10th Lord in 12th House – Career, Love, Foreign Settlement, Spirituality

10th Lord in 12th House – Career, Love, Foreign Settlement, Spirituality

10th Lord in 12th House – Career, Love, Sex, Foreign Travel/ Settlement, Spirituality, Destiny/ Important years as per Horoscope/ Birth Chart/ Kundli in Vedic Astrology: 10th house deals with your career, occupation, and daily work process. 10th lord denotes your role and mode of your work and type of your profession. 12th house denotes isolation, solitude, imprisonment, foreign travel. foreign settlement, expenses, luxury, comfort, exotic travel, background work, writing, etc. 12th house also denotes work from behind away from public limelight. So, below I am going to discuss and predict the cumulative effects and results of 10th lord in 12th house.

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To Be Noted:-  10th lord effect might change or alter a bit due lordship of different planets over 10th house as different signs can fall in your 10th house in D1 chart which we call Rasi chart. Also, results can vary because of conjunctions, aspect, dignity, debilitation, retrogression of 10th lord.

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Effects and Results of 10th lord in 12th house:- Person will like traveling and nature wandering. You may travel and settle in foreign country. There will be a lot of struggle from childhood till the age of 38. Your hardships will give you wisdom and will bring transformation in life. There will be several followers and admirers in your life after the age of 50.

One may become spiritual guru. writer and philosopher in life. You may lead a very aloof and isolated life in advanced years of life. You will have sharp intuition from very young age. One will be very charitable in life. Person may marry in different caste or religion.

10th Lord in 12th House in Horoscope – Your Personality

You would like to live alone in solitude. Aloofness and isolation will give you sense of satisfaction in life. You will become wealthy in advanced years of your life. You will be calm, quiet, and introverted in life. There will be sense of aloofness and isolation from family, relationship, and materialistic things in life. There will be a lot of pains and anguish till the age of 26 in your life. You will gain money from spouse or from strangers in foreign lands. There will be popularity from religious and spiritual work.

10th Lord in 12th House In Kundli – Career/ Profession

You may work in passport center office or in any immigration department. Some may become a proficient diplomats as well. Frew will work in in foreign embassy. Occupation in Aviation sector will give wealth and success from the age of 26. Financial fraud or stealing of taxes may lead you to imprisonment in life. One may also suffer humiliation and jail due to false sexual allegations in foreign country. Contractual and construction work may give you ample wealth in life. You may also become a successful architect or painter. There will be gains from investments and marketing.

Profession related to healing and Astrology will bring rewards, accolades, popularity, and wealth life. One can become a proficient Astrologer, Tarot Card reader, Palmist in life. There will be gains from partnership work and public welfare work.

10th Lord in 12th House in Horoscope and Your Finance

Finance/ Pleasure/ Comfort:-  You may earn money through large institutions in life. One may get all comforts through religious and spiritual practice and teaching. Although, person will not be very materialistic in life. He or she will live a very sober and simple life. Few may become wealthy through working in Multi-National companies. One may open their own business or any kind of digital work in foreign country. You will live a very comfortable and wealthy life after the age of 50.

10th Lord in 12th House in Horoscope – Expenditure- Foreign Travel

Expenditure/ Foreign Travel and Settlement:- You travel to different foreign countries in life. There will be lot of travel in foreign land after the age of 26. Some people will settle their work or business permanently in foreign land after the age 30. Few people will get permanent residency in foreign land in their middle age. One may travel to exotic location with spouse. Expenses related to travel and health will be high. You may live with high class lifestyle in foreign land. Extravagant activities ad any kind of addiction will shoot up your expenses. Although, you will have money to meet your expenses. 

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10th Lord in 12th House In Kundli and Your Love and Sex

You will suffer from much pain and dejection in your life. You will suffer from dejection, break up or long separation in your romantic life. Although, some people may attain sexual pleasure secretly through taboo sex. You will get cheated in your love life. Your partner may get involved in any kind of clandestine affair as well.

Your romantic life will give much pain and sadness in life. There will be several affairs in your life but all will be short-lived and meaningless. Some people may meet their right match after the age of 30. Arranged marriage will be better than love marriage for you.

10th Lord in 12th House In Horoscope and Your Marriage

Late marriage will be favorable. You and your partner both will be religious or spiritual. Some people may marry outside their caste and community. Your marriage will not be traditional. Few may meet their ideal match in foreign land and marry a foreigner. Married will be happy with much physical pleasure and foreign travel. Although, some may leave their spouse or remain away from spouse in search of work, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual practice, meditation, etc.

10th Lord in 12th House In Kundli – Your Spirituality/ Solitude

Person will love working in isolation or in solitude. He or she will  stay away from limelight, glamour and public glare. Native can become highly spiritual and meditative in life. Person will have talent of healing and predicting the future through their institution. One can gain respectable reputation through their spiritual practice and healing power. He or she may become head of any yoga or spiritual institution. You may like to remain away from public spheres and behind the scenes at ypur work place. Wealth and popularity in foreign land is assured.

Special Effects of 10th Lord in 12th House In Astrology

Sun as 10th lord in 12th house can make you a scientist. You may get success in your research work. Person can become an excellent writer. You can get wealth and success along with employment in foreign land. Success in Railways department is a possibility.

Moon as 10th lord in 12th house can make you a novelist, writer, publisher, poet, painter, etc. You can become travel photographer, Travel Vlogger, cinematographer, choreographer, editor, etc. Person may earn wealth and do well in the field of banking and management especially in foreign land.

Venus as 10th lord in 12th house will give you success and wealth through foreign trade, import-export, food business, travel business, hotel business, etc. You may earn ample wealth and success in foreign countries. Person may own a grocery shop, sweet shop or restaurant in foreign land. You may become an artist, a musician in foreign land.

Mercury as 10th lord in 12th house may make you PHP developer, Software engineer, web designer, etc. This placement of Mercury can make you a scientist or technical and electrical engineer as well. Person may get humiliated related to financial dealings and financial fraud in life.

Mars as 10th lord in 12th house gives sudden losses in life. There will be property loss and litigation issues in life along with domestic trouble. You may become a drug inspector or cybercrime officer in life. You may become a successful spy or CID agent. Person may own property and run property business in foreign country.

Saturn as 10th lord in 12th house gives success through self-employment or entrepreneurship in foreign countries. Traveling in foreign countries will give big gains. Success and failure both will be there in politics. Native my get penalized and lose respect at workplace trough government. You may also work in investment banking or in any management field. You may become tele reporter as well.

Jupiter as 10th lord in 12th house can make you an excellent lecturer, professor, and scholar in foreign land. You become chief priest and owner of religious or spiritual institutions in foreign land. One may become a yoga teacher or healer as well.

10th Lord in 12th House and Your Destiny/ Important Years

The most important years in your life will be from 20 to 45 years of age. There will succeed through struggle in life till 45 years of age. Luck will favor you in foreign countries. Traveling to foreign countries will give you auspicious results. The significant and fortunate years of your are 15, 16, 17,10, 21, 26, 29, 33, 37, 40, 42, 44,45, 49 50, 52, 54, 55 etc.

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