Money & Wealth In Palmistry

 Money & Wealth Line In Palmistry

(line of wealth in palmistry)

Money & Wealth In Palmistry: Everybody wants to know their wealth status, through horoscope it is possible to know but some people find it tough who do not have the correct birth data. Birth Time Rectification process is there in Vedic Astrology System but that system has also it’s own limitations, so now ? what to do ? that time only one thing comes in our mind that is “Palmistry”. In Palmistry you do not need to have correct birth data at all, because the judgement simply depends upon lines on the palm, colour and some other characteristics, if you read my other articles on palmistry you will find those. Today here I will only discuss about  the indications of money & wealth in palmistry.


Inherited Money Line In Palmistry Or Property Line:

Wealth line in hand

To understand this indication I want to say some basics about fingers for learners who are very new to “Palmistry”.

Remember: In palmistry, five fingers are allotted for five planets those are:

Jupiter – index finger.

Saturn – Middle finger.

Sun – Ring Finger.

Mercury – Little finger.

Thumb – Venus

Now, if there would be a “fine curve” line between Sun & Mercury fingers, so that would be the indications of inherited money and the person will get huge amount of money at any stage of his/her life. this line does not give us the clue about when the money will come. To know that we have to go to other supporting lines , like life line, head line, and heart line, if any up facing triangle would be there on any two of those lines so that part will indicate the age of getting that money. If any one of those lines are containing the triangle and others do not have any up facing line at the same age so the amount of money would not be that much huge. If three lines( life line, heart line, head line ) have only up facing line at the same age so that would indicate the money will come on the basis of his/her hard work or self effort.

1. If any cross would be there on the curving line between sun and mercury finger, so a lot of obstacles he/she has to face to get that wealth.

2. Black spot indicates some kind of conspiracy the person has to face to get the money. And importantly if the native is male so a female would be involved in that conspiracy directly and if the native is female so that person(doing conspiracy) would be a male personality. 

Actually, Sun line is the indicator of inherited money in palmistry. There is another combination of inherited money or wealth, that is – If many lines join from different mounts with the Syn line so will also indicate inherited money. But, remember, do not forget to check those mounts from where the lines are coming. The nature or amount of wealth will depend on the healthy or unhealthiness of those mounts. The joining points of those lines with sun line will be telling us the different ages of getting wealth.


Self Earned Money & Wealth In Palmistry:  

Self-earned money indications can be anywhere on the palm, but mostly we can see those on – life line, head line, heart line, fate line, and another line is also there that is called Sister Line or Influenced Line. Now I will discuss what are those indications and how to judge money and wealth from these lines.    

Money & wealth Indications In Palmistry from life line:    

Signs of wealth in palmistry

sometimes you could see some of facing lines have started from the life line, if those are Un-interrupted so at that particular age when the line is starting the native will be wealthy by his/her self-earned money.    

1. If the line goes to Jupiter mount means index finger so the native will get great success and acquire a good amount of wealth.  


2. If it goes towards Saturn mount or middle finger so the success or wealth will come by extremely hard work or challenges.    

3. If the line goes towards Sun Mount or Ring finger so the money will come from any artistic work but if the ring finger is straight and bigger than general especially almost equal or just equal to the middle finger so this will be the indication of getting “easy money” or winning any gamble very easily.  


4. If these lines turn or go towards Mercury’s finger or the little one so the money will come through business. But, if somebody does not have that line that does not mean that he/ she can not become a business person, this is only one of among other many important combinations.    

Money & Wealth Indications in Palmistry From Head line:

Wealth line in palm

Head line is the place where we get the indications like –

1. how we plan to get success.

2. what would be the circumstances etc.  

Head line gives us the clue to understanding that what kind of surroundings & circumstances we will be getting in the path our life. There is a certain procedure to get correct age from the head line that I will discuss later. For now, let’s just concentrate on head line’s indications only.

We earn money through Job or Business, now the way could be legal or illegal that is different but to earn money we have to choose any one of the two, and from here real mystery or better to say – a mysterious influence of “Head Line” starts playing its role. Head line also deals with the foundation of our mind. Like – if head line would be going towards Mars (passive) plane. The place under the mercury finger after heart line, so that kind of head line gives us the mental power, the power to fight with adversities or obstacles of life. This kind of line gives “Power of determination”.

A person with this type of line if once take a decision, he/she won’t stop till the target will have achieved. But, if the same head line goes towards moon mount we get a fully different personality. He/she becomes very emotional, easily touched, the person starts so many things at a time but cannot finish those properly, before finishing the existing one he/she starts thinking to do again something new. Always variety of things are going on in their mind but they are unable to materialize those ultimately – because of the lack of stability. If the moon mount is with a lot of small cross lines so that makes the situation more worse. So, now you think who could be a good employee or businessman? The first person or the second. I know you will say the first one – and your answer is right also, because a positive Mars can make a person very perfect for present world. But, if that Mars mount is also containing some inauspicious signs (cross, black spot etc.) so this Mars can give over-confidence to the person & some other Martial negative characteristics or if the situation is like –  the head line is not straight and healthy (fade, curvy, many islands etc.) so it can bring opposite result. On the contrary a healthy Moon mount can bring good luck to somebody’s life by giving him/her good imaginary power and by implementing that practically – which is very important for those who are in writing or artistic profession where practical implementation of imagination is prime factor.


Whatever we do in life – it can be earning, getting married etc. to get success & peace out of that first of all we need a stable mind, healthy circumstance & a stable target. How far a person would be successful in life that secret can be known from Head Line itself.

Till which age the headline is prominent and no inauspicious sign is there – the person will keep getting circumstantial help to earn money, it may be business or job.

If somewhere the line becomes fade that period would be taken as an inability to earn money due to lack of his own intelligence or wrong decisions.

If any line from active Mars mount (place inside the life line and before the starting point of thumb) crosses the headline it shows loss in business or problem in job due to enemy like behavior of friends, colleagues or competitors. Actually over here who would be responsible more among them, to see that we need to check some other factors of a palm. But, if at that particular age life line also becomes fade or broaden (width) unusually or change in colour so that would indicate financial loss due to serious health issue. What kind of health issue that would be, to know that we need to judge three major lines – head line, heart line and life line itself, sometimes health line also play a decisive role.

The upwards line from head line is always good. It shows – prosperity, gain of wealth and starting a new venture or getting a new job. The way of getting money could be anything but the gaining of wealth is definite.

Triangle on headline shows sudden rise in income or sudden gain. Now how you will understand that – the triangle is indicating towards sudden unexpected income or a continues flow of income? The fate line will give you the answer. If at that same age there is any upward line or triangle on the fate line and there is a star sign in Venus or triangle in Rahu mount (portion at the corner of the thumb and active Mars) so it will indicate towards huge unexpected gain of wealth. How much healthy those related mounts and lines would be that much huge gain it would be. If any related mount or line is unhealthy so the gain will be “less” accordingly. But, if only fate line is supporting that same age and there is no other indications in Rahu mount or Venus, and the fate line is also devoid of triangle sign but only one upward line Is there on that, so in this type of scenario the combination of head line and fate line will bring only good opportunities in life to earn money, it is not the indication of sudden wealth at all.

Always remember, Fate line is basically controlled by Saturn. This line is also called “the line of Saturn”. Saturn always signifies hard work, so when the triangle would be there in headline and if that age is also supported by fate line too so – the native will earn huge money definitely or opportunities will come to his/her to earn a lot of money but he/she has to do hard work to achieve or materialized those.

If any downward line is seen from the head line that is not a good sign at all for wealth status, it shows monetary loss through business or investment or problems in job which results in financial loss. Actually this kind of line clearly shows that – the native is facing the financial loss due to his/her own wrong decision, whatever the source of income it could be whether job or business. If the same head line has bent towards moon mount, so the person has taken the decision emotionally and there is a very less chance to get that lost wealth back, but if the head line goes towards passive Mars, so the decision was not emotional but his calculations were wrong, how he had thought the result would be, practically has become just opposite to that. Look at your own palm if you have this kind of line at any age please do not take any important decision for any kind of new or big investment.

If the head line splits into two parts at the end and one part goes towards Mercury mount and another remain on the Mars(passive) mount so this will make a good business man and will give the capability to earn good amount of money through business. Remember, another part of the head line should not go towards Moon mount instead of Mercury, if goes it would be a problem. The person will be very poor in handling business or any kind of professional field due to his/her extreme emotional nature. In this type of cases if the moon mount is healthy so the person can be mentally very rich and compassionate too, but he/she won’t be able to acquire wealth in this materialistic world.

If any line comes from Saturn mount and crosses the head line so the person will face financial trouble due to the enmity of somebody very closed to him/her. Initially the native won’t be able to recognize the enemy but at last the enemy will be caught, but till then the native has already faced some serious financial losses. It may happen that – the can not recognize the enemy at all throughout his/her own life if the Jupiter mount is not strong. Saturn always signifies secret enemies or hose type enemies who harm staying behind the curtain. Only strength of Jupiter can compel them to come in-front. Now, whether the enemy would be male or female, what his/her background would be and all other details could be know from the characteristic of the line from Saturn, from the heart line and from Venus and Moon mount. That needs a detail analysis of the palm’s lines. Let’s not go into those details. In future articles I would be talking about those parts also, because our today’s subject is only wealth and money in palmistry.


Other – Signs Of Wealth In Palmistry:

Important auspicious and inauspicious signs on palm

1. If any line comes from the Venus mount and reaches either Sun Mount or Mercury mount so it is the indication of money consciousness. It indicates that – the person has the potential to earn a lot of money, but whether that would be materialized or not that depends upon the nature of the line. If this line is broken in between somewhere so that will indicate some obstacles to acquire the wealth and if after the breakage, the line starts very inappropriately (like – fade or change in colour etc.) and reaches the Sun or Mercury mount so the acquire of wealth would not be that much how much it were seemed to be in the beginning. But, if it starts more prominently than before, after the breakage so it will indicate more unexpected wealth than it were seemed to be in the beginning. Black spot on these type of lines can put somebody in legal harassment like – court cases related to property or wealth issues, especially when the Mars(active) mount is also indicating the same. If the line is curved all over, so the native will be in trouble due to property related problems for long period of time.  


2. To be wealthy, your three mounts should be very good. Those are Sun Mount, Jupiter Mount & Lastly Venus Mount. These three mounts are primary mounts to judge wealth and money in palmistry – Mercury Mount is secondary. The positivity of these three primary and one secondary mount will determine that – how much wealth a person can acquire in his/her life time.  


3. Fate line should be judged carefully while looking for indications of wealth on a palm. Any Triangle, up-facing line from fate line will bring riches in that particular age but the downwards line will bring misfortune.  


4. Up-facing lines or triangle on heart line also will bring great opportunities to earn good amount of wealth & money.  


5. If any line originates from the life line and ends at Saturn Mount just after crossing the heart line so that is the indication of gaining wealth or money through promotion in job or  getting a new job of higher salary than the previous one or through business, but the gain would be all of a sudden. If the same line goes deep into the Saturn mount so that is not the over all good indication of gaining wealth, because it brings some other kind of misery or frustration along with the improvement. In palmistry extreme Saturnine effect is not good, because Saturn is the planet of misery and negativeness as far as our materialistic world is concern. It teaches us the practical part of life, but very harshly.   


6. If any line originates from Moon Mount and goes towards Saturn mount & after crossing the heart line it stops there so the person will prosper in life – will gain wealth and money with help of others. Moon is the significator of “Mass” in general and when it brings wealth in anybody’s life, it will make the native depend on others for that. At the same time if affection line (to know about affection line please read – Marriage Lines In Palmistry) would be giving the same positive indication at the same age, so the wealth will come through a woman or his own wife. Whether that gain will come through wife or not – the nature of Venus mount & lines will decide that.  


7. Venus indicates “Luxury in life”. So, the Venus mount should be broad enough and good elasticity should be there. Any wrong sign can make this mount weak. Venus mount plays a very important role in determining the amount of wealth in life.  


8. If any line originates from the middle portion of palm and goes towards Saturn mount without any break,  if there isn’t any kind of other up facing line from any other major lines (life line, head line, heart line) so the person will prosper or gain wealth after the age of 32. Remember, the line should cross the heart line. If the line stops at head line so that will bring misfortune at the age of 35 due to his/her own fault and won’t be able to flourish throughout his/her whole life, if any sign of prosperity is not there in other parts of the palm. If it stops at Heart line so loss of love or any emotional decision will bring misfortune in his/her life.  

9. If heart line, head line and life line make an “M” shape in hand so it is a definite sign of gaining wealth but after marriage. The amount of wealth will be depending upon the freshness of those three lines. Remember, the sign of “M” should be very clear. I have seen so many times in my practice life that – people with this sign really becomes very rich but after marriage. Actually, they need inspiration in life and they get that after marriage, before marriage the need of earning money was there but the inspiration was not there and inspiration works for them as fuel works in a car. Then just starts the engine and go.  


Sign Of Extreme Rich In Palmistry:

will i become rich palmistry

10. In Palmistry Jupiter mount represents the leadership quality of a person and amount of savings in his/her bank account. If the Jupiter mount is prominent and two or more up-facing vertical lines are there on the mount so that indicates a leadership quality within a person, what can makes him/her a good businessman or a political leader. If another up facing line originates from the life line or head line and follow those small lines on Jupiter mount so the person can become a big entrepreneur with many followers. In case of getting fame – Sun mount and Sun line should also be judged properly. In any case, all lines should be fresh and devoid of all evil signs.  


11. If the fate line splits into two parts, one part goes toward Jupiter mount and another toward Mercury and reach there, it shows some kind of extra-ordinary success in life. It combines the power of business intelligence and the leadership quality and to take the correct decision at the correct time. These are the main characteristics of a successful businessman. 


12. If the fate line splits into three parts at the end after reaching the mount of Saturn, one part remain in the Saturn mount and other two goes toward Jupiter and Sun mount respectively, so it makes a person extremely rich. He will be living in the top realm of fame, success, money and wealth & will be well known to all. Remember, mounts and lines should be fresh and healthy to get the utmost result.  


13. If any line joins the two major lines – heart line and head line, that means to make a bridge between these two lines and one sub-line originates from this (bridge line) line and goes to Sun mount after crossing the heart line, it shows the person can go to any extent to earn money, name and fame. Nothing matters to him/her, whether the way of earning is legal or illegal, it is harming somebody or not. Here the shape of hands will come into the picture (to know more about it please read – Shape Of Hands In Palmistry). If the shape is of earthy or fiery quality so the result will be more definite.   


14. If a head line starts from Jupiter mount and one small up facing line joins the head line, so this kind of people become very rich in life. They get always help from high-profile people of the society. 


Money Line On Palm:


If any line originates from any part of the palm or specially from the life line, head line or heart line and heads toward Mercury mount or reaches there, so that line will be called “Money Line“. Now look at your hand and if you do not have that line that doesn’t mean that you can not earn money in life. This line is very controversial. Indian palmistry says it is “health line”, it shows your special health status, but western palmistry says it is the “money line“. Now, what I have seen in my practice that I will share with you all. I have seen this line on palm of many successful businessmen. In some hands the line has started from life line and after going little ahead it has stopped and disappeared, again the line has started from the head line or the heart line. It really shows money indication as far as I have seen. if it starts from head line it will indicate after the age of 35. and if it starts from heart line it will indicate the age of 55. You can see more than one money line on some palm. So what about the Indian palmistry? does this line really give us any indication of health? the answer is yes. Some signs and nature of the line indicates some diseases too. Like – Sign of “island” on this line indicates somekind of serious liver related diseases etc. So this line will give you indication of both wealth and health.

Many other indications are there in palmistry which show us how much wealthy a person will become. In my future articles I will discuss more on this. To get new updates of my articles do not forget to “Like” the Facebook Page

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