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Career According To Houses In Astrology

How all Houses are related to Career in a Horoscope

Career According To Houses In Astrology: 12 houses in a horoscope are related to various aspects of life of a person. If we see closely so, career-wise each & every houses have their own importance. Below I am going to mention career according to – 1st house career in horoscope, 2nd house career in horoscope, third house career in horoscope, 4th house career in horoscope, 5th house career in horoscope, 6th house career in horoscope, 7th house career in horoscope, 8th house career in horoscope, 9th house career in horoscope, 10th house career in horoscope, 11th house career in horoscope & 12th house career in horoscope.


(1)First House & Career In Horoscope:

Let’s start from the 1st house of the horoscope. This house is like self. It indicates success in the field of self employment.


(2)Second House & Career In Horoscope:

This house shows the field of career in finance, banking, investments, consultants, teaching, writing & publishing.


(3)Third House & Career In Horoscope:

The third house is all about “communication”. Suitable careers for this house are related to salesmanship, import-export, marketing, web designing, advertising, computer, travelling, and writing.


(4)Fourth House & Career In Horoscope:

This house just all about land & vehicles. If we see career-wise so, the area of building material/ builders, selling & purchase of vehicles, agriculture, mining etc. fields always suit this house.


(5)Fifth House & Career In Horoscope:

This house denotes speculation. Sudden & unexpected incomes, brokers, Share market & finance, education, teacher etc.


(6)Sixth House & Career In Horoscope:

This house denotes loan, litigation, disputes. Strong placed in this house points the native toward careers related to service life, police court, loan- recovery, working in clinics etc. If this house is strong so maternal relations becomes helpful & fruitful.


(7)Seventh House & Career In Horoscope:

This is the house of business & partnership including- relationships with females. Career of 7th house relates to partnership- business, trading etc.


(8)Eighth House & Career In Horoscope:

This house denotes the career related to Insurance. 8th  house also refers to “Secret- Powers” including research of any kind. Astrology & magical powers are also related to this house.


(9)Ninth House & Career In Horoscope:

This is the house of luck & religion. Career related to head of religious body, priest, law & any career which needs travelling to religious places are denoted by this house.


(10)Tenth House & Career In Horoscope:

This house in horoscope is considered as the main house for connection with the government & politics. Careers indicated by this house are government jobs, politicians & dealing with public life.


(11)Eleventh House & Career In Horoscope:

This is the “House of Income”. All planets in this house give good result. Placement of more than one planet in 11th house indicates – the income from, various-sources & means. Strength of this house indicates – helpful & self dependent elder brother


(12)Twelfth House & Career In Horoscope:

This house shows careers related to import-export,  foreign-countries, travel agency, prisons, hospitals, etc.

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    Dear Guru ji,

    My birth date:24/07/1991 place of birth : Kadapa or Cuddapah time of birth:3:45am

    Is there any good job in my life
    how is marriage life and chailds
    am i settled in good possition.

    kindly tell guruji

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