Effects Of All Different Planetary Aspects On 6th House In Vedic Astrology

Effects Of All Different Planetary Aspects On 6th House In Vedic Astrology

Effects Of All Different Planetary Aspects On 6th House In Vedic Astrology: 6th house of Natal chart or Ascendant chart is the house of debt, loan, investment, litigation, daily life, employment, Judicial process, litigation, service, routine, health care, and Medication. In D1 chart 6th house also represents any kind of competition, opposition, criticism, and enemies.

Effects Of All Different Planetary Aspects On 6th House In Vedic Astrology

Aspects Of All Various, Different Planets On 6th House Of Horoscope

6th house from Lagna also deals with success in daily life, in your employment and career, mode of employment as well as success over the competition, enemies especially in sports and politics.

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Below are the impact and effects of various different planets when aspects 6th house.

When Sun Aspecting 6th House Of Horoscope/ Kundli:- If Sun aspects the 6th house of the horoscope of the native, then native will win over competitors and enemies. Native gets victory over court cases or in litigation. Sun in 6th can also make native a sports star or high profile administrator. Sun aspects on 6th house gives political success and victories in election.

Native health remains stable but may problem with blood pressure and liver infection. Sun aspect on 6th house gives courage and proficiency in daily life also in your service or employment sector. Native rises in their occupation. Native become wealthy after 27 years of age. The native will be free from any debt. Native may work in MNC also.

When Moon Aspecting 6th House Of Horoscope/ Kundli:-  Native will live long and will travel to foreign countries. The native will earn from foreign land and sometimes they may get their occupation in foreign land. Native may suffer humiliation in court cases especially due to scandals. Native will have hidden enemies both male and female. Native may get Jealous of other’s success.

The native will be involved in hidden mysterious activities.Natives health will be inconsistent and may suffer from bone cancer or any kind of tumor or from diabetes. The native will face heavy expenditure on the account of medication. Native may work as a spy or agent in foreign countries. Native may also earn from business related to water.native may defeat in the line of politics and Native’s mother may die early. Through meditation, the native may attain spiritual power.

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When Mars Aspecting 6th House Of Horoscope/ Kundli:-  Aspect of Mars on 6th house gives wealth from litigation and alimony. Native may earn from foreign land but will suffer loss in foreign countries. Native may also land in jail for temporary period of time. Native will be fond of dildo and sexual pleasure with many different partners. Native may suffer some loss or tension in litigation as well.

Although, End result may get in the favour of native. native will shine in any competitive exams or in any competitive sports. will earn huge from 29 years of age if 6th lord is related to 11th house. Native may also get popular in political or public line. Native occupation may involve daily public dealing. Native will also have servants in their house.

When Mercury Aspecting 6th House Of Horoscope/ Kundli:- Aspect of Mercury on 6th house gives huge gains and happiness from material uncle. Native may get employed with the support of maternal uncles. Native’s sister will not be happy in native’s house but will prosper after marriage. Native will earn huge wealth but there will be no savings as native will spend each penny on their life status, affluence, medication, beauty product, food, travelling and also in adventure sports.

Native will spend on lavish things and on their extravagant activities, alcohol and indulgence. But overall native will enjoy success over enemies, victories in litigation and wealthy life after the age of 33. Native’s servants will also be very caring and happy with native but native may suffer from some unknown fears and phobias. wealth from import and export business is quite certain.

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When Jupiter Aspecting 6th House Of Horoscope/ kundli:- Aspect of Jupiter on 6th house gives service in teaching, education department, or occupation in the administrative sector and sometimes in spiritual and religious world. The native will be highly educated and will be free from enemies, conflicts and litigation. Native will be in contact with high profile people.

Native income from service or occupation will be high although native will lack business and will not able save and multiply their money. Jupiter in 6th house makes native prone to jealousy and native will surrounded by many competitors and enemies. The native will be wise and tactful but sometime will lack courage. Native can become diabetic patient. Native will also be foodie and will travel to pilgrimage and many places where nature bliss exist.

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When Venus Aspecting 6th House Of Horoscope/ Kundli:- Aspect of Venus on 6th house will cause sufferings from litigation and sex scandals. Native may also face some humiliation and may indulge in lawsuit of divorce and alimony.

Although, native will be rich and may marry twice. The native will get all kinds of luxury along with physical and sexual pleasure in life. Nativ will enjoy their life with much affluence and lavish lifestyle until 42 years if age. After 42 native turn towards spirituality, meditation and  ascetic. Venus aspect on 6th also give prosperity through servant and occupation. Venus aspect on 4th house makes you very healthy and free from any disease and gives long life.

When Saturn Aspecting 6th House Of Horoscope/ Kundli:- When Saturn aspects 6th house of the native then it gives house in foreign land. Earning from foreign land will grow and multiply and native will be winner in any court case or litigation. The native will win over their enemies and may become a politician as well. Saturn aspect on 6th house also gives lot of servants in the house.

Native may face a lack of resources because of heavy expenditure. There will be some health issues in family and native will spend money of medication, health care, and maintaining one’s lifestyle. Native may also involve in daily job life which will give them much support and wealth in long run. Saturn aspect on 6th house will make you wealthy after 38 years of age.

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When Rahu Aspecting 6th House Of Horoscope/ Kundli:- When Rahu aspects 6th house it gives losses in lawsuit or litigation. Native may land in legal complications through marriage or in foreign lands. The native will become popular in masses and will have much political success and relations with high-class people. Rahu or North Node aspect on 6th house will give success in competition and will destroy their opponents and enemies.

The native will have upper hand over their critics and opponent. But native may get involved in money scandal which may lead to humiliation and fall from authoritative and rich position. Rahu aspects on 6th house give success in business and through self-employment. The native will travel to foreign places for pleasure and for career n work as well. Native may get permanently settle in a foreign land. Native may also suffer from peculiar obstacles and hindrances in their daily life.

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