Aspects Of All Various, Different Planets In 1st House Of Horoscope

Aspects Of All Various, Different Planets In 1st House Of Horoscope

Aspects Of All Various, Different Planets In 1st House Of Horoscope: There is a general rule that all planet has 7th aspect from its position. But there are few planets which have more than 1 aspect Like, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Mars, etc..

Aspects Of All Various, Different Planets In 1st House Of Horoscope

Jupiter possesses the power of 3 aspects which are 5th, 7th,9th from its position in an individual birth chart.

Mars Possesses the power of 3 aspects as well which is 4th, 7th, and 8th from its position in Kundli.

Saturn Possess the power of 3 aspects as well which consists of 3rd aspect, 7th aspect and 9th aspect from its position and placement in the horoscope.

Rahu which is called a Dragon head or North Node of Moon consists of 3 aspects as well which 5th, 7th, and 9th exactly like Jupiter but its aspect does not have that auspiciousness and benefic nature as of Jupiter.

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What Is The Meaning Of Aspect In Vedic Astrology

There is also a general Rule in Vedic Astrology and Nadi Astrology that if a Planet weather Natural Benefic or Natural Malefic aspect its own sign then it results in happiness and prosperity according to that house and Karaka of the planet.

for example- A benefic planet aspects the ascendant or 1st house in Rasi or D1 chart does good for overall potency of horoscope where a malefic planet aspects ascendant or 1st house reduces the strength of the horoscope and causes many trouble throughout the life for that particular person.

Time Period of the result:– The aspect usually works in the Main period and sub-period of that given planet. If more than one or two planet aspects the ascendant or 1st house than native will be wealthy and will acquire happiness through different means of life.

If the ascendant or Lagna is aspected by all planets then one rules over the earth and will be fearless, will be long-lived and will enjoy all kinds of happiness.

The results of aspects may defer due to other parameters of a planetary state present in the horoscope. So, I request you to take these results as a reference, not as a fixed rule. these references will help you a lot while judging a horoscope.

The effect and result of different planet aspects on the 1st house

Aspects Of All Various, Different Planets In 1st House

When Sun Aspects 1st House Of Horoscope: The aspect of Sun on 1st house or ascendant(Lagna)  then the person will be irascible with women. Although, Native will have fondness and friendship virtuous sand and emotionally delicate women. The natives will be fond and proud of Father and Grandfather’s legacy and will gain wealth because of family support and from the help of family relatives.

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Native may serve the government and will get occupation in government associated affiliation and posts. The person will be valorous and wealthy and there can be some political inclination, backing, and political support. It can serve masses and there will be a fast rise and progress in occupation and profession. You will be confident as a person and independent as a soul. Native likes to overpower his or her enemies but you will be highly respected in society.

When Moon Aspects 1st House Horoscope:- If Moon aspect the ascendant then the native will be subservient to women. The native will be fond of women and there will be a craving desire for intimacy and pleasure. He will gain in life from water-related occupations and professions. He can earn very well through business related to milk and milk-related products.

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He or she will be a very soft and mellow person and will prosper well after attaining youth with much fortune at a young age and overall prosperous and wealthy life.  But there will be fluctuation in savings and liquid money can also be predicted with this planetary dynamics and Moon aspects. The native will be a soft and emotional person and you will gullible, imaginative, restless, emotionally unstable but with beautiful facial features.

When Mars Aspects 1st House Of Horoscope:- If Mars aspects the ascendant or Lagna then native will be courageous, energetic, hardworking, Irascible, initiator of something productive and will rise in life through self-efforts only. Mars’s aspect of 1st gives tremendous self-belief and self- loving nature. Mars’s aspect of 1st gives a solid career after the age of 28.

The Mars aspect in 1st might cause some tiff and tussle with lover spouse but the native will be physically attractive and will enjoy physical pleasure in his life. The native will be motivated and physically charged with a passion for work and also in their love and romantic life. You will lack patience and perseverance in life. You will be highly energetic with so much desire and objective in life.

When Mercury Aspects 1st House Of Horoscope:- If Mercury aspects the 1st house or ascendant native will possess deep knowledge and talent of art, music, and painting. The native will be very creative and occupation in creative or artistic pursuit will fetch them good and substantial amounts of wealth in life for the native. Native may also become a singer or writer and native life will be blissful after marriage.

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The native will succeed after marriage. The only negative point of this aspect is native can become a miser and will spend money on himself or herself as well as over indulgences and extravagant activity will hamper financial and married life of the native. The native will be decent and sensual in nature with a self-centered attitude with softness and innocent in facial features with a highly inconsistent changeable nature.

When Jupiter Aspects 1st House Of Horoscope:- If Jupiter aspects Lagna or 1st house in horoscope then natives will become popular, will be respected by rich and commanding people in society and gain through government as well. He or she may attain fame through their work. These individuals serve society, marginalized as well as less fortunate. The native will be endowed with rewards and awards by virtuous people.

Native can alternatively become king or kingmaker in their life with a commanding position and respect in society. The native will all-rounder will be versed in doing multiple tasks as he or she will be multi-talented. The native will rise from almost a hopeless position in life. You will be a quick learner and endowed with much intelligence and capacity.

When Venus Aspects 1st House Of Horoscope:- If Venus is aspects ascendant or 1st house in the horoscope that Native will be addicted to too much sensual physical pleasure from the opposite sex and natives will derive happiness from wealth and pleasure. The native will enjoy an affluent status in society. The native will be youthful and beautiful in appearance. The native will become wealthy from 28 years of age and natives can have many admirers and followers who will follow the native ideas and advice. Married life will be happy with the desired spouse.

The aspect of Venus in 1st house can also land native in professional dance, singing, and acting. The native will easily attract members of the opposite sex and will share a very light, fun-loving bond with those opposite genders. He or she will possess a magnetic personality and natives will crave luxury and materialistic comfort. Native over[powers his or enemies with tact and flare as well he can convert bad times into good time through own self.

When Saturn Aspects 1st House Of Horoscope:- If Saturn aspects the ascendant then one will be troubled from childhood, will face obstacles and complications throughout life. The native will be hardworking but surely will not get due position and credit in his or her life. The native will progress in life after passing middle age. Saturn aspect can also land you in village or town politics.

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The aspect of Saturn on 1st makes natives fond of the hardware and transport business which will lead to profit for natives slowly and steadily. Saturn aspect on Lagna gives native fondness for alcohol and traveling as well. Native may act foolish sometimes and can be devoid of Happiness and certainly get attached to aged women. Every endeavor of natives will get delayed and obstructed but will rise from the state of extreme poverty to mediocre life to prosperity but with very slow and stable speed.

When Rahu Aspects 1st House Of Horoscope:- if Rahu is aspects 1st house then native will be fond allurement and party and disco. He or she will be jovial, mischievous, naughty and funny in nature. The native will have a flirty attitude towards the opposite sex. Rahu’s aspect on Lagna gives political and political backing to the native. The native will be inclined to materialistic worldly pleasure and he or she will do anything to earn money by hook or by crook.

The aspects of Rahu on ascendant gives rise to Jealousy and restlessness to the native and native will suffer from hearth problems and some complications in overall health and well being. Rahu aspect on 1st gives addiction to smoking and alcohol and there can be medical and legal complications in the life of natives where natives can get involved in scandal and corruption. You will be angry and aggressive as a person and you will use your tact to get profit and gains in life.

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