Scorpio Personality Traits In Astrology


Scorpio Horoscope In Astrology

Scorpio horoscope characteristics and personality: 

Scorpio star sign personality traits

Element is Water 

Gender is Female 

Ruler is Mars 

Scorpio personality traits: Scorpio, the  8th house & sign of the natural zodiac. In astrology 8th house represents a depth of anything, hidden matters, etc.. Scorpio is ruled by mars & it is the darker side of the planet, but we should not conclude it, as the negative side, it just simply means that this is a mystical part of Mars. 

Relationships of Scorpio people are complicated at all times, just like the person, their relationships are a series of extremes; they can sometimes even become moody for no apparent reason. Scorpio people are known, for their, possessiveness & jealousy but just on the other hand, they’re extremely loyal. Scorpio people have very good memory & combined with a lack of ability to let things go, they sometimes hold grudge against
somebody for forever, who already harmed them, actually a Scorpio person rarely forgives them & forget those people. They will even go as far as getting revenge on the person, but on the other hand, they always remember a kind behaviour forever & repay it. The truth is that Any kind of selfless work done to Scorpio people will gain trust & respect which is very much essential to them in any kind of relationship, either that is romantic, or not.

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The best & best advice is, to be honest, & gentle with a Scorpion friend & in return, you’ll gain a very good & trustworthy friend you’ll never forget & who’ll be very much loyal to you & will never make a false promise. Their truthful & shocking sense-of-humor is fully different than that of, any other(12) zodiac sign & the sign Scorpio makes a very good & interesting friend, whom can be trusted easily.  

Scorpio personality traits: Scorpio people are in a constant battle with themselves always; want to know secrets of this universe & how to achieve ultimate power with those secrets. That’s why Scorpio people can be the best psychics, astrologers & numerologist, because, all the time they want to get, to the bottom or secret layers of things. Best career, for Scorpio people, is the surgeon, astrologers, mystics, science fiction authors, scientists, dramatic & deep actors or any kind of profession that is directly connected to finding the originality & truth about life.  

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While others are busy in finding security & comfort in the material things, Scorpios seek out the emotional intensity.  No matter what, there is something very intense about Lunar Scorpios. They are best diggers when the matter is related to the world-of-emotion. They have the ability to see beyond facades & cut right to the core, of a person. 

Doing anything halfway or just having meaningless relationships simply can not fulfil them. Scorpio people want all or nothing.

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