10th Lord in 9th House – Career, Success, Travel, Higher Education, Love

10th Lord in 9th House – Career, Success, Travel, Higher Education, Love

10th Lord in 9th House – Career, Love, Marriage, Finance, Success/ Happiness/ Foreign land, Father’s Status, Travel, Higher Education, Destiny/ Important years as per Horoscope/ Birth Chart/ Kundli in Vedic Astrology: 10th house is the house of Karma means work.  This bhav denotes work in a specific direction to build your own career. 10th lord is the planet that represents your nature of occupation along with favorable and unfavorable times and conditions in your profession.

This house denotes strength in your career which enables you to attain recognition, rewards, fame, and success in the area of your work. Now, below I am going to discuss the effects of 10th lord in 9th house. 9th house denotes your father’s life, your own fortune, religion, spirituality, foreign travel, destiny in foreign land, higher education, wisdom, higher knowledge, etc.

Below, I am going to discuss the cumulative effects and results of  10th lord when amalgamated in 9th house.

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Karma Bhava Lord in Nabam/ Bhagya Bhava

Effect and Result of 10th  house lord in 9th house:- 10th lord in 9th house will bring glory in foreign land. You may get laurels, rewards , awards, recognition in foreign countries. 10th lord in 9th house brings foreign settlement. It gives you success through travelling in foreign countries. There will be gains from siblings and relatives.

You will be attached to your parents and vice versa. You will be treated as prince or princess in your family. Your life will be easy compare to others in your family. You will have the comfort and luxury of servants in life. Native will have monetary gains from family. Person will have house and property through parents, forefathers or legacy.

To Be Noted:-  10th lord effect might change or alter a bit due lordship of different planets over 10th house as different sign can fall in your 10th house in D1 chart which we call Rasi chart.

10th Lord in 9th House In Horoscope – Your Personality

You will be more spiritual than religious in life. Your charismatic aura will surely attract many admirers in life. There will be a sense of calmness and wisdom in your attitude. Sometimes, you may love isolation and solitude in life. 

There will be gains from a mellow and down-to-earth attitude. You will be wise and devoted to your family. 10th lord in 9th house gives very pleasing and charming attitude in their dealings. One will have much knowledge and wisdom to sort out any hurdles and obstacles in life. You will be dynamic and unorthodox in nature

10th Lord in 9th House In Kundli and Your Career/ Profession

You may get good growth in the field of teaching, publication, management and may also earn popularity from business and self-employment. Some people may become orators and motivational speakers in religious and spiritual fields. You may also become yoga teacher, sports coach, manager, etc.

Few may become religious preachers or scholars in life. Person will get recognition in college and university through teaching. One may become a popular professor in life. There will be success in the field of Acting and writing and publication. Person may earn fame in media field as a anchor or reporter.

10th lord in 9th house is a perfect combination for becoming famous respected writer and scholar. You may become a popular painter as well. Writing in poetry, biography, short stories, novels , autobiography will bring accolades, wealth, success and fame in life.

10th House Lord in 9th In Horoscope and Your Finance

Native may buy house or property in foreign land through installment. One may rent property on lease to others in foreign land. You will become much wealthy and successful in foreign land after the age of 28. Although, there will be some financial loss on medication and taxes.

You will have good savings in life. Person may earn from multiple sources in life. You may have more than one occupation in life. There will be prosperity and affluence in your life after 28 years of age.  Your status will rise in foreign land. There will be expenses on travel and lifestyle but income will be high too.

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10th lord in 9th House In Kundli and Your Higher Education

You may get highly educated and acquire degree of engineering, management, philosophy, political science, sociology, business, film making, etc, Person may travel in foreign land at very young and may get admission to highly esteemed college or university. Education in foreign land will give you many opportunities for employment with high pay scale.

Success after the age of 24 is assured.  Some people will settle abroad permanently after pursuing their higher education. Native will be highly intelligent as well as philosophical in life. Although, there will be a struggle for getting degree and allowance initially in foreign nation. You will have a profound idea about different languages, cultures, and traditions in life.

10th lord in 9th House – Success/Happiness/Foreign Land

10th lord in 9th house affirms good luck, success in foreign countries. You may start your career in foreign country after the age of 24. There will be many opportunities to get employed in foreign country. You will get several opportunities to settle and grow your career there. Person may learn several foreign languages as well.

There will be success and happiness for you in foreign countries. Some people may get married to foreign partners with different ethnicity, different culture, and community altogether.

10th lord in 9th House – Father’s Status/ Travel/ Fortune

Native’s fortune will rise in foreign land. Dasham bhava lord in 9th house makes one adopt foreign culture, traditions, and foreign studies. You will travel to more than 1 foreign country in life. You will be attached to learning about different cultures and traditions in life.

Native will be multitalented and will learn multiple languages in life. There will be a rise in fortune along with wealth after settling in foreign land. Your father will also be wealthy and successful in life. Your father’s status will rise after you cross 15. He may become a popular businessman or politician as well. Your father may have a government job as well. You will also travel to many exotic locations with your partner.

10th Lord in 9th House In Horoscope and Your Love Life

Some people will meet their soul mate in foreign country. Few may travel with their partner in foreign country. You may also meet your ideal match through academics and higher education. Native will have success in their love affairs. Love marriage will be happy and successful. Your love life will be solid and stable.

Your partner will be loyal and devoted to you. Native’s romantic life will give full pleasure and happiness in life. Your love will mature into something deep and meaningful in life.

10th  House Lord in 9th In Horoscope and Your Marriage

There will be a lot of intimacy and coziness in your married life. Your life partner will be wise, honest, and religious in nature. Although he or she may belong to different caste, culture or religion. You may get married through different culture and tradition than yours. Few people may marry in their own country but may leave to foreign destinations with spouse.

You will travel to many exotic voyages in life with your partner. conjugal life will be joyful with a supportive and loving spouse along with talented children. Your spouse will also lend you monetary benefits. Spouse will be successful in his or her profession. There will be peace and harmony in your married life.

Special Effects of 10th Lord in 9th House In Astrology

Sun as 10th lord in 9th house will make you rich in life. Some people will be born in rich family and may live in big house. Success in politics is  also possible. One may get good government job and a high administrative or public service post in life. Few may also become popular artists.

Moon as Dasham bhava lord in 9th house will bring success in foreign countries. It will give you a lot of pleasurable and profitable travels in life. Long travels will bring rewards. success through self-employment or expression of your thoughts is assured.

Mars as 10th house/ bhava lord in 9th house will bring growth and prosperity in the field of the property business, renting, etc in foreign lands. Your speculations and investments will bring rewards to foreign countries.

Mercury as 10th lord in 9th house will give success in the commercial sector, management sector, food sector, etc. You may also become the owner of grocery shops or shopping malls, cinema theatres in life.

Saturn as Dasham bhava lord in Nabam house gives success in business related to woods, coal, petroleum, etc. One may attain popularity through politics and sports as well.

Jupiter as 10th lord in 9th house can make you an excellent writer, teacher, professor, researcher, scientist, philosopher, guide in life. You can also become a popular sports coach or motivational speaker in life. There will be success through travel vlogging as well.

Venus as 10th lord in 9th house gives success in the field of food and hotel industry. You will also gain from the cosmetic business in life. Some people may become playwriters, actors, nature wanderers in life.

10th Lord in 9th House – Destiny/ Important Years In Life

Your luck will rise if you travel to foreign country. Settling in foreign country will bring wealth and happiness to your life. Your fortune will start favoring you from the age of 24. The most important time in your life will start at the age of 22. The age between 22 to 49 will be the most significant time in your life. The fortunate and significant years in your life are 22, 24,26, 28, 29, 32, 34, 37, 39, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 49 etc.

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