Career and Tenth House’s Importance Vedic Astrology – In Horoscope


Career & Tenth House’s Importance Vedic Astrology/ 10th house in Vedic astrology: The 10th House or ‘Karmasthana’ is also known as the ‘Karmabhava’ in Vedic astrology. The 10th house is the House of honor, status, prestige, reputation, community-power,  & professional career, in our society, this includes financial-success, but only as 10th house relates to community-power & prestige. This house definitely not all about gaining “material wealth” as it is more true with the second house. The 10th house always wants success only for the sake-of honor & social status.

This house also includes all social-foundations (as just opposite to personal-home-foundations in the 4th house), personal-achievements, recognition, social-responsibilities, authority-figures, politicians & sense of duty. This House surrounds the most public & social areas of someone’s life, & the career, that you grow-into, as just opposed to daily work & odd jobs controlled by the 6th house.

A person with completed his Ph.D. may work, as a simple school- teacher, if the 10th house in a horoscope is not strong. It can also give you the answer, why people, do different-kinds of jobs just irrespective of their educational-qualifications! Whenever, a major dasa(mahadasa or antardasa) changes, the effect of that must be looked-into, the 10th house. Because, it is the “Dasa lord” which decides the type of occupation will be undertaken, by a person, during the “Dasa Period”.

Career and Tenth House’s Importance Vedic Astrology – In Horoscope

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People In Your Life Represented By Tenth House

The tenth house always represents a superior person in an organization, boss, your immediate senior in the workplace. some astrologers opine – father is also represented by this house. In short where there is a link of absolute authority that is the subject of this house.


The Society around You and the Importance of 10th House In Astrology

Tenth House in Astrology is considered as the House of Social existence. It could be your work field, business field, or any kind of work that directly affects the society at large comes under the surveillance of the 10th house of horoscope. If you are running after status, fame, success in social activities, to be in charge of a community or committee, to take authority of any kind in society, then this house can guide you through the journey that whether you will reach your destination or not, and if there is any obstacle it is the nature of the tenth house to show you that too. In short, how we are continuously manifesting and evolving ourselves and in society around us that you will be able to see from this house.

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Arudha Lagna/ Bhav Padas In 10th house In Horoscope (A10)

The word ‘Arudha’ literally means your illusionary self which is visible or known to others around you. The same way Arudha Lagna signifies our status and materialistic or worldly image in the society around you. Arudha Lagna of 10th house (A10) will indicate how society sees us. You could be completely different than how society thinks you about you. That is the reason A10 also plays a very important role in deciding the fame and authoritativeness of you. Arudha Lagna of 10th house is the illusion or Maya or the disguise of you what makes an apparent image of you in the society. For example, the 10th house in D10 or Dasamsa signifies how you will deal with people around you in society and the true nature of your career and contribution to the society at large. On the other hand when it comes to Arudha Lagna from the 10th house then that only shows perceptions of people around you about your career and contribution in society and for yourself. I will discuss in detail Arudha Lagna of the 10th house in my future article. 

Career and Earning/ Income – 10th House In Vedic Astrology

In a Vedic astrology System, the strength of Tenth house signifies the Status, of a person-in-Life that I have already discussed. The secret of your professional goal, how you motivate yourself, your ambition and at last you will reach your professional success destination or not, all can be seen from this house. In case of jobs, the type of employer or company, and the type of boss you will come across, your promotion and demotion, ups and downs in your career as a whole and other much more detail can be guided by the 10th house of your horoscope.

More the no. of planets associated with the 10th house in a horoscope, more will be, the activities of the Person. This is the top-most quadrant or angular house where all the high energies of actions are concentrated, for that reason, “Pancha-Maha-Purusha-yogas” formed in the 10th house is more powerful or stronger than those of other angular houses like 4th & 7th, in a horoscope. The 1st house lord in the 10th  or 10th lord in 1st house of a horoscope may make a person do independent business if the 9th house is supporting in this case, so the person must think about doing something independently. Type of business is decided by the planets associated with the 10th house or its lord, 9th house and it’s lord & 7th house & it’s lord in the horoscope.

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10th House In Navamsa Chart

Rashi chart is the physical manifestation of your destiny. If you go into the reason or ‘Kaaran’ then you need to see the Navamsa or D9 chart. The same thing is true for your career-related matter also. Whatever clue you get from the 10th house of the Rashi chart that also can be seen from the 10th house of the D9 or Navamsa but at the in-depth level. For example, if you are judging a horoscope regarding a job then Saturn is the significator. See where Saturn is placed in Navamsa or D9 chart, if it is placed in 6th house or 8th house then you will be facing a lot of disturbances in your job field and you may need to change your job over and over throughout your career, this matter will be more intensified when Rahu joins the yoga or 10th house in Rashi chart.

Basically, if you are a student or you have a student at home and unable to understand what career direction should be chosen then you can take the help of the 10th house of Navamsa. In the same way, you can take the help of the Navamsa chart in the middle of your career when you feel that you are not in the right career. Because it shows native’s mental inclination and capabilities towards a certain career field. That’s it, you should not go further with the 10th house of D9 or Navamsa in the process of judgment of your career through Astrology. There are many other applications of the D9 chart regarding career but believe me, those do not work all the time. I personally have tested many of them, sometimes they work sometimes not. Some people look for Sun. Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu in the 10th house of Navamsa or D9 chart. Do not go that way, otherwise, you will make the subject more complex and difficult to understand.

How To Know The Native’s Inclination To Career: For that, you need to know the characteristic of a planet, houses, signs and how they are connected with career. Very short significations of each planet I have given below and in – career according to the planet, career according to zodiac signs, Career according to houses. Now your job is to look at the 10th house of Navamsa chart and its associated planets, where the Rashi chart’s 10th house lord is placed in the D9 chart, where the D9 chart’s 10th house lord has gone and its associated planets where it is sitting. You will get a clear picture. I have just mentioned the process not the analysis, otherwise, the length of the article will increase.

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12 Planets In Astrology In 10th House Of Career In Horoscope


Sun and Tenth House In Horoscope/ Vedic Astrology:  Status and Pride, Social factors and rights, to take any responsibility whether in job or business, your Independent views, help from higher authorities and Government, politics and connection with politicians, higher rank Officers, Power.

Moon and Tenth House In Horoscope/ Vedic Astrology: Fame related to women, Ability to deal with children, younger and older women.

Mars and Tenth House In Horoscope/ Vedic Astrology: Executive related Abilities, your proactive nature, the courage to take risk.

Mercury and Tenth House In Horoscope/ Vedic Astrology: make you perfect Professionsional in Career, excellence in communication and education related to the career field, gives you marketing or sales capability, public relations makes you enough intelligent to deal with any situation.

Jupiter and Tenth House In Horoscope/ Vedic Astrology: Represents respect or make you respectful in your way of career, gives prosperity and Growth, rule over the teaching-related profession, gives special ability to deal with education sector and culture.

Venus and Tenth House In Horoscope/ Vedic Astrology: Command over the world of pleasures, entertainment, attraction and fashion, beauty, gives the ability to make friends easily. the special ability or charisma to deal with women,

Saturn and Tenth House In Horoscope/Vedic Astrology: King of Actions or Karma, gives a special ability in dealing with any kind of fear and handle women with authority, makes you hard-working, can make you union leader.

Rahu and Tenth House In Horoscope/Vedic Astrology: Imports – export business or related jobs, desire for authority and power, if negatively placed then gives cheating mentality.

Ketu and Tenth House In Horoscope/Vedic Astrology: Imports – export business or related jobs, aloofness from the public.

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