10th Lord in 10th House – Career, Success, Profession, Status/ Fame

10th Lord in 10th House – Career, Success, Profession, Status/ Fame

10th Lord in 10th House – Career, Success, Status, Fame, Love, Profession, Destiny/ Important years as per Horoscope/ Birth Chart/ Kundli in Vedic Astrology: 10th house is the house of work and occupation and 10th lord is the planet that denotes our line of work, profession, etc. Here, I am going to discuss the culminative effects and results of 10th lord placement in 10th house in a birth chart. This is one of the strongest and Raja Yoga placement in horoscope. 10th lord in 10th house in D1 chart can give you much recognition, wealth, and success in life.

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Karma Bhava Lord In Dasham/ Karma Bhava In Horoscope

Effect and Result of 10th lord in 10th house:-  10th lord in 10th bhav gives good fortune and wealth after 26 years of age. He or she will be wealthy with aristocratic lifestyle. Some people may born in rich family with a lot of affluence and power in society. 10th lord in 10th house makes one explore various countries, traditions, and lifestyles in life.

You will gains from travel and meetings. One may get success through politics, self-employment, and also through online work. Success and popularity through digital media, social media is a possibility. 10th lord in 10th house can give multiple occupations in life. Some people may leave their job to initiate and build their own work and empire which will give them success. Success through self-employment and independent work is assured.

Please Note:-  10th lord results might change or alter a bit due to lordship of different planets over 10th house as different signs can fall in your 10th house in D1 chart which we call Rasi chart. Some factors like planets, house, strength, dignity, conjunction, aspect, combustion also play a significant role in varying the results.

10th Lord in 10th House in Horoscope – Your Personality

Native will be rigid, focus, and determined in life. One can become an introvert and extrovert when required at different points in time. He or she will be very focus and sometimes arrogant in life. Person will not rest until he or she achieves their dreams, objectives, and materialistic desires in life. You can be dominant and egoistic at times as well.

You may become an inspiration for others in your society. Your aura will be vibrant and your personality will be vivacious, stylish. You can become impulsive, short-tempered, and restless at times. Your style will be sometimes irresistible for opposite sex. There will be gains from the opposite sex in your endeavors. You may influence a large number of people to do something good for public welfare in life.

10th Lord in 10th House In Kundli – Career/ Profession

10th lord in 10th house can give you outstanding success as a digital nomad in various countries. You may also become a popular lawyer, judge, advocate, consultant in your own country or city. One may become a high profile diplomat in foreign land. Some people may work in authoritative posts in the embassy.

Your career and fortune will rise after 26 years of age. You may also become a very popular artist or sportsperson in the world. This combination of horoscope can make you a global celebrity through artistic and creative fields and also through sports and media world.

10th lord in 10th house can make you a workaholic and it gives determination, ambition, focus, and hard-working capacity in your occupation and profession. Person will be ambitious and devoted to their goals and objectives in career. Growth and prosperity in career will start from 26 years of age.

Native may get high administrative or public service welfare post in government job. Person can become manager or chief executive officer of National or Multi-national company. You may also become a bank manager as well.

10th Lord in 10th House in Horoscope and Your Finance

Your earning will be from more than one or two sources. You may become very wealthy at a young age. Your father may also become rich and influential through self-employment or through politics. You or your father may become head of society, village or town.

You will gain wealth through contracts, promotion, advertisement, branding, entrepreneurship, traveling business, import-export business, garments & textiles business, sports, performing arts, writing, etc. Person will become wealthy with good bank balance and more than one house and multiple properties in life after the age of 26. There will be gain of house or property through government or multi-national company as well.

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10th Lord in 10th House In Horoscope and Your Love Life

Success in love affairs and love marriage is a possibility. There will be heartbreaks, breakups, and separation but you may find your true love through education, traveling, meetings, dealing, or at your workplace. Some may find their right match from digital and social media. You may meet your ideal partner after the age of 21.

Your romantic partner will also be vibrant, charismatic, successful in his/ her career, and inspiration for you. You may marry your soul mate after some years of dating. Love marriage will be successful for most people.

10th Lord in 10th House In Kundli and Your Marriage

Your spouse may belong to a wealthy family. 10th lord in 10th house makes married life harmonious and peaceful. You and your spouse will have good mutual understandings and respect for each other. There will be much intimacy and long-lasting love between you and your life partner.

You may travel to exotic voyages with your spouse. Married life will be happy, joyful along with attractive and intelligent children. Spouse will also help you in your work endeavours along with monetary support. He or she  will be loyal and devoted to you.

10th Lord in 10th House In Kundli and Your Status/ Fame

Some people may born in very wealthy and powerful family. You may enjoy lot of materialistic pleasure and happiness in your childhood. Your father may become wealthy and affluent person in society. You will become an influential person after young age. Success and popularity from your occupation and profession will give you joy but restlessness in life.

You may earn big fame and wealth from your profession after the age of 26. He or he may become a popular and authoritative face in the workplace. Although, there will be wealth and success but you may suffer from restlessness, hyperactivity, anxiety, and sometimes sorrow in life.

Special Effects of 10th Lord in 10th House In Astrology

Sun as 10th lord in 10th house gives success in politics as well as in showbiz business. You may become star in cine world. Native may attain success in sports field as well. Native can also get good government job or post in life. You can become a popular diplomat as well. Person may become a foreign minister, Governor, Mayor, Home minister, etc. You may also work in state ministry of external and internal affairs.

Moon as 10th lord in 10th house can give success in education field, teaching field, medical field media field, etc. You may earn wealth and popularity through social media influencing and travel vlogging as well. You may also gain substantial wealth through business related to milk, sweets, and other dairy products. One may open food and beverages store departmental store.

Mars as 10th lord in 10th house can make you a IPS or IFS in life. You may also become ATS chief,  IB chief, Income tax officer, CID officer in life. Person may also work in cybercrime branch as an Inspector. This placement of Mars can also make you a drug Inspector or Chief of Army in life.

Jupiter as 10th lord in 10th house can make you a popular Doctor, Professor, Scholar, Writer, Spiritual preacher, Novelist, etc. You may also become yoga teacher, philosophy teacher, management professor, Librarian, etc. Person may become wealthy through printing, publishing, and working in food & chocolate industry.  Some people may become a very popular Astrologer, consultant and advocate in life as well.

Venus as 10th lord in 10th bhav can make you a star in the film or Tv industry. Person may gain recognition and wealth through media sector as well. You may own your cosmetic shops, hotel, motel, bars or restaurants as well.  Your wealth may also increase through the tourism industry. One may also become a popular content creator, nomad travel vlogger etc.

Saturn as 10th lord in 10th house can make you a very successful and rich entrepreneur after the age of 36. You may become rich from your own independent business. Person may also reach a high position in life through politics. You can have multiple occupations and multiple sources of income as well. Business in partnership may not last long.

Mercury as 10th lord in 10th house can make you born in rich family. Domestic life will be happy. You may become chief in the telecom industry, radio industry, or head editor of print news media. Some people may become popular anchors or journalists through tv and digital media as well.

10th Lord in 10th House – Destiny/ Important Years In Life

10th lord in 10th house makes you lucky and wealthy in life. Fortune will favour you most of the time in life. The important period in your life will start from 25 years of age. The period between 25 to 56 will be very significant in your life. The most luck and fortunate years of your life will be 25, 26, 27,28, 30, 33, 37, 39, 40, 42, 44, 45, 46,48, 50, 52, 55, 56, 58, 59 etc.

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