Marriage Problem in Astrology

marriage problem in astrology2

Marriage Problem in Astrology

Marriage Problem in Astrology: Question was asked by Mr. Suprakash Saha

Email Id: [email protected]

Birth Details:  
  • Birth Date: 18/11/1979 
  • Birth Time: 03:56 PM (Time Zone: GMT+5.5 hours East) 
  • Birth Place(Country,State,City): India West Bengal, Kolkata
  • Latitude: 22:34(N)    
  • Longitude: 88:22(E)


when my wife will come back to my family.She left m and my 11 yrs daughter past 4 months back.not ready to continue the family.her name is Chaitali Saha.her date of birth is 2nd April 1983.time of birth 7pm,place of birth Kolkata


Dear Mr. Suprakash Saha,    

As per the birth data, you have given – according to astrological calculations you had fallen under the influence of Aries Ascendant (Lagna) and Libra Sign(Rashi) at birth time.   

As far as your married life is concern – astrological judgments are as follows:

In your Rashi chart – the 7th lord Venus is sitting in the 8th house, which is the most inauspicious house for marriage. 3rd & 6th lord Mercury and 11th lord Sun are also in that same house. Again the 8th house is aspected by Saturn (by its 3rd aspect), made the matter more critical, not only married life problem, it will give you some critical physical issue which can hamper the marital life directly or indirectly too.

Lagna lord Mars is with Rahu in 5th house and Sun in 8th house Scorpio made you bit quarrelsome, impatient(you do not have the patience to wait for long), some other negative impacts of other planets have made you a little bit isolated from your surrounding people including your wife. Try to control your temper, otherwise, you will pay more for this bad habit in future. Here I have no intention to make you small. I am just giving you some advice what I felt after judging your horoscope, and what I have mentioned till now, those are directly connected to your married life. There will be a separation between you and your wife and as far as your Rashi chart is the concern, there is a very less possibility to get your wife back.    

As you have given me birth data of your wife also, I appreciate this, but as this is free consultation section I only judge the horoscope of one person at a time. Just one thing  I want to mention, because that is totally relevant here, one truth that has also affected the relation between you and your wife, that is – your wife may have very strong s….. desire which does not match with you at all. You should have judged both of your horoscopes before getting married, astrologically. As it is a public forum I do not want to elaborate it more.    

If I go to the D-9 chart which is the main chart to judge marital life, so there – 7th lord Jupiter is with Lagna lord Mercury in the 12th house aspected by 8th lord Mars from 9th, again it is indicating towards separation but it is indicating a very little hope to get your wife back also. 

Now you are running Saturn Mahadasa and Rahu Antardasa which has started from June 2014, it will be there until April 2017. In this period there will be some kind of desire and apparent connection between you and your wife, but practically there is very less possibility to get your wife back.    

After this period Jupiter period is starting. This period is favorable for you as far as your marital bonding is the concern and you may get back your wife, but there will be a problem that time also due to 8th lord Mars, presence of a third person may ruin everything.  

Do not lose hope at all, always remember life closes one door to open another……

Horoscope Judged by:   

Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee (Jyotish Pravakar)  

Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Specialist.    

Please note: Above calculations are based on mathematics, so if any part of the Birth Data is wrong provided by the person who has asked the question – the prediction won’t match. So please be sure, before submitting your Birth Data.  

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