10th Lord in 8th House – Career, Love, Marriage, Finance, Inheritance

10th Lord in 8th House – Career, Love, Marriage, Finance, Inheritance

10th Lord in 8th House – Career, Love, Marriage, Finance, Inheritance, Good / Bad Fortune Destiny/ Important years as per Horoscope/ Birth Chart/ Kundli in Vedic Astrology:10th house is the prime house of career and occupation. You can also predict about person’s success and growth in life through 10th house and 10t lord. Unafflicted 10th lord planet gives good results in your profession.

10th lord determines one’s profession or area of work. Now, I am going to discuss the effects of 10th lord when it is placed in 8th bhav. 8th house signifies hidden things and fluctuating fortune in life. so, below I am going to predict the collective results of 10th lord in 8th house.

Karma Bhav lord/ Dasham Bhav Lord in Ashtam Bhav

Effect and Result of 10th lord in 8th house:-  10th lord in 8th house can give a lot of ups and downs both in personal and professional life. There can be some allegations of fraud, cheating, money laundering, case of bribe, litigation, inherited property through cheating or manipulation, etc. Native may suffer from scandals and humiliations in life. Person will see good growth in career but there will be downfall in life at some point in time. Hardships and struggle will be there from childhood till young age.

To be Noted:- 10th lord effects might change or alter a bit due to lordship of different planets over 10th house as different signs can fall in your 10th house in D1 chart which we call Rasi chart. Some factors like planets, strength, dignity, conjunction, aspect, combustion also play significant role in changing the results.

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10th lord in 8th house and Your Personality/ Longevity

You will have lot of affinity towards physical pleasure and materialist comforts in life. You can become voracious eater and drinker. One may get addicted to smoking, drinking, and sometimes drugs. Native will be attractive and charming but will have immoral conduct in life.

You will be short-tempered and moody as well. Native may suffer from malnutrition in childhood. The 10th lord in 8th house gives long life. Although, some people may suffer from accidents and loss of body organs in life. Few may remain very ill in their childhood. Some mishaps or accidents may result in loss of life in childhood. Although, 10th lord in 8th gives long life but with some health issues.

10th lord in 8th House In Horoscope – Career/ Profession

There will be a lot of struggle in the area of education, career, and finance till 40 years of age. Few people may get success in the showbiz world or artistic field at a young age but there can be a sudden loss of success and fame in life.

You may go through depression and downfall in your career after getting popular and successful. Person may also become a megastar in sports world but it will not be long-lasting as defamation and humiliation are assured in his or her sports career. You may fall from a high position and there can be a loss of respect in politics. Native may acquire some success and wealth in animation, VFX, and editing fields.

You may get a good government job but may leave after few years because of dissatisfaction and boredom. Some people will fall from authoritative position in life due to cheating and thug with government or public. One may become an Astrologer, Teacher. Religious or Spiritual preacher, Yoga teacher, etc.

Few people will get big success in science and research field. Person may become a successful engineer, writer or poet. Person may also become a surgeon or general physician. Few natives may become occult practitioners in life.

10th lord in 8th house Kundli and Finance/ Inheritance

Native will be bereft of materialistic pleasure or any kind of wealth and comfort till 28  years of age. Few may born in aristocratic family but he or she will lose their money due to their extravagant activities. There will be scarcity of money till 24 years of age. Few people may become wealthy through their occupation but their wealth will not be stable or constant. Some native may receive property or money through inheritance from in-laws, parents, relatives etc.

You may also get adequate money and property from government or from highly authoritative person as a gift. Person may also receive money from promotion and advertisement.You may become prosperous through help of others and sometimes public in general.

10th Lord in 8th House and Your Good Fortune/ Bad Fortune

There will be several ups and down in your personal and professional life. There can be days of happiness, success, wealth and popularity as well as days of sadness, aloofness, failures, isolation, depression, etc. There will be loss of wealth and string of bad luck for some years in life.

You may loose substantial wealth, respect, popularity, and authoritative position in life. You may suffer from bad luck in childhood or in the middle years of life. Period between 25 to 35 will be lucky and fortunate for most people. There will be sudden rise in fortune from the age of 21.

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10th Bhav lord in 8th House In Kundli and Your Love/ Sex

10th lord in 8th house gives failures, aloofness, depression, isolation in love affairs. Your romantic affairs will be more sexual than emotional. There will be a lot of casual and sexual moments and affairs in your life. Your emotional needs and expectations will not be fulfilled in any of your relationships.

Although, some may meet their ideal match at the age of 26. There will be much indulgence in sexual pleasure or taboo sex. Although, some people may become prone to sexual disease and addiction towards libido and masturbation, etc.

Native will not be very loyal and committed in relationship. He or she may cheat their partner and vice versa as well. There will be moments of heartbreak and sadness in your romantic life. Arranged marriage will be more suitable than love marriage for most people. some people may suffer from abortion before marriage.

10th house lord in 8th In Horoscope and Your Marriage

Few native may go through divorce and some may marry twice in life. There can be loss of spouse at an early age for few natives as well. spouse can be demanding, moody, short-tempered, and insensitive at times in life. 

You may feel disturbance in domestic peace due to a lack of mutual understanding or respect between you and your spouse. There will be problems in love marriage. Health of spouse may remain unstable. Some people will be unhappy with a lack of intimacy, bonding, and sexual pleasure with spouse.

Some people may face problems due to physical and sexual incompatibility with spouse. You may suffer from some sexual or  private disease in life. There can be issues in private organs and pregnancy. There will be chances of miscarriage as well.

Special Effects of 10th Lord in 8th House In Horoscope

Sun as 10th lord in 8th house makes you work in the ministry of state or external affairs. You may also work for the embassy or PMO. Some people may become successful Astrologers, scientists or government officials.

Moon as 10th lord in 8th house gives success in occult and spiritual field. You may become spiritual leader or religious guru. He or she may also work in bank or in income tax department.

Jupiter as 10th lord in 8th house will give success in teaching field or in Astrology. You may become a popular teacher or scholar in the literature field or can become a popular Astrologer. One may also become a spiritual Guru or orator. You may also become a motivational speaker.

Mars as 10th lord in 8th house can make you an excellent and proficient spy in life. You may also become police officer or work in CID or cybercrime branch. Some people may join ATS (ATS-Anti Terrorism Squad)

Saturn as 10th lord in 8th house gives poverty till 40 years of age. Self-employment or partnership business will bring downfall. Job will be most suitable for most people. Some will become astrologers, healers, and occult preachers.

Mercury as 10th lord in 8th house may make you a famous column writer, editor or a popular critic. You may also work in BPO or call center. Some people may become musicians or singers. Few may become journalists through print media or through social media portals. There can be success in the field of computer science.

Venus as 10th lord in 8th house can make you an excellent play writer, fiction writer, storyteller, poet, painter, lyricist, cameraman, photographer, cinematographer, etc. Some may also become a model and showstopper. You may get success when working alone in isolation or in solitude. Few will also become travel wander vloggers or wildlife photographers.

10th Lord in 8th House – Destiny/ Important Years In Life

The most struggling years of your life will be from 5 to 2o and sometimes till 25years of age.  But there will be periods of growth and success from 25  to 40. Although, there can be a downfall at a young age or in the middle years of life. The most important significant years of your life will be 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 30, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, etc.

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