Saturn & Education In Astrology


Saturn & Education In Astrology

Education Astrology /Horoscope: Saturn denotes Traditional studies or studies related to traditions; Jupiter and Saturn give “Brahma-Yoga”, this the Yoga which granting Knowledge, from tradition. Like Jupiter Saturn is also a great-teacher, but its teaching is different, It teaches us through punishment & to make us realize the real purpose of life. therefore, it denotes spiritualism & philosophy.

Saturn always indicates very old age and also is an orthodox, hence, it denotes knowledge-passing down, from tradition.

“Brahma” is the deity of “Saturn”, who is called the creator of this universe. Hence, Saturn signifies, the knowledge of – creation. When Jupiter and Saturn comes together it generates “Brahma Yoga” which is one of the auspicious “Yogas” in Vedic Astrology which gives the knowledge of creation and passes-down the same through traditions.

Saturn governs minerals which comes out through extraction process from the earth & therefore all type of fuels are indicated by Saturn itself, like petrol, coal – mining of , these fuels, metals & all type of minerals. 

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Saturns governs the “excretory system” of our body, the main responsibility of this system is to excrete all types of poison and non-essential parts from the body, therefore, all types of systems which is linked to this are signified by Saturn, like, plumbing system, drainage system, garbage collection & disposal etc. 

Saturn also indicates Hard-Labour or work & studies related to that, like, Agriculture, blacksmith, mechanic, factory, handy-craft, carpentry, artisan etc. 

As Saturn is a cold planet, and also lord of two winter related Signs , Capricorn & Aquarius, hence, it gives also related knowledge, like Refrigeration, manufacturing, preservation etc.


Education Horoscope In Astrology

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