any money transaction to the next year. Middle-aged and old age people have to be really careful about their health especially heart or nerve-related issues and get checkups even in the slightest of health issues.


Sagittarius and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26 2019 In Astrology

This is the 2nd  eclipse to occur in your sign dear Sagittarius people this year, as you have in the past witnessed the impact of Full Lunar Eclipse in 2019 in your own sign. In this period of time, take special care of your health and physical well being and please drive your vehicle carefully or you get hitched in any kind of accident during these last days of December.2019 and early days of 2020. Solar eclipse taking place in your own sign due to which issue related to indigestion and intestine trouble may trouble you. Some new meaningful bonds may develop soon and some old unwanted relationships may fade away from your life. You need to chalk out the right path to manage your income and expenses so that there is no financial trouble in the New Year.


Capricorn and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26 2019

Due to Solar Eclipse occurring in the 12th house from your sign dear Capricorn native, there is a strong indication of monetary loss or expenditure on medication and hospitalization or in foreign travel. unnecessary expenses on travel and extravagant activities are also indicated by this solar eclipse for Capricorn natives. Avoid unwanted trips and prepare well before embarking on any journey to eliminate any kind of inconvenience and physical problems. The 8th house is Governed by the sun for your sign and  Solar eclipse taking place in the 12th house from your sign and because of this, you may go through some stressful times after the end of Solar eclipse. You need to remain much focused and aware and active at the task on hand to make progress in your profession or endeavor. You need to keep a tab on your health as well. You need to keep control over unwanted expenses to remain in a sound position on the financial front.


Aquarius and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26 2019 In Astrology

For Aquarius sign born natives, this  Solar Eclipse will occur in the 11th house from your own sign leading to multiple gains and profits and materialistic success in life. Long-term plans and projects will fructify and will bear positive gainful results in terms of financial gains and success. You are likely to enjoy and gain benefits through your spouse or life partner as well. Invest your money at the right time at the place for long-term profit during this period. Sun is the ruler of your 7th house and  Solar eclipse taking place in the 11th house, linked with a gain of wealth and many materialistic profits. Thus, you are going to get a productive  opportunity to have monetary gains. You need to keep your cool and aim at maintaining peace and harmony in the relationship. Job or service people are going to feel happy with perks and promotion during New Year 2020. Businessperson will able to strike big deals in quick time and succession.


Pisces and Effects of Solar Eclipse December 26 2019

Solar Eclipse will occur in your 10th  house from your own sign dear Pisces native, which will be quite beneficial for you regarding your Career and Profession in the long run. Your pelf and position at the workplace will improve and there will be a rise in your responsibilities and authority. However, you may face stressful times on the family front so you should prepare yourself in advance for it. You should work hard during this period to shine in your Career as chances of promotion are high on the cards. This will surely put you under positive limelight, and your peers and seniors will appreciate your dedication and creativity in your work. Sun is the ruler of your 6th house and Solar eclipse taking place in the 10th for your dear Pisces thus you may face certain complexities in your working environment for a temporary period of time. You have to exert more time and devotion towards your work to make due progress in your pursuit. Married natives likely to enjoy blissful conjugal union during this time period and your health will be quite good and you will feel energetic and active in your endeavors or undertakings.

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