Type 1 Diabetes In Medical Astrology – Analysis

Type 1 Diabetes In Medical Astrology – Analysis

Type 1 Diabetes In Astrology

What exactly is Type 1 Diabetes (definition)? This type of diabetes is known as an auto-immune disease wherein the native’s immune system starts malfunctioning and gradually stops the production of insulin by destroying related Beta cells in the Pancreas which actually produces the Insulin hormone. In maximum cases, native usually has this type of deficiency right from his birth, though symptoms may show or be felt later on in life. This condition is developed because the body is developing and at the same time destroying its own (Beta) cells, this is known as an (pancreatic cell destroying) auto-immune reaction. This is the Part -2 of the diabetes article series, please check the part 1 here – Diabetes In Horoscope In Medical Astrology

Diabetes Type 1 is a chronic form of disease and may take longer time to treat. In brief, when the pancreas become completely unable to produce insulin or does so in very less quantity, which is not sufficient to regulate blood sugar levels – this medical condition is called type 1 diabetes.


Factors Impact Type 1 Diabetes In Medical Astrology:

Planets and Symptoms of the Type 1 Diabetes through Medical Astrology: According to diabetes in Medical Astrology Venus is the significator or Karaka for suppression of urine, sweets, sugar, kidney and Pancreas. Whereas Jupiter is the significator of blood flow in the body and liver’s blood purification function. Moon signifies pancreatic action which is very important to judge horoscope to determine the type of diabetes. Apart from Jupiter and Venus the 8th house of the horoscope should also be judged carefully.

  • If Moon and Venus are afflicted by malefic Sun or Mars (as both are fiery planet) in any Watery Sign then that will increase the risk of type1 diabetes.
  • The 6th lord in 8th house or the 8th lord in 6th house can be an indication of Diabetes type 1 (if one or more type 1 diabetes related planetary combinations are present in the horoscope).
  • When Jupiter is in the debilitation stage in the horoscope or located in the 6th house, 8th house and 12th House (any one of them) then it indicates or increase the risk of type 1 diabetes.

If Jupiter and Venus both are afflicted and badly influenced by Saturn or/and Rahu:

Obesity and Pancreas related problems (if both are at the same time) are signified mainly by afflicted Jupiter in the horoscope which might lead to the insulin level problem in the body and finally can be cause of type1 diabetes. Actually Jupiter give us the indication of this type of diabetes by increasing the amount of fat in the body that something wrong is going on in our system. If your body weight has increased suddenly then be cautious and take instant initiative towards maintaining the right weight.


Symptoms of the Type 1 Diabetes In Medical Astrology and According To Zodiac Signs:

As far as signs are concern in case of diabetes type1 Watery Signs play a very important role such as Pisces, Cancer or Karkata, Scorpio.

Apart from Watery Signs Virgo, Taurus and Libra play the secondary role in determining diabetes type1 Medical Astrology. The sign Virgo governs Pancreas in our body.


 Houses Of Horoscope & Symptoms of the Type 1 Diabetes In Medical Astrology:
  • House should be focused in this case 6, 8, 2 and 5th The medical condition of pancreas of our body is seen from the 5th house of horoscope in astrology.
  • Relationship between Jupiter and 6th house, 8th house or 6th house 8th house lord.
  • Relationship between Venus and 6th house, 8th house or 6th lord or 8th


Main Planets and Nakshatras to Signify Symptoms of the Type 1 Diabetes In Medical Astrology:

Here technically, Venus and Jupiter play the main role behind Type 1 Diabetes.  If these two planets are somehow weak, afflicted or badly influenced even by the connection of nakshatras of malefic planets then also the intensity of risk will rise high. For example, if Venus is weak and is in Rahu’s nakshatra and that Rahu is connected with 6th or 8th house of the horoscope the symptom of type 1 diabetes can be seen. The same will applicable in case of Jupiter. Always remember that Jupiter controls the sugar or carbohydrate level of the body, and in the weakness, affliction of this planet in the horoscope can lead to diabetes.

The divisional charts D6 and D30 also important in case of in detail study of diabetes. Check the condition of Venus, Jupiter, and 5th house, whether they are under bad influence, afflicted or not. Especially the bad influence of Mars, Rahu and Saturn or 6th and 8th house lord.

Let’s summarize,

Astrological Combinations for Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes:


  • Afflicted Venus in horoscope connected to any dusthana, retrograde, or debilitated or in any form of Papakaratari yoga.
  • Afflicted Mars in horoscope connected to any dusthana lord or house (6th or 8th house), or debilitated, in Papakaratari, or retrograde.
  • If the 5th house or its lord is afflicted.
  • If Venus and Mars are afflicted by Rahu and malefic Saturn.

If Venus, Jupiter and Mars are somehow connected with Rahu in Rasi, D6 and D30 chart.


In Part 3 of this article I will cover:

  • Astrological analysis of  Diabetes Type 2
  • Medical explanation with combination astrological explanation
  • Charak Samhita Principles
  • Diabetes remedies according to astrology and much more…

So, always be in touch for more updates…

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