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False Rape Cases, Eve-Teasing, Molestation, Domestic Violence – In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Astrology: False/ fake allegations, especially against males, have become a very common phenomenon in our society and it happens usually every day in India. We can see it on tv, social media, in our society, and even in some kind of road rage just like recently happened incident in Lucknow and the culprit was “Priyadarshini Yadav” who made some false allegation against a cab driver slapping him on the road mercilessly. Our Law also empowers women and tilted towards women’s words is sometimes responsible as well.

For Example – IPC Section 498A says that any kind of cruelty and threatening against women like harassment, domestic violence, molestation or dowry act, or any kind of allegation against husband related to these things can take male member and their family for 3 years of imprisonment.

This law is very good for protecting women’s rights and their dignity but there are many ladies who are taking advantage of this act by wrong allegation against husband and their family. This results in divorce cases for women with much money given to women from male side as alimony.


Although, it’s a great thing that our Judicial system or our law favors women which empower women in our society which gives them independence, broad mind, opportunity, and prudential nature. But, some women take advantage of these favors from our judiciary and allege innocent people especially against men in a very wrong way and through unfair means.

Below, I am going to discuss the planetary combination in Horoscope responsible for any kind of false allegation.

False Accusation Of Road Rage As Per Horoscope

Road rage is a common phenomenon in our society but false accusation of run over or speeding is very common in our society as well. In the case of Lucknow girl cab driver case  #ArrestLucknowGirl was trending on Twitter for the last 7 days and more than 2 lakh people were tweeting about it. It seems to be not only the case of Shadat Ali or Priyadarshini Yadav only. It has become a national issue and people are thinking that today the cab driver has become the victim of this unlawful incident, tomorrow it may happen with anyone in the country.

Weak 3rd house or 6th house is mainly responsible for that. Mars either exalted or debilitated in 3rd house or 6th house or with Rahu can lead to aggression, violence, and false allegation of speeding car-bike against native.

3rd lord or 6th lord with Rahu also makes person wrongly penalized for speeding or road rage in life.


False Allegation of Eve-Teasing As Per Horoscope/ Kundli

This allegation is very common. Some women wrongfully use it to fulfill their wrongful wishes

  • 2nd house and 5th house along with Venus and Moon are responsible for false allegations of eve-teasing.
  • weak or debilitated Venus and Moon can lead to wrong allegations of eve-teasing and humiliation in the society.
  • Rahu in 2nd house or 5th house or with 2nd lord or 5th lord makes native prone to false accusation of eve-teasing and loss of respect in society and school or college.

Sarvjeet Singh and Jasleen Kaur's false case

The best Example– Jasleen Kaur’s student case falsely accused Sarvjeet Singh in Delhi at Tilak Nagar. Here is the Detail

Rekha Sharma A Mumbai-based model wishes for a midnight cigarette beat security gaud which ends with her stripping incident in front of cops. Here is the report


False Accusation Of Molestation As Per Horoscope In Astrology

Sun or Moon with Rahu in 7th house or 12th house can lead to false accusation of molestation against native.

Sun or Moon with Ketu in 6th house can also lead to false molestation case against native.

(For Example- Recently Zomato case in Bengaluru on 18th March 2021 in between Kamaraj and Hitesha is the prime example of that.)


Wrong/ False Allegation of Rape Yogas In Horoscope/ Kundli
  • Sun with Rahu and Venus in 1st house or in 8th house can lead to false accusation of rape against native. Rape is a serious crime and any kind of false allegation of rape against a male may lead him to suicide.
  • Debilitated Sun or Venus in the birth chart may also lead to false accusations of rape against native.

Example:-(Delhi man Deepak Sangwan committed suicide in Delhi this year in March because of fake rape case against him.)

(17-year-old boy from Bilaspur Chhattisgarh on 18th March 2021 committed suicide over false allegation by female teacher of physical harassment and sexual misconduct)

Some Official Reports Of False Allegations:

  1. IN Delhi: A man committed suicide over a ‘fake/ false’ rape case. Here is the report
  2. Vishnu Tiwari after spending 20 years in Jail in a false rape case, was released by the court, now asking:  How do I start life at 43. Here is the Report
  3. 6 really Shocking Real-Life eye-opening Cases Where Women Falsely (unlawful way) Accused Men Of Rape. Here is the report
  4. Revealing completely shocking statistics with the Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) in 2013 to 2014 53% of rape cases filed against various persons (men, age range from young to old) were found false. Click Here To Read the Report
  5. Here are a bunch of cases and reports as per NDTV INDIA. CLICK HERE
  6. In October 2020, a woman had put allegation on her neighbor of raping her minor (child) daughter at night. The allegation was found false and the honorable court imposed Rs 20,000 fine on the woman. Here is the report
  7. In Bangalore 2014 to 2017 fake rape case was 91%
  8. Delhi Commission Of Women (DCW) said 53.2 percent of rape cases were filed between the month of April 2013 to July 2014 were false and unlawful. Here is the report

In some cases, it has been observed that to hide the actual crime fake rape cases have been imposed.

False rape cases, molestation charges, and the wrong use of many other women-related rights have become a headache for the whole India. Here is the BBC REPORT

There are several cases like these, and now it is increasing day by day. The problem has become so serious that NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) study has recommended protecting any rape accused from ‘false/ fake cases’ till found guilty. Here is the Report FEB 25, 2021

If you see one woman is putting an allegation on a man, do not immediately jump to the conclusion that the man is guilty. Because if you do that as per the law of nature you yourself can be the next victim of any false allegation. 


False Allegation For Domestic Violence As Per Kundli In Astrology

False Allegation of Domestic Violence:

This is the playground of FAKE FEMINISM. 498A IPC has been used by women so badly that ‘The Supreme Court Of India’ has tagged it as ‘Legal Terrorism’. Here is a glimpse of the report:

498a domestic violence has become a kegak terrorism

Combinations as per Astrology In Horoscope:

  • Rahu and Moon combination in 4th house can lead to false allegation of domestic violence against native
  • Rahu and  Saturn or Saturn and Moon conjunction in 4th house can also lead to jail in the case of false allegation of domestic violence.
  • 4th lord in  8th house or 12th house or in debilitation can lead to false accusation of domestic violence as well.
  • Weak Moon or Debilitated Moon is the main planet responsible for it.

Another Case –  Just recently celebrity Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal case is the perfect example of that. There are plenty of other cases, can’t mention here. Do your own research, you will come to know.


As per National Family Health Survey (NFHS) The number of Domestic Violence On Men increasing rapidly.

False Accusation of Cheating in Marriage:- 

  • Weak Jupiter and Weak Venus in 7th house or in 1st house can make you victim of false allegation from your spouse.
  • Jupiter or Venus with Rahu in 7th house can lead to false allegations of cheating against you by your partner.
  • False litigation case of property:- If 6th lord or 4th lord combines with Rahu then native may suffer from false allegation in case of property.

False accusation of Violence in society:- 

  • Presence of debilitated Sun or Mars in 6th house with Rahu can lead to false act of violence against native.
  • Weak 6th lord with Rahu also makes native suffer from false accusation of violence in society.

Dasa of combination for false allegation As per Horoscope

If Main period(Mahadasa)  of 8th lord and sub-period (Antardasha)
of 6th lord or 12th lord is running in your life then you may get accused and arrested falsely as well.

If Main period of 12th lord and sub-period of 6th lord or 8th lord is running in your life then you may get wrongly accused and face imprisonment for some time as well.


Innocent Trapped Related Yogas In Horoscope

  • Weak 9th lord or 9th house may make you go through scandals falsely alleges against you.
  • Weak Jupiter and Venus in Horoscope will get you to suffer from bad name from the opposite sex in false case or wrong accusation.
  • Rahu with 9th lord or in 9th house can get you trapped in unwanted situation and you may get accused falsely as well.

Proven innocent after wrongly alleged guilty:-  Moon, Sun or Jupiter in 9th house along with  9th lord in angular or trine houses can make native recover from false allegation, accusation in a short period of time. Native will be proven innocent quickly and he or she will be free of all charges and there will be an increase of respect in their society.


Remedies For False Allegation Of Rape- Molestation- Domestic Violence etc.

In such cases, where violence or any kind of force is involved then only MAA BaglaMukhi kriyas can be successfully applied. But remember before applying any BaglaMukhi tantra-related matters you need to be sure about the victim or accused is really innocent.  This procedure is very powerful but if not applied properly then it can backfire severely.

ma bagalamukhi tantram

The 1st and foremost thing to remember what I’m mentioning here is the honesty of the person for whom this kriya will be applied. If the person is not really innocent then, the force can backfire and harm the native.

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