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Indian astrology tells us that one becomes poor or rich according to various Raj Yogas found in the horoscope chart. One born with Gajakeshari Yoga or Luxmi yoga will be popular, prosperous and rich. A few people may have the combination but the majority of us suffer from financial difficulties. The existence of Raj yoga in a horoscope is not a guarantee that one will be rich and wealthy. It is not universally applicable. There are people rolling with wealth, holding responsible positions without any Raj Yogas in their horoscopes.Again, a man with Raj yoga in his horoscope may be poor.

Vedic astrology have clear and sound yogas which shows financial prosperity that will bless a native. Planetary configuration in a chart.

indicate the potential in an individual to amass wealth .The number of yogas and their strength will determine the degree of wealth, making one normal to filthy rich.

The houses of horoscope which hold importance here are- 2nd: The prime place of money.11th-The house of gains, it shows the ability

in a chart to earn money. Apart from 2nd and 11th houses which are of prime importance ,other houses like 1st(Self), 5th

(fame,authority,dignity),9th (Good Fortune, blessing of lord),10th (House of profession and Karma) are very important too.

So let us explore the most sought after yogas, which makes one Uncle Scrooge !

  1. The state of 2nd house and 2nd lord holds the supreme authority.2nd lord in Angle(Kendra) or Trine(Trikona) in a chart in favorable sign gives chart strong foundation. Second house should have benefic planets. Results of planets in 2nd house will need a composite study of whole chart though.
  1. 11th house and its owner should be strong. Like 2nd lord,11th lord should also get a prime place in a chart. Nearly all the planets in great strength in this house are said to give huge amount of money to the native. Strong Saturn, Mars or Rahu are desired in 11th house for great wealth.
  1. Now the most significant rule: the relation between owners of 2nd and 11th houses. When lords of these two houses

make a healthy relationship in a chart,like posited in Kendras/Trikona together or placed opposite to each other, it give birth to millionaires straight away!.If lords of houses like 5th/9th/1st join the party, then one surely becomes multimillionaire!!.One of the most reputed yoga is interrelation between 1/2/11 houses like 11th lord in 2nd,2nd

lord in 1st and 1st lord in 11th.Or 11th and 2nd lord together in a chart. The mathematicians reading it can spell the number of permutations possible if 1/2/11 houses can be taken as 3 items.

Bill Gates has Moon and Mars posited opposite to each other,in his chart Moon is 2nd lord and Mars is 11th

lord, thus relation between 2 -11 house is established.

  1. Any connection of 1st/5th/9th lords is extremely auspicious. The permutation and combinations can be many, but

can be understood with few examples like if 5th lord is in 9th or/and 9th lord is in 5th.Combination of 9th,1st

and 5th lord in houses like 1/5/9/10/11 lord makes one a celebrity and wealth chases such natives. Even in 8th house if such combinations are present in strength, native becomes excessively wealthy. Amitabh Bachchan has Mercury and Venus together with great strength in 8th house which are 5th and 9th lords respectively forming a powerful yoga for wealth.

  1. Presence of strong and benefic Jupiter in 2nd or 11th house or Jupiter’s sight on these two houses is highly

desirable. Immense wealth is assured to the native when other functional benefics are present too in these houses. In astrological classics, strong Venus/Mercury placed in 2nd house is greatly praised.

The role of owner of 2nd house is of great importance, though whole chart has to be analyzed before reaching any conclusion, some general

traits can be laid out by seeing where owner of 2nd lord sits in chart:

In 1st house: A suitable position, native earns through self-effort.

In 2nd house: Wealth comes to native without much effort and native is generally lucky in financial matters.

In 3rd house: Native earns through his initiatives and is on the move continuously.

In 4th house: Good position .Native earns through property and inheritance.

In 5th house: This is quite favorable position, native earns through applying intellect.

In 6th house: Native earns through service and competition and can make good broker . It will require consideration of other factors too.

In 7th house: Money from wife and earning through business/foreign lands.

In 8th house: Lot of wealth if 2nd owner is strong, inheritance, property is visible.

In 9th: Native is lucky and acquires much wealth in life.

In 10th-Very good yoga, it creates the relation between profession and wealth, which is always desired.

In 11th house: Extremely good situation, native earns greatly.

In 12th house: It can mean either more expenditure than income, or else can imply earning in foreign lands.

Also the position of 2nd and 11th lord in navmansa should be analyzed along with navmansa chart as a separate chart too.

Raj yogas of different type though deserve separate and detailed discussion, it be will worth mentioning some of the Raj yogas that will uplift financial status of native:

  1. Chandra-Mangal yoga:

Conjunction or opposition of Moon and Mars generally bless native with much wealth.

  1. Adhi Yoga :

Jupiter ,Venus, Mercury in 6th/7th /8th house from Ascendant/Moon. This yoga gives great power to native along with wealth. This yoga can have many variation, we will discuss it later sometime in details.

4.Other famous yogas such as Neechbhang rajyoga,Kahaal yoga, Vipreet rajyoga ,Lakshmi yoga too bless native with great amount of wealth. These all Rajyogas deserve detail attention and discussion.

In charts of wealthy individual often we see many rajyogas operating,wealth yogas repeat in divisional charts too,2nd/11th lords have great power and strong planets aspects or occupy 2nd/11th or other prominent houses in horoscope.

In Vedic Astrology there is something called Dasha, which I explain in my book. Dasha is a period of one single planet that is ruling your life at the current moment. From birth to death you are being ruled by a certain planet.

For Example:

For the first 7 years of your life you might be ruled by Mars, and for the next 18 years of your life you might be ruled by Rahu, then Jupiter for next 16 years. Now, if you are running the dasha of a planet that is controlling your 11th house or sitting in the 7th house, in good position then gains of wealth is prominent.

In Nadi Astrology they use co-ordinates to see what a single planet is doing in your life, whether this planet giving you good times or bad times. In Nadi Astrology there is a section that shows houses influence of a single planet. Per say Saturn might houses like 2, 4, 7, 11 etc.. Once you see that 11th house in the co-ordinates that means your true wealth will come in the dasha period of Saturn. This is why it’s very important to know the true and real astrology instead of your daily weekly and yearly horoscope. 11th house is the most important house in astrology in terms of wealth & money.


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