How To Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign – Easily

How To Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign - Easily

How To Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign – Easily: It is really very important to understand your partner whether you are in a love relationship or a married person, especially when you are decided to break up with your partner, because you want a painless break up without any major complication and it is tough too. Here Astrology can help us to understand our partner, but you need years of experience to understand somebody through astrological rules. Many people asked me: is there any easy way to understand this topic at the basic level at least? Then I decided to write this article. Here I am going to share my own experience with you what can give you the knowledge so that you can know your partner better. Through this article, you will also clearly understand how zodiac signs deal with breakups.

I think everybody knows their zodiac sign according to their Sun sign. Your birth date determines that. It is not ultimate if you want to know in more detail about anybody you need to go into more depth of Astrology. Dates I will be mentioning here are according to western astrology. The results below sometimes may vary due to some other planetary, nakshatra combinations.

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How To Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign – Easily

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 Relationship Break Up Astrology

Aries Love & Break up (21st March – 19th April):

How Aries deal with breakups: Aries, the most impatient lover in the zodiac. They lose interest very easily. Till the time honeymoon period of a relationship is going on they are the most energetic partner, as soon as that is over they become bored.  In a love relationship, they always try to find new excitement every time, continuous melodramas can keep their relationships intact. Frankly speaking, they do not like “The Same Dish Everyday”. Whether you are very good looking or not that doesn’t matter, if your partner is Aries and you want to keep the relationship for a long time, so keep changing your fashion, style every time you meet him/her, there should be something new in your looks, mood, and way of life. If you cannot materialize that, so they will be the first to give it a break, because in a relationship Aries always loves to be the first person to say “let’s throw a break up party” or “I think we should break up and friends” – like this. Are you trying to break up with Aries? Be ready for a fight.

Sex and fight are very resembled them. In the case of Aries, their relationship ends up with sex. This sign is the first in losing interest after sex. There is a very peculiar mentality in Aries, they will break up with their partner but after a couple of weeks, they will want him/ her back in life again.

How to break up with Aries partner: If you want to break up with Aries without a fight and any complexity so, become lazy and remain a very confused state in front of him/her and after that, your partner will do the rest on behalf of you. But after a breakup is ready, he/she may feel for you & try to come back again.

A strong Jupiter in the horoscope can make Aries more patient in every way of life.


Taurus Love & Break up (20th April –20th May):

How Taurus deal with breakups: Taurus, the most dependable lover in the zodiac. Taurus represents the bull, once they have in love with somebody, they are always there with him/her in all types of situations, and they also know how to keep a relationship stable. They are very patient, they always try to solve every problem in a relationship, thus you can say the most committed and devoted sign in the zodiac. But they are not good at managing a partly damaged relationship, that time they behave like crazy & confused people. They try to maintain every single thing to heal it before the final end, but if once they are decided, there is no looking back. In the deep corner of the heart, they may have hope for reconciliation, but will not say upfront, like Aries. From outside they will change social (Facebook etc.) relationship Status, block phone number and will do all to inform everybody about their break up but will be stalking their ex’s photos in the social profile or on the computer (Facebook, etc.). During a break-up time they go through immense depression, hate, anger but with a hope of reconciliation. When they are decided, they let their lover go but find it very difficult to forget permanently, even they find their partner is deceitful. If you ask: “Is this possible to forget first love?” – They will be the first to say “No”.

If you are a Taurus, try to forget and forgive your ex. As long as you are not over with the past, the new match (soul mate) may not come on your way. This is the law of the universe.

How to break up with Taurus people: Taurus believes in sharing thoughts with their partners and want the same in the back. So if you want a peaceful breakup with Taurus start doing small things every time without informing him/her and later let them know that you did it with a smile on the face. Taurus likes to be with their good memories always in a relationship, like – firs time you had visited a hotel or restaurant, first time both of you had good time somewhere, the place you met first etc. just refuse to go to those places or to do those things and tactfully force him/her try something other new things every time you meet your Taurus lover. According to the Taurus characteristic, it will take time to be over or lose their patience, but once they are done you will definitely come to know through their behavioral change. As they start behaving in a crazy way just exit silently.

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Gemini Love & Break up (21St May – 20th June):

How Gemini deal with breakups: Gemini, the most unpredictable lover in the zodiac. They are very volatile in a relationship. Today they may show you their innermost love but tomorrow may find you as only a friend. They are very playful and like communication all the time. So, to keep the relationship intact with your Gemini lover or partner always communicate. But, be careful about your every single behavior, because they have a tendency to hide their original feeling behind their smile. They change their mind very quickly. They always love to keep the second option in every step of life, so that if something happens they can handle that easily. They do not like to be alone for a single moment at all, that’s the reason crash & crush both go hand in hand in their life. After getting a new partner they may not feel together with their existing one. A strong Moon in the horoscope can make them a little bit stable minded and gives the power to understand the emotional needs of their partner.

Their relationships come to an end when their partner’s emotional demands are going higher, they find themselves “free bird”, hence do not like to be bonded with too much emotion, their simple logic to be in a relationship is to enjoy to its extreme. The intensity of these traits may change due to the strength & association of Venus in the horoscope.

How to break up with Gemini people: If you have decided to break up with your Gemini partner (generally they tend to do that first) so, first give immense TRP to your partner for some days and then suddenly just disappear, from everywhere, like – from Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, without giving any explanation, if he or she tries to contact you somehow show your busyness. Then see the magic, it will start working instantly and they will be the first person to say goodbye.


Cancer Love & Break up (21st June – 22nd July):

How Cancer deal with breakups: Cancer, the most clingy or tenacious lover in the zodiac. In Hindi, they are called “Chipku Ashiq”. Before getting into a relationship be cautious if he/she is Cancer because your partner is not going to live you even after knowing you have got a new partner. Still, he/she will be trying hard to give you a feeling of his/her presence in your life & how valuable that is. They are very sensitive and love to be secured between strong arms. Once they start feeling that their partner is going to break up with them, they start reacting very emotionally.

Do not say to a Cancerian that you want to break up, they will start nagging in such a way that you will feel helpless. He/she will involve you all family members to solve the matter, whether it will be solved or not that is a separate issue. Because of the first day, you will be into a relationship with a Cancerian he/she will start nagging you to introduce your family members with him/her, especially mom. This sign is the 4th house of the natural zodiac, they are much closed to all sorts of family bonding.  During the breakup session, they suffer a lot due to their very sensitive mind. Pisces and Cancer are the two zodiac signs who cries the most during and after break up, they find it very difficult to stop crying. Sometimes they develop revenge taking mentality on their ex., even go to an extent of blackmailing. If Moon is influenced by Jupiter and not afflicted by Rahu or Saturn so the intensity of these negative traits will be lesser and balanced.

How to break up with Cancer people: It is really very tough to break up with Cancer people. As soon as you are in a relationship with cancer you become not only a part of his/her life also his/her family. Initially, you may enjoy such things, but later it can be a headache for you. As Gemini can be handled by sudden ignorance, cancer cannot be. If you do so, be ready to face a lot of melodramas. Now practically you need to be out of station for a long period of time, to break the relationship for good. The person will try to contact you and you need to upset him/her every time by not keeping your words, you need to prove you are not a committed person at all now. It will take time, but without this, there is no other way to break up with cancer. You will be lucky if his/her moon is in conjunction with Jupiter, then it will be easier for you to handle the situation. But Venus – Moon combination can make the situation more difficult to handle. Cancer really finds it very difficult to forget any person completely. After break up also they still stalk their exes on Facebook, Twitter, etc. for a long period of time.


Leo Love & Break up (23rd July – 23rd August):

How Leo deal with breakups: Leo, the most egoistic lover in the zodiac. A Leo thinks I am the best person to my partner, he/she will not find anybody like me. Male Leos are more egoistic than females. In maximum cases, his/her pride is responsible for their break-ups, and the worst part of this is – they are not ready to accept that at all, this also happens due to their egoistic nature. Leos can be committed too but for that, you need to put him always on the top by feeding his/her ego.  If any zodiac sign says – “I, & I” most of the time, so the first name will be of Leos. Leos can be very charming to their partners if they can win over their ego. If something happens they take that as war and they need to win it.

After any small or big crash in the relationship, they always expect their partner should come to them and say sorry first. In a relationship, if they (leos) say sorry somehow (what they generally do not), they will broadcast that to everybody, every time, whenever they will get a chance, to prove that how adjusting type they are, just to get an appreciation for that from the listener. If this Sun co-joins Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, so these negative traits become more irritating. But Jupiter’s association (not within 7 degrees 20 minutes) will make Leos a better partner. Leos can be a good friend but do not mix up with them too much personally/ emotionally. When you are hearing anything from a Leo about their breakups, you will always find his/her partner’s fault. Why? Because they cannot see their faults at all, and a person only states that what he/she believes to be true. They always expect that their partner should come back & say sorry to them because they were the best option for their partner.

If break up is inevitable, so they always try to initiate that first, if somehow their lover makes that, so that becomes horrible, females start crying, screaming in anger like – “how dare he!!!” type, (they may throw each & every gift given by her lover out of their room) not due to her lover is going out of her life, it is because her lover has hurt her ego and said goodbye to her before she could. Male Leos also react in the same way, but they do not cry, their anger is too high that they start using bad words instead.

How to break up with Leo people: It is very easy to break up with them. Hit their pride & ego. Leos cannot understand that they give thousands of break up options to their partners, every time they meet or talk. If you are decided to break up with your Leo partner, follow this – keep in mind, they always expect an apology from their partner, next time do not apologize, and then see how he/she reacts, I am sure they will not talk to you anymore. When Leos leave someone, there is no look back, they leave them forever.


Virgo Love & Break up (23rd August – 22nd September):

How Virgo deal with breakups: Virgo, the most logical lover in the zodiac. ‘Logical lover?’ sounds crazy!!! No, not at all, here logical means – perfection, a Virgo always look for a perfect partner, whether it is only a sexual relationship or love. They are the perfectionist in relationship matters. Why so? Because Virgos look for long term relationship, they do not like the short term at all, sometimes they may think, but very soon they change their mind. Before going into any relationship they will count what they are going to lose and what they are going to gain, here you can say they are a little bit calculative. If a relationship becomes profitable & long-lasting in their calculation, they will be into it.

Unlike others, their calculations cannot be right always, but if they have already gone deep into the relationship, that time they are ready to be in the relationship, they try really very hard to keep that during break up but if at last nothing is working so they just let it go. After a breakup, Virgos find it very difficult to get into a new relationship. Virgo has a very negative trait, they are fault-finders and cannot trust their partner easily. That’s the reason sometimes they become very critical to understand even after long years of relationship with somebody. Their perfectionist mentality sometimes goes too far which raises new issues every day in their relationship.

In a relationship, Virgos want to serve or help always. They want to take care of your all lively things. I know the maximum of you will say “it is good”. I also think so, but the reason behind the service is that they want to keep everything of you on their watch, want to interfere in everything in their own diplomatic or intellectual way so that a single deed of yours does not go out of their sight. They cannot refrain from following such habits. It happens when they are very much involved in a relationship and do not want to lose it. This characteristic represents their skeptic mindedness. Just due to this characteristic, many Virgos lose their partner – this comes from a mental setup called ‘lack of trust’.

How to break up with Virgo partner: Virgos do not like mistrust, just implement a seed of doubt into her mind, he/she will do the rest for you. Another way is just to deny to take their service or help, immediately they will take it as a dead relationship.


Libra Love & Break up (23rd September – 22nd October):

How Libra deal with breakups: Libra, the most beauty conscious lover in the zodiac. They have very high longer for beauty and romance or love. They tend to treat their partner as their social prestige. If you are with Libra, a small but very valuable tip for you, do not go to a party with your partner without dressing up well. They want their partner should be somebody of well maintained.

Libras do not like to break up that much, they are against any confrontation in a relationship. Instead, they want a long-lasting relationship and commitment. But, if there is a combination of Venus & Rahu in the horoscope especially in Lagna, 7th, 5th or 8th house so he /she can be flirtatious too.

They always want balance in a relationship & all to be also perfect as their sign refers. They sometimes measure also how much he loves and how much his love interest loves him, this is applicable for both man and woman.

Libras generally do not say goodbye to their partner, but if for any reason they say, do not take that as granted, they do not let their partner go forever till any big scene is not created. They do not create that intentionally all the time, but it happens due to their little bit clingy characteristics. Libras get this clinginess if the Sun is within 10 degrees in this sign, if it crosses 10 degrees so clinginess will be less, nearer to 30 degrees of the sign the clinginess will be that much lesser and will make less fuss what will result in a calm break-up.

How to break up with Virgo people: Libras are manner conscious people. As this is the 7th house of the natural zodiac, they are also very good social communicators, they know and try to follow all social manners, and they expect their partners to follow the same. If you want to break up with them just hurt their mannerisms consciousness. Do not follow any manner anywhere, especially where they expect from you more. Show your carelessness towards this and soon he/she will walk out. Because he/she will start losing interest in you.

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